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									Preceptor         Dr. Jones’ students have a fantastic opportunity to learn rural
Information       medicine. Students can expect to see how family medicine works
                  with limited resources. Dr. Jones loves hunting and fishing, and
                  can direct students to hot spots on the weekends. His office is
                  decorated in trophy bucks. Students can expect an incredible
                  learning experience in a beautiful setting.

Description of    Idabel is the county seat of McCurtain County. The population was
Location          7,158 at the 2000 census. The town is located in a cultural area of
                  the state known as Little Dixie and the tourist area Kiamichi
                  Country. The area offers great hunting, fishing, camping and
                  golfing along with many other outdoor activities. Idabel is very
                  close to Beavers Bend State Park, a must-visit place for outdoor

Housing\Meals     Students will stay at either the hospital or in a mobile home near
                  the hospital. The mobile home has 2 bedrooms which are shared
                  with other students. The house is located less than 1 mile from
                  the hospital and close to the clinic. Lunch is provided at the
                  hospital. Students will also be invited to any pharmaceutical
                  dinners offered.

Telemedicine      The hospital uses telemedicine. Computers for internet access are
and/or            available at the hospital and at the office as well as printers.

Planned Student   Dr. Jones meets students at the hospital daily for rounds.

Community         March- Dogwood Days
Activities        June- Annual “Owa-Chito” Festival of the Forest
                  November- Fall Festival

Description of    Students can expect to see many patients with various health
rotation          conditions. Idabel is home to a diverse demographic which
                  translates into a diverse demographic of patients for students to
                  interact with. This rotation is a great example of the rural

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