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					                                           Skyline Hunting & Fishing Club
                                            Range Orientation Checklist

                       Topic                                                                        Topic                              
1)   Hours of range operation (posted on gates).                               c.   No class-three firearms (without board
2)   Gaining access to the range:                                                   permission), no tracer ammunition, no jacketed
     a. Badge requirements (SHFC badge)                                             bullets may be shot by rifle at metal targets
     b. Storage of firearms at the Club House                                       closer than 40 yards, no armor piercing (AP)
     c. Main gate, electronic gate, and horse gate                                  ammunition may be shot at metal targets.
         closure, combos, road conditions, etc.                                d.   Process of taking firearms into the shooting
     d. No firearms on company property or at the                                   areas (actions open, chambers clear, coordinate
         Guard Shack                                                                with range officer, place firearms on rack, etc.)
     e. Number of Guests & Family Members                                      e.   General gun handling (do not handle when
         allowed, and responsibilities for same.                                    targets are being changed down range, always
     f. Children requirements – no restrictions (16                                 shoot down range, keep guns pointed in a safe
         yrs and younger must have Hunter Safety                                    direction, etc.)
         Card or Firearms Safety Card)                                         f.   No cross range shooting.
     g. Group (youth or other) range requirements                              g.   Range etiquette: clean-up, pick-up brass,
     h. Liability Waiver for guests and waiver drop-                                coordinate with those already shooting, etc.
         off location (mailboxes)                                         5)        Pistol House:
     i. Archery Range requires separate orientation                            a.   Red light location
3)   Arrival at the Range:                                                     b.      Phone location and emergency numbers (911,
     a. Empty Chamber Indicator (ECI) rqmts                                         7-4646, etc.)
     b. Parking                                                                c.   Rake, shovel, fire extinguisher
     c. Must wear SHFC badge on outside garment                                d.   Firing lines
         at all times.                                                         e.   Changing targets at 50 yard during Skeet
     d. Member is responsible for their guests.                                     shooting
     e. Red warning light operation                                            f.   Cease fire cooperation with 100 yard
     f. Range Officer Sign and responsibilities.                               g.   Location of targets and stands
4)   General Range rules:                                                      h.   Wed. & Mon. Practical Pistol shooting
     a. Eye and ear protection (while in parking lot,                     6)        100 yard range:
         while on the firing line)                                             a.   Red light location
     b. No alcohol, no pets, no climbing on berms,                             b.   Rake, shovel, fire extinguisher location
         no ATV’s, no tobacco, no shooting animals                             c.   Firing lines

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                                                     Skyline Hunting & Fishing Club
                                                      Range Orientation Checklist
                                Topic                                                                              Topic                              
              d.  Gong locations                                                           8)   Shotgun Range:
              e.  Changing targets past 50 yard during Skeet                                      h. Red light
                  or pistol shooting                                                              i. Rake, shovel, fire extinguisher location
              f. “Cease fire” requirements and coordinating                                       j. Range Officer responsibilities (road
                  cease fire with pistol house                                                        closures, collect bird fees, etc.)
              g. No shooting steel targets short of 100 yards                                     k. Hand throwing and thrower location
              h. Plinking requirements (location, metal &                                         l. Patterning Board requirements
                  plastic only, pick-up trash, etc)                                               m. Cease fire requirements at stations 6, 7, & 8
              i. Location of targets and stands                                                   n. Tuesday (Skeet) & Thursday (Trap)
              j. Running Deer use (close all rifle ranges)                                            shooting, cost, times, etc
     7)       200/300 yard range:                                                                 o. Children 18 years and younger shoot free
              a. Red light location                                                       9)    Leaving the Range:
              b. Rake, shovel, fire extinguisher location                                         a. Turn off red light
              c. Firing lines                                                                     b. Close gates and lock access gate
              d. Cease fire for the 100 yard when shooting on
                  metal targets on the 75 & 100 yd berms.                                 10) General Information:
              e. Silhouette shooting                                                            a. Club Meetings (Board & Membership)
              f. Location of targets and stands, and ok to                                      b. Boat Rental
                  drive to change targets, but no ATV’s                                         c. Purchasing
              g. Special shoots (foul weather, muzzle                                           d. Range Scheduling (restricted shoots, etc.)
                  loading, etc.)                                                                e. Hunter Safety Classes
              h. Gongs and target locations
I certify that I have received range orientation training, including a review of all items above, and that I will follow all applicable rules and safety
procedures. I acknowledge that violation of Skyline Hunting & Fishing Club rules, Lockheed Martin policies, applicable local, State or Federal laws and
regulations may be cause for revocation of range use privileges, expulsion from Skyline Hunting & Fishing Club, or further action by Lockheed Martin

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