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					LGR Bank Stabilization Project Funding Request Denied by
The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

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From: Bob Bishop
To: City of DeWitt officials, FLG Board, Consultants
Sent: Monday, March 29, 2010 11:08 PM
Subject: Re: National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Full Proposal - Project #21769

Well hell...
Thanks Chris for your and city officials for all the work on this since our 2007 request to
restore the bank. Is it too early to ask what other options exist and what the city's plan
might be to mediate this erosion problem?
Bob Bishop
FLG Communications

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From: Chris Olson
To: FLG & others
Sent: Wednesday, March 24, 2010 3:05 PM
Subject: National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Full Proposal - Project #21769

RE:     Riverbank Stabilization Grant – Sustain Our Great Lakes program

Hello, everyone – I received communication below on the riverbank stabilization grant at
the end of the business day Monday and then spoke to Todd Hogrefe, the staff person
assigned to the “Sustain our Great Lakes” NFWF grant program.

Unfortunately, it is not good news on the funding front. As you will read below, we were
turned down on the request for the riverbank stabilization grant at Riverside Park.

There were 250 applications requesting $87 million in funding. Of those, there will be 25
awards totaling $7.6 million. While it is little consolation, we are in the same boat as 90% of
the other applicants.

Mr. Hogrefe stated that we had a well-prepared grant application with good match
requirements (our leverage was better than 1:1). However, the small scale of our project
(400’ of streambank and 2/10 acres) actually worked against us. He mentioned that the
grant awardees are doing projects which impact acreages in the “10s of acres.” I have been
looking, but the list of awardees has not been released yet. I thought it would help on a
future application to see the sizes and types of projects that this agency likes to fund. I will
check into that when the awardee list is announced.

Have a good evening. – Chris
-----Original Message-----
From: National Fish and Wildlife Foundation [mailto:info@nfwf.org]
Sent: Monday, March 22, 2010 4:51 PM
To: Chris Olson
Subject: National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Full Proposal - Project

Dear Chris Olson:

The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation has reviewed your proposal
for support of the project entitled Looking Glass River Bank
Stabilization & Habitat Improvement.   Unfortunately, we cannot offer
support at this time.

Your project was one of the many quality proposals submitted to the
Foundation, and the Board of Directors was faced with the increasingly
difficult task of determining which projects to support. Funding for
this grant cycle is limited; therefore, the Board approved only a small
number of projects which addressed the highest conservation needs and
matched our grant criteria most closely.

If you would like to discuss the Foundation's current conservation
priorities, please consult the Foundation Staff Lead for the Funding
Opportunity for which you applied. Their contact information can be
found in the funding opportunity description or RFP in the grants
section of our website (www.nfwf.org).

We appreciate your interest in fish, wildlife, and plant conservation
and encourage you to consider the Foundation as a possible source of
funding in the future.


National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

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