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									Common Good Approach
(Feminist or Care-Based
           Presented By:
 Angie, Sara T., Kelsey, and Jeremy

 LP: Ethical Theories Presentation

       Section: Monday 1:30

          March 24, 2008
Communal Approach

“What is ethical is what
advances the common
A vision of society in which all
 people join in the pursuit of
   shared value and aims.
To understand and change
    individual behavior

 Try to change communities
     to which we belong
Individuals viewed not isolation, but as
members of communities that are partially
responsible for the behavior of their

Increase our understanding of the ethical
values at stake in moral issues and
increase the options available to us for
resolving these issues
         Lawrence Kohlberg
 Interested in how people would justify their
 Process of moral development was principally
 concerned with justice
 Formalism = the form and structure
of moral arguments is independent
of the content of the arguments
        Lawrence Kohlberg’s
   ‘Stages of Moral Development’
        Levels               Stages

Pre-Conventional    1) Obedience and
                    2) Self-interest
Conventional        3) Interpersonal accord
                    and conformity
                    4) Law and order
Post-Conventional   5) Social contract
                    6) Universal principles
             Carol Gilligan
 The “care view” of morality
 Morality focuses on doing the right thing
 Put others who are close to us above those
 whom are not
 Stages of moral development

       STAGE                        GOAL
Pre-Conventional         Goal is individual survival
Conventional             Self sacrifice is goodness
Post-Conventional        Principle of non-violence:
                         do not hurt others or self
     Kohlberg and Gilligan
Gilligan worked with Kohlberg while he
researched his theory of moral development
Gilligan’s work on woman’s moral development
arose in response to Kohlberg’s male-based
Feminists- a person whose beliefs and
behavior are based on feminism

“Care View”- moral outlook that
emphasizes solidarity, community, and
caring about one’s special relationships
Common Good
Contemporary ethicist
John Rawls (author of
A Theory of Justice)
more recently defined
the common good as
“certain general
conditions that are…
equally to everyone’s
Humane Community Approach

It presents a vision of society
as a community whose
members are joined in the
shared pursuit of values and
goals they hold in common.

Gives a Leveled playing field
Allows everyone to succeed
Lets everyone have a voice
       Focuses on the Group
Focuses on Larger community problems
  Long term happiness goals are picked instead
   of short term goals

Reduces poverty while increasing
  Raises the over all wellness of life

Lack of National Relevance
      Usually based on
   Communal practicality
      Abuse of the powerful

 Larger communities usually have
 advantage against smaller ones

Common good can be interpreted
  -May allow Authoritarianism if thought to
    be for the common good
 People view them as individuals with
 Treatment helped them deal with their

 Alcoholic is often seen as part of a
 dysfunctional family system that
 reinforces alcoholic behavior
 Behavior of the alcoholic requires that we
 change the entire family situation.
      Communal Approach
Having dry community-not to influence the

Gathering a community support system

Let individual know, they aren’t fighting the
battle alone
         Review Questions
1) How is an individual viewed under the
   common good approach?
2) What are the three stages of moral
3) What is “care view”?
4) Do the strengths of the common good
   approach out-weigh the weakness’ of

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