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									                       Wildlife, Fisheries and Ecology Management
                                                      Course Syllabus
                                                Instructor: Mrs. Kristi Sroka
Phone: 512.594.1175
Conference Periods: 1st & 8th
Tutorial Times: Mon, Wed, Thurs: 8:15 – 8:45 am or afterschool by appointment

  I.    Course Description:
        Students enrolled in Wildlife, Fisheries and Ecology Management will examine the management of game and non-
        game wildlife species, fish and their ecological needs as related to current agricultural practices. Safety education
        programs for hunters, boaters, and anglers are emphasized. A Texas Hunters Education Certification can be
        obtained. Students are also given the opportunity to develop leadership skills through the National FFA

  II.   Supplies:
           o 1” Three Ring Binder with paper (you will be keeping a class notebook for a major grade)
           o Pencils/Pens

 III.   Grading Policy:
        Nine weeks grades will be determined from the following percentages as outlined in the student handbook:
        Major Grades - 80%
        Minor Grades - 20%

 IV.    Make-up Work (Absences):
        A student will be given the opportunity to make up missed class work due to absences. Students have a period of
        time equal to the length of the absence to turn in makeup work. After this time, the work will be considered “late”
        and points will be deducted. If a student cannot make up the work during the allotted time, they may develop a plan
        with the teacher for making up the work. If the makeup assignment is a “participation grade” the teacher may
        choose to have the student submit an alternative assignment.

 V.     Late Work:
        Students may submit late work during each grading period (3 week period). Ten points will be deducted for each
        day the work is late. Work that is not turned in within the three week grading period will not be accepted.

 VI.    Classroom Rules and Expectations:
         No cell phones or other electronic devices allowed at any time.
         When the tardy bell rings all students are expected to be in the classroom and seated.
         Bring all needed supplies to class.
         Please be courteous and respectful.

VII.    Consequences:
        1. Student Warning
        2. Conference with Student
        3. Contact the Parent/Guardian
        4. Referral to Grade Level Principal
VIII.    Extra-curricular

         Students enrolled in an Agricultural Science course are STRONGLY encouraged to become a member of the
         National FFA Organization. The FFA provides opportunities and experiences directly related to the course including
         contests and field trips. FFA makes a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for
         premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education. Membership dues for the
         organization are $25 which covers local, district, area, state and national dues as well as includes a chapter t-shirt
         and subscription to the National FFA Magazine. For more information, please visit the Hendrickson FFA Website:

Below is a list of possible activities.

Leadership Development Events ( FALL)                            Supervised Agriculture Experiences (Projects)
Chapter Conducting                                               Examples:
Agricultural Issues Forum                                        Livestock Projects – Sheep, Goats, Steers, Hogs, Broilers, Meat Rabbits
FFA Quiz                                                         Greenhouse Projects
Skills Demonstration                                             Small Business
Public Relations
Radio Broadcasting
Creed Speaking
Job Interview

Career Development Events ( SPRING)                              Agri-Science Fair ( Held at the State Convention)
Here are a few examples:                                         Categories:
     Ag Mechanics                                                    Animal Systems
     Ag Sales                                                        Environmental Services/Natural Resource Systems
     Dairy Cattle                                                    Food Products/Food Processing Systems
     Dairy Foods                                                     Plant Systems
     Farm Business Management                                        Social Systems
     Floriculture                                                    Power, Structural & Technical Systems
     Horse
     Nursery/Landscape
     Poultry
     Wildlife

Hendrickson FFA also participates in many community service activities and provides students with the opportunity to gain
leadership experience by holding an office in a student ran organization. FFA Members travel to contests and attend the
District, Area and State Conventions.
                                   Hendrickson Agriculture Science
                                            Student Notebook

Students enrolled in an Agriculture Science Class will be required to keep a student notebook. This notebook will serve as
an educational guide to help the students maintain responsibility and organization throughout the year. If a student is
enrolled in more than one Agriculture Science course, they may use the same notebook. However, it expected that they
keep a separate set of dividers for each course and label each section accordingly.

Grading Criteria:
       The notebook will be graded once every three week grading period for a Major Grade.
       Students are expected to keep all class handouts, graded work and notes in the notebook.
       All assignments shall be dated and have the student’s name.
       If the notebook is turned in late for grading, 10 points will be deducted from the total notebook grade per class period. Please
        refer to the syllabus and HHS Student Handbook for the complete Late Work policy.

Notebook Specifications:
       1” – 1 ½” 3 Ring Binder
       Dividers – 4 for each course, labeled with the sections below

Notebook Sections:
       Warm-Ups & Journal Entries
       Class Notes/Handouts
       Minor Grades
       Major Grades

Each section of the notebook will count for 25% of the total Notebook Grade.

  __________________________ Cut Here – Please Return to Mrs. Sroka for a GRADE________________________

                                 Student Acknowledgement and Parent Information Sheet

I, _________________________clearly understand the rules and procedures stated above, and understand that I must
abide by these rules and all other HHS policies while I am in Mrs. Sroka’s classroom.

Student Signature ___________________________________
Parent Signature ____________________________________

Parent / Guardian:
Please provide following information in order for me to effectively communicate with you... Please know that my best
communication format is email.

Student Name: ______________________________________________________________________________________
Parent Name(s): ____________________________________________________________________________________
_______________________________________________________________________ Email Address
_______________________________________________________________________ Email Address
__________________________________ Home Number
__________________________________ Cell Number
__________________________________ Other Number (please specify)

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