Quarry Rejuvenation by f8gPN2bN


									Quarry Rejuvenation
             Our Aim
   The goal of our project was to
   discourage trespassing in an
 abandoned and dangerous quarry.
 We decided that the best way to go
about this was to take any part of the
quarry that was not in use and ‘invite
          the community in’.
              Our Testing.
• Our samples we put through a series of
  tests. From these we got a table of results.
• From these we could tell which type of
  fish and plants we could use to populate
  the quarry in the future.
                                    Soil Tests
 pH Tests of Soil

Sample from…                 pH

Track to Lagoons             6
Bank at Entrance to Quarry   5
Silt from Lagoon 2           5

 Humus Levels of Soil

Sample from…                 Humus %age

Track to Lagoons             1.3%
Bank at Entrance to Quarry   1.4%
Silt from Lagoon 2           0.7%
                                  Water Tests
 pH Tests Of Water

Sample from…               pH
Lagoon 1, Sample A         6
Lagoon1, Sample B          6
Lagoon1, Sample C          6
Lagoon 2                   7
Small Pool                 6.5

 Nitrate Levels Of Water

Sample from…               Nitrate Levels (mg/l)
Lagoon 1                   0.6
Lagoon 2                   2.1
Small Pool                 4.2
               Water Tests (continued)
 Amount of Insoluble Substances in Water

 Sample from…`                  Amount of insoluble
                                substances (g/cl3)

 Lagoon 1, Sample A             0.01
 Lagoon1, Sample B              0.02
 Lagoon1, Sample C              0.00
 Lagoon 2                       0.03
 Small Pool                     0.01

 Amount of Soluble Substances in Water

Sample from…                   Amount of soluble
                               substances (g/cl3)
Lagoon 1, Sample A             0.01
Lagoon1, Sample B              0.01
Lagoon1, Sample C              0.01
Lagoon 2                       0.01
Small Pool                     0.00

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