Ice Auger by R96gPf3z


									Ice Auger

      To use the ice auger you need to be a member of the Picatinny Rod & Gun
       Association. Please call the ITR office in bldg. 34 South located inside Choices
       Restaurant for more information on memberships, 973-724-4186.
      The key to the boat house can be signed out from Outdoor Recreation located in
       the gym/fitness ctr., bldg. 3150 during gym hours seven days per week. Please
       write down in the key-sign-out book where you will be fishing in case another
       person would like to use the ice auger too.
      The ice auger is located in the boat house by Picatinny Lake docks, next to the
       PR&GA bldg. 337.
      Please use the pre mixed gas for the ice auger. The gasoline can is located next to
       the auger. Tell us when the gas can is going on empty.
      Please report to Outdoor Recreation anything broken on the machine or anything
       in need of service. We want the next customer to have a good experience.
      We expect that you already checked the ice thickness report on the PR&GA web
       page or called the Picatinny Police desk to see if ice fishing is open.
      Have a great day and check the web pages also for listings of ice fishing contests.

Chris & Hans, 973-724-4484

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