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                                                SPRING 2009

IT’S BACK!                                                                              ThE ThIRD MS MEGA hOME LOTTERy wILL
                                                                                        bE LAUNChED IN MARCh 2010...
                                                                                   F   ollowing the success of our lottery programs in
                                                                                       2007 and 2008, next year’s MS Mega Home
                                                                                   Lottery will have a massive $2 million prize package,
                                                                                   including a fully furnished and professionally
                                                                                   decorated home; new motor vehicles; overseas
                                                                                   holidays, and much more to be won. In total there
                                                                                   will be 1,800 prizes up for grabs and a guaranteed
                                                                                   25:1 chance of winning a prize.
                                                                                   More information will be announced in the next edition
                                                                                   of Movers & Shakers. Or, if you can’t wait, sign-up to
                                                                                   receive WEST MS, our bi-monthly e-newsletter.
                                                                                   Simply visit for details.

Construction of our new high support accommodation facility
at Redmond Road, Hamilton Hill has finally commenced.
Containing six, one-bedroom units, each with their own
bathroom, lounge/ dining area and courtyard, Hamilton Hill will
provide the blue-print for future high support accommodation
Thanks to funding from events like this year’s Enerflex Step Up
for MS, residents will receive 24-hour care with staff facilities
included in the architectural plans. The layout ensures
residents can maintain their privacy and dignity, whilst also
allowing social interaction in the large communal kitchen,
lounge, dining room and adjoining community centre.
Construction is scheduled to be completed in June 2010 for                                                    Building has commenced at the MS Society’s high support
occupation in July.                                                                                                           accommodation facility in Hamilton Hill.

DREAMS CAN COME TRUE                                          Alex Garces vividly remembers the day his doctor told him he may soon struggle to walk. It
                                                              was the same day he was diagnosed with MS.
                                                              But as Henry Ford once said “Obstacles are those horrible things we see when we take our
                                                              eye off the goal”. And for Alex, his goal was to run in the City to Surf and his MS diagnosis
                                                              wasn’t a big enough obstacle to stop him achieving his dream.
                                                              This year, Alex joined over 12,000 men, women and children at our State’s biggest fun-run,
                                                              running 12 kilometres in an exceptional time of 59 minutes, 29 seconds, placing him in the
                                                              top 20% of all competitors.
                                                              And, if his running achievements weren’t enough, Alex also collected donations to support
                                                              other people with MS, raising over $3,000 for the MS Society.
                                                              As he crossed the finishing line at City Beach, Alex received a medal acknowledging his
                                                              participation in the event. When asked what he would do with his prized memento he
Alex Garces proudly                                           replied, “I’ll keep it as a reminder that I can achieve anything I set my mind to.”
displays his City to
Surf memento.                                                 Congratulations Alex on achieving your dream.

                                                                      MEMbER CARE
At the MS Society of WA, our primary role is to support
the entire network of people touched by multiple
sclerosis through the supply of professional health
care, education and support services.
Hence it is with great pride we announce our Member
Services team has delivered an 18.2% increase in care
and support programs in 2008-09, and recorded a year-
on-year cumulative growth of 103% since 2003-04.
This means real things to real people. More
physiotherapy, massage, hydrotherapy, nursing,
respite and associate care. It means more newly
diagnosed Members have been helped adjusting to
their diagnosis; and more people have been able to
stay living in their own homes, within their established
Your generosity has directly contributed to this
fantastic result. To continue your support, please visit
the website – and register your
donation. Thank you.

The MS Society’s sixth musical production will be remembered as its                    Special thanks to our sponsors - United Community, 6PR, Channel 7,
most successful, with packed houses cramming the Regal Theatre to                      City of Subiaco and Community Newspaper Group; the cast, crew,
relive the magic of Les Misérables.                                                    creative and production teams; the exceptional orchestra; and the
The 50-strong cast members reveled in the opportunity to perform the                   many volunteers who all contributed to the success of this year’s event.
Tony award-winning musical to almost 15,000 people across the 15                       Over the past six years, the annual MS musical has attracted over
performances.                                                                          55,000 people and raised an incredible $600,000 for people with MS.
Musical Director, Tim Cunniffe created magic with his stirring                         This fantastic result could not be achieved without public support. So
interpretations of Castle on a Cloud, I Dreamed a Dream, and Do You                    on behalf of our Members – thank you!
Hear the People Sing? whilst Director, John Senczuk used simple but                    Next year, the Von Trapp family will appear on stage at the Regal
effective sets, sensational lighting and an amazing cast to deliver a                  Theatre when we bring you The Sound of Music. Stay tuned for
stellar production.                                                                    ticketing information and updates.

Sell-out crowds enjoyed the MS Society’s sixth annual musical production at the Regal Theatre.
                                      RECORD fUNDS fOR RESEARCh
                                                     For the fifth successive year, the MS Society of WA has set a new record in funds contributed
                                                     to research.
                                                     The $190,000 of additional funds (over and above general research funding) have been used
                                                     to support three ground-breaking projects, including a study by Dr Alison Jennings from
                                                     the University of Western Australia and Neurologist, Professor William Carroll who are
                                                     reviewing the cells responsible for nerve sheath repair in people with multiple sclerosis.
                                                     Other projects funded by MSWA include:
                                                     1. How does pregnancy affect MS?
                                                     2. Cognitive, behavioural and social skills in childhood onset MS
Three new ground-
breaking research                                    Chief Executive Officer, Marcus Stafford said “The research being conducted in Western
projects have been                                   Australia and other States is of the highest quality and will help unlock the mystery of MS.
funded by the MS                                     The MS Society of WA is delighted to have been able to make an additional contribution
Society of WA.
                                                     to research, above our regular and ongoing commitment. This is a true team effort,
                                                     made possible through the hard work of our staff and volunteers, and the support of our

                                                                                            I do
As a parent, witnessing your children getting married has to be one
of life’s greatest joys. But for Alessandra Rafferty, seeing her son
marry the lady of his dreams seemed virtually impossible. Her MS
has progressed so significantly, she is permanently wheelchair bound
and requires 24-hour nursing are. So when her son André announced
he was marrying his fiancé, Kristi more than 2,000 kilometres away,
Alessandra resigned herself to the fact she would miss the wedding.
But at the MS Society we have a saying, ‘never say never’. It may
have been logistically impossible for Alessandra to be in Derby for the
big day, but that didn’t mean she had to miss out on the celebrations.
Thanks to Skype technology, the wedding was beamed live into
Margaret Doody House where Alessandra was staying for respite
care. Surrounded by 15 friends, relatives and carers, Alessandra sat
in the front row of the communal room bursting with pride as her son
announced ‘I do’.
For Alessandra, it was the next best thing to being there. And she
couldn’t have been more grateful to the entire team at Margaret Doody                       Alessandra Rafferty and friends gather at Margaret Doody House to
House for making it happen.                                                                      witness the wedding of her son, Andre via Skype technology.

                                                                  SEnczUk JOInS
                                                                             THE TEAM
                                                                  Highly regarded and acclaimed Les Misérables Director, John Senczuk, has
                                                                  joined the MS Society of WA as Executive Producer Events.
                                                                  John has a wealth of knowledge in musical theatre, dance, drama and opera;
                                                                  as well as extensive experience in event production and management. He has
                                                                  run his own event management company, and in 2005, was Event Designer for
                                                                  the City of Sydney’s 2005 New Year’s Eve Celebrations on Sydney Harbour.
                                                                  His combination of event, entertainment and theatre experience make John
                                                                  the ideal person to lead the events team of Antonette Spirito - Senior Events
                                                                  Coordinator and Michelle Mason – Event Coordinator.
                                                                  Please join us in welcoming John to the team.

Recent research conducted in Australia has revealed people with MS suffer not only from the debilitating
health aspects of the disease, but are also facing significant financial strain as they are forced prematurely
out of the workforce.
New findings from the Australian MS Longitudinal Study show 64% of Australians with MS are no longer
in paid work, significantly higher than those who suffer arthritis, asthma, chronic heart or lung disease,
depression, diabetes, or osteoporosis.
Canberra Hospital-based Dr Rex Simmons, project manager for the study, sited fatigue as the major cause
of premature exit from the workforce (70%), followed by mobility problems (44%) and MS related cognitive
problems (37%).
Dr Simmons acknowledged people with MS can experience memory difficulties or have trouble maintaining
concentration. “By their own report, it’s the difficulties caused by symptoms of MS, rather than workplace
factors that have caused most people with MS to leave the paid workforce”.
“MS is a relapsing, unpredictable disease and its symptoms are so varied that it affects people in all
different job types - from desk-bound managerial roles to those working physically on a construction site.”
                                                                                                                               MS Member, Fiona McGill was
It is estimated the cost of sick leave and early exit from the workforce for those with MS is more than $160                      forced to leave her job as a
million per year.                                                                                                              school teacher due to her MS.

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MS Society volunteers at the annual
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