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									    Theme: Aquaculture

    At the University of Stirling, world-class researchers work to meet the
    wide range of challenges faced as aquaculture grows to meet global
    demands (in the past 35 years, the aquaculture sector has expanded
    from 3.9% of total aquatic animal production in 1970 to 32.4% in 2004).

    Aquaculture has been defined generally as “the science, art, and
    business of cultivating marine or freshwater food under controlled
    conditions” but it is much more than this. The emphasis is no longer
    exclusively on the production-side of the industry and cross-disciplinary
    areas, including biodiversity, are being explored. We conduct research
    on fundamental questions relating to strategies for sustainable
    aquaculture, contribute to understanding the environment-aquaculture
    interaction, and improve livelihoods depending on aquaculture, as well
    as providing expert knowledge on best conditions for growing fish and
    for fish quality. Sustainable aquaculture provides an overarching focus,
    further helping the understanding, monitoring and changing of
    perceptions of aquaculture and demonstrating the social, environmental,
    biodiversity and economic benefits of aquaculture.

    Departments Involved;

o   Biological & Environmental Sciences
o   Film & Media
o   Marketing
o   Nursing & Midwifery
o   Sports Studies

    Related Clusters;

o   Fish as Food
o   Fish as Models
o   New Species Development in Aquaculture
o   Sustainable Aquaculture

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