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									Главный редактор Александр Швец. Издается с августа 1997 года.

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A well-known Ukrainian artist Ilya Chichkan, visiting exotic travelogue, told "Facts"
about the virtues and dangers of recreational ocean
Goa - one of the most beautiful places in India - is called a tropical paradise. Endless
golden beaches, ocean, blue sky, and above all - carefree life attract thousands of
tourists. This run tired managers, oligarchs and creative individuals who prefer to
move up the career ladder meditation on the beach. Many gave way to Goa is in a
crisis, deciding to wait out the tough times in the ocean.

A few months in Goa has a well-known Ukrainian artist Ilya Chichkan, whose work is
successfully sold on auctions worldwide.

"On land purchased from the Indians wealthy Russians are building luxurious mini-
- We Masha (Masha Shubin - famous Kyiv artist. - Ed.) Travel around in Goa for four
consecutive years - says Ilya Chichkan. - At this time spent in such a wonderful place
for more than three months - and worked, and well rested.

- Someone from friends met?

- Citizens of the CIS - at every turn, especially a lot of tourists from Russia. In Goa,
even there was a second "Moscow Rublyovka. On land purchased from the Indians
wealthy Russians are building luxurious mini-resort with guest houses, chic
restaurants, disco, boutiques. But we try to live with Masha away from the trendy
hangouts, closer to the local population. Usually we buy a ticket to Goa, and there
have already met the Indians, whom we were renting the last time. With any travel
agents are not linked.

- Get a visa easily?

- With this no problem. However, I heard that the visa regime are going to tighten
because of the influx of tourists from the CIS. But I think that people are
"complexity" will not stop. Heard: many Russians who arrived in Goa burn passport -
spend a ritual - and the home was not returned. Why? In Goa, to live in clover, a lot of
money is required, therefore, need not work - life is a continuous holiday.

- But no money do not live ...

- Guys rent housing in Moscow and the proceeds well enough.

- What are the prices in Goa?

- In Kiev, of course, do not compare - all much cheaper. For 500 dollars a month we
rented a very nice villa with a studio. It was an old Portuguese house with red clay

- With all the amenities?

- Thank God, without plastic windows and air conditioning. No "Ponte"! To "bump"
on the air conditioner, you can go to Egypt - he, incidentally, is much closer.

- The water was hot though?
- She's not needed, since roasting over thirty degrees! A much more pleasant cool
under cold water. To drink from the tap, of course, it is not recommended.

- In one of the TV telling about the dangers of holiday in Goa. There, after a lot of
poisonous insects ...

- I often wake up with some bite, swollen. But all this is not fatal. We too are the
mosquitoes and bees. Naturally, in Goa and found snakes and scorpions - all in

- You are vaccinated before you travel do?

- No, we Masha fatalists bombers. If something very afraid, then necessarily it must

- In the same television show, incidentally, was the story about the death of Russian
tourists from a sting ray.

- It can happen to anyone. The wife of my friend in Thailand, stung by some
poisonous jellyfish - also fatal. In Goa, I swam quite a distance and dived deep - and
nothing! Only once in some fish ran, but she, in my opinion, no less scared than I am.

But the hazards on the roads is really a lot. Many go on a bike in a drunken state and
at the tremendous speeds. I even once had a rented car to deliver the victims to the

Medical institutions are working in Goa regularly. A foreigner, of course, it is
desirable to know the English language. Many tourists from the CIS foreign
languages do not own and is very angry at the Indians, that those they do not

"We ate only what was prepared for us"
- You are fluent in English?

- Yes, I have also had an American wife.

- It is true that in Goa glaring lack of sanitation?

- Lack of sanitation - the situation was terrible! On the streets of dirty pig roam, cows
... Indians are not very cleanly. Rubbish thrown directly at his feet. For example,
drained a bottle of water and threw it where he stood. In markets sometimes smell is
not pleasant.

- You enjoy some special antibacterial drugs?

- Nothing. We sometimes do not even wash the fruit, purchased on the market - there
and then eaten. For example, passion fruit. And nothing, as you see, not what

- Talking about food. What delights impressed?
- Kitchen, in principle, very tasty. But the Indians for some reason, it adds all sorts of
synthetic food additives, improvers of taste.

- Strange. In Asian countries, so many natural spices.

- The very surprised! But the Indians generally love synthetics - Coke, Pepsi. And use
it all in huge quantities.

And in general in Goa, we ate only what is in front of us were prepared, and tried to
prepare themselves. There chic cheap lobster. One - huge - worth about ten dollars.
Fish with my height - $ 20!

- I can not believe that can be such a big fish.

- Yes, yes, tuna with my growth. In Goa, a lot of surprising. I am still very fond of
crabs. They are sold alive. And very cheap: a kilogram of sand crabs (they have a
bright coloration, like butterflies) is two dollars. Rocky dark green crab - more
expensive (about eight dollars per kilogram). Especially tasty food, cooked on the

- What kind of drink you fell to your taste?

- Pheney. True to his drink, you need to be a hero. It is even worse than our brew. Do
give a damn about coconut or cashew nuts. Peel it with the local fishermen - I'm
living in a fishing village. A wonderful drink! True, pyaneesh quickly and
immediately pulls the exploits.

- You with the local police have not encountered?

- No. There, the police have no problems. Give us the money - and all issues are
resolved quickly and simply.

- As you brought from Goa?

- The Tibetan market Masha bought awesome beautiful pearls - very cheap. Very
beautiful with them, and silver crafts. But in general we do not seek to buy. We spend
a preponderance of the goods. We did pictures were taken - those that they drew.

- Local you pose?

- Yes, more accurately, I did the photo and then painted "with a picture." Of course,
given "model" money. As a result, drew a series with beggars. They are bright,
expressive, multi-colored sari. In Kiev, we show our work at two exhibitions.

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