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                             S E L B / W E L B        E x t e n d e d     S c h o o l s           I s s u e    1 ,   N o v   2 0 0 7

this issue:
Literacy in St.
                       2   Mini Movers Enjoy Keeping Healthy
Mary’s Primary
                           This year Millington Nursery School in                    which provides an opportunity for staff to talk
Cluster Guidance       2   Craigavon are addressing the outcomes                     to the children about the benefits of exercise
Launched                   ‘Being Healthy’ and ‘Enjoying, Learning and               and healthy lifestyles.
                           Achieving’ by establishing a ‘fitness class’ for
Everyone’s a           2   children called ‘Millington Mini Movers’.          Once the first five week session had been
Winner at Lisanally                                                           completed, evaluation questionnaires were
Special School             Ms Millar, Principal of Millington Nursery         distributed to children and parents. The
                           School and also the Extended Schools               children completed their questionnaire with
Pupil Counselling      3
Service at Holy            Co-ordinator, explains how the activity is         adult help, rating the activities with a happy
Trinity Primary            run: “In a one hour session a group of ten         or sad face. Responses were very favourable
                           children take part in a range of physical          with all activities being given a smiley
NAMES Cluster          3   activities including using mini exercise           face proving that they had enjoyed the
                           machines, movement                                                        programme. Parental
A Pupil’s              4   to    music,     circuit                                                  responses were also
Perspective: St.           activities, parachute                                                     very positive agreeing
Eugene’s High              games      and    other                                                   that         sessions
School Homework            activities       using                                                    contributed to the all
                           various     small    PE                                                   round development of
Tot‘s Time at St.      4   apparatus.         The                                                    their     child.    One
Davog’s Primary            equipment needed to                                                       mother       commented
                           get ‘Mini Movers’ up                                                      that her child really
Services Feature:      4   and      running    was                                                   enjoyed the sessions
Breakfast Clubs            purchased from our                                                        and at home talked in
                           Extended       Schools                                                    detail      about    the
Extending              5   allocation.”                                                              activities and games.
opportunities for                                                                                    She felt her child had
pupils with special        Half way through the                                                      developed      a   good
needs at Erne              ‘Mini Movers’ session,                                                    knowledge       of   the
School                     children have a fruit    Children from Millington Nursery School using importance of healthy
                           and      water    break             mini exercise equipment               lifestyles.
Limavady Good          5
Practice Cluster
Extended Schools
in Wales
                           Starting the Day the Right Way
Responding to local    6   Drumahoe Primary School                the school Assembly Hall, with        that they have had here.”
needs at St.               provides an environment that           care available from 8.00-8.45a.m.
Michael’s Primary          takes into account family needs        when playground supervisors           Drumahoe Primary School’s
                           and working day commitments by         come on duty.         Children can    future plans to extend provision
Extending the Play     6   providing a range of extended          choose from a healthy menu of         and to develop relationships
Environment at             support services.                      cereal, toast, pancakes, fruit        with family members and the
Fivemiletown PS                                                   juices and tea, all at a subsidised   wider community include the
                           Principal, Mr McMaster, explains       price. When breakfast has             introduction of a ‘Family Friday’
A Parent’s             7   how the school went about              finished, children are welcome to     where family members may
Perspective:               identifying the needs of its pupils,   participate in a range of             come along one day a week to join
Fit Families in            families and community: “When          pre-arranged, age-appropriate         in with Breakfast Club activities.
Termoncanice               we first received our extended         educational activities. The
Primary                    school funding, we        sent out     Brea kfas t C lu b ha s a l so
                           questionnaires to our families         committed to a ‘Breakfast Club
A Closer Look at       7   so that we could design an             Dental Health Initiative’ to
the Environment at         appropriate extended school            promote good oral health within
Holy Trinity College       programme. The Breakfast Club          the school setting.
                           was a service that we felt could
Calendar of Events     8   promote healthy and nutritional        The school’s Extended Schools
                           eating and also enrich and extend      Co-ordinator, Miss Pointon, adds,
ELB Annual Reports     8   the curriculum through informal        “Our Breakfast Club has enabled
                           learning.”                             very special relationships to be
                                                                  built.    I’ve seen children’s
                           Drumahoe Primary School’s              independence and social skills
                           Breakfast Club now operates in         develop through the experiences
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                                   Supporting Children’s Literacy
                                                                with the High Level Outcome          during the day with a child
                                                                of ‘Enjoying, Learning and           minding service provided by the
                                                                Achieving’ in mind but also          school. However, due to the
                                                                ‘Contributing Positively to          high uptake and high demand,
                                                                Community and Society’ as it         the course was organised again
                                                                was hoped that they would            during the evening to enable
                                                                enable parents to engage with        working parents to attend.
                                                                school and their child’s learning.
                                                                                                     The workshops have now been
                                                                The aim of the workshops was to      repeated on three occasions at
                                                                inform, support and advise           St. Mary’s to meet demand, with
                                                                parents on strategies used in        26 parents attending the 4 week
Participants in the        In response to the findings of       school which they could use to       course organised at the
Literacy Workshop          consultations and questionnaires     support their children at home       beginning of the term.      Mrs
for Parents at
                           carried out with parents from St.    with reading and word building       Quigley and Mrs Devlin, the
                           Mary’s PS Banbridge, Craigavon       skills. Teachers from the four       course organisers at St. Mary’s,
St. Mary’s PS,             PS, St. John’s PS Gilford and St.                                         were delighted with the positive
                                                                schools met together to share
Banbridge                  Brendan’s PS Craigavon, the          ideas and plan the workshops         comments from the evaluations
                           Cluster Group organised a number     and also to evaluate their           submitted following the course.
                           of Literacy Workshops for parents    success.                             One participant commented,
                           of children in Primary 2 and 3 at                                         “The course will be very helpful
                           all the cluster’s schools.           At St. Mary’s PS, all the sessions   for the future when helping with
                                                                were of a practical and informal     my child’s homework.”
                           These workshops were designed        nature and were organised

                                               Cluster Guidance Launched
                                 As part of the Extended • Sharing of resources;                         community.
                                 Schools programme, schools
 “Clusters are                   were encouraged to form • Joint working on specific                     To further support
                                 clusters of at least three      activities;                             clusters    in   their
    required to                  schools. Each cluster was                                               operation,        the
                                 then entitled to access a • Single point of delivery                    SELB/WELB Extended
  demonstrate                    further 15% of each school’s    for whole cluster                       Schools Team has now
                                 core allocation.                activities ‘Enhanced                    produced Cluster Group
   partnership                                                   Community Activity’.                    Guidance.
                                 Clusters are required to
      working.”                  demonstrate partnership Across the SELB/WELB                             This guidance document
                                 working by, for example:     area, a total of 39 clusters               is now available at:
                                                              have been formed of varying
                                 • Opening up after school    size and geographical            
                                    provision to pupils in    spread, offering a wide          
                                    other schools within the  variety of activities and
                                    cluster;                  services to the wider

                                      Everyone’s A Winner!
                                       Lisanally Special School in Armagh              Fitness Club for Parents and Staff; a
                                       is   among     those    schools to     have     Health and Fitness Club for parents
                                       received funding under the Extended             and pupils aged 8 and over; and also
                                       Schools      programme.         This    has     a Drama and Music Club for young
                                       enabled the school to provide a range           people aged 8 and over.
                                       of services and activities which help
                                       meet the needs of the children and              The school reports that all activities
Pupils and staff from
                                       young people, their families and the            have been very successful with high
Lisanally Special School                                                               attendance      at   the   clubs.     More
                                       wider community.
                                                                                       exciting activities are planned in the
                                       Already the school is offering three            months ahead.
                                       after-school    clubs:    a   Health    and
S ELB / WELB     Ex te n d e d   S c ho o l s   Ne ws l e tte r ,   I s s ue   1                                   Page 3

Pupil Counselling Service
In addressing the outcomes ‘Living in   The programme is delivered by a             Counselling work has been undertaken
Safety and with Stability’ and          psychotherapist, Bronagh Starrs, who        on issues such as bullying, family
‘Contributing Positively to Community   works in the school on a service            breakdown, behaviourial problems,
and Society’, Holy Trinity Primary      delivery basis.     Pupils in need of       school refusal, family bereavement and
School in Enniskillen have introduced   support are identified by staff and the     in support of families of children with
a Pupil Counselling Service.            school’s senior management team.            Attention Deficit Hyperactivity
                                        Following consultation with parents,        Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder or
                                        these children are then referred to the     Autistic Spectrum Disorders.
                                                                                    The service operates confidentially
                                        Principal of Holy Trinity PS, Mr            between the counsellor, pupil and
                                        Murphy, believes the introduction of        parents. The school receives regular
                                        this service has been extremely             updates from the counsellor regarding
                                        successful, resulting in improved pupil     the stage at which the work is at and
                                        behaviour and increased attendance.         thereafter the principal liaises with the
                                        In addition, since the counselling          counsellor to determine when it
                                        service requires close parental             is appropriate for the pupil to be
                                        involvement, it has, in some cases,         discharged. In cases where the pupil
                                        greatly improved the relationship           re quire s f urther supp or t, the
                                        between child and parent.                   counsellor advises parents of where to
                                                                                    go to seek further help.

                 SELB Cluster Group Feature:
 NAMES, the Newry And Mourne Extended
 Schools Cluster, aims to “Contribute
 Positively to Community and Society”. Here,
 Celine McStravick, the Cluster Co-ordinator,
 reflects on progress to date.
 The NAMES Cluster comprises St. Clare’s PS,
 St. Mary’s Girls’ High School, St. Joseph’s
 Boys’ High School, St. Malachy’s PS, St.
 Joseph’s PS, St. Patrick’s PS, St. Colman’s
 Abbey PS and St. Colman’s College.

 In the face of deadlines and with Summer ’07
 fast approaching, it was clear that NAMES
 needed to support community activity when                                                                  “We
 the school gates had shut. Thinking ‘outside        Raymond Thompson, Chairman Barcroft                    wanted to
 the box’, NAMES identified experts in the field     Community Association and Banjo Bannon,
                                                     Outdoor Pursuits instructor, with children             add real
 - the Youth Service! Who better to deliver
 summer activities?                                  from Barcroft getting ready to canoe on                value and
                                                     Camlough Lake
                                                                                                            support to
 It was decided that four existing youth clubs
 would receive funding to provide additional         activities   and   remain     members     of   the     existing
 trips, covering entrance fees and transport         centre.”                                               community
 requirements.      The    programme      was
 advertised in the schools and the uptake was        Following the successful Summer pilot,                 activity.”
 superb. NAMES provided over 1000 sponsored          NAMES continues to support community
 places to locations such as W5, Dublin Zoo,         activities during the mid term break, when
 Lisburn Swimming Pool and Carlingford Bay.          children are often in danger from injury at
                                                     bonfires or firework displays. The youth clubs
 Hugh Mallon Chairman of NAMES said, “We             have again risen to the challenge, providing
 wanted to add real value and support to             an array of cookery classes, trips and
 existing community activity. Parents were           Canoeing classes to keep the children happy
 delighted with what was happening in their          and safe. Raymond Thompson, Chairman of
 areas.” Dearbhla Mulholland, Youth Leader in        Barcroft Community Association comments,
 Charge at St. John Bosco Regional Youth             “We had always wanted to introduce some
 Centre said, “We were amazed by the                 outdoor pursuits activities in Barcroft. This
 number of children interested in the summer         funding has enabled fifty youngsters to try
 trips. These children have taken part in other      out canoeing.”
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                                A Pupil’s Perspective
                                                  I am a pupil at St. Eugene’s           down to the hall or outside
                                                  High School, Castlederg. I             to play some games before
                                                  go to the Homework Club                we go home. Most of my
                                                  which is on a Tuesday and              friends go to it with me and
                                                  Thursday afternoon.                    I really enjoy it.

                                                  I think the homework club is           It also is a benefit because
                                                  a real benefit to us because           parents can go somewhere
                                                  we get our homework done               they would like or need to
                                                  and there are people there             go and they don’t have to
                                                  to help us with it. I also             collect us until 5.00 pm. If
                                                  think it is very nice of the           anyone needs help with
Pupils playing                                    teachers to stay on after              their    work,    there  are
                                                  school to help us. I enjoy it          teachers or helpers there to
games after the
                                                  because at 4.30 pm we get              give it.
Homework Club at
St. Eugene’s High

                       Saturday Tot’s Time!
                       St. Davog’s Primary                Davog’s Primary School                “Marie loved the Saturday
                       School, Scraghey, recently         targets the High Level                morning club and it really
       “...It was an   established a playgroup for        Outcomes ‘Being Healthy’,             helped her to settle into P1
    opportunity for    local children. Principal,         ‘Enjoying,     Learning               as it took place in the
                       Mrs Kelly, explains how the        and     Achieving’      and           school and she had
  them to mix with     ‘Tot’s Time’ playgroup             ‘Contributing Positively to           never attended a formal
 other children, to    came about.                        Community and Society’.               pre-school.”
      play in a safe   “There was a need for a            Among the activities    Sinead Moss said, “I really
  environment and      playgroup activity in the                                  enjoyed bringing my
                                                          included in the programme
                       immediate area and so we                                   children to Tots’ Time on a
                                                          are “Rhyme Time” provided
for me to mix with     designed a Saturday                by Omagh library staff, Saturday morning as I work
 other mums from       morning activity with this                                 full time and it was an
                                                          Monkeynastix, Planting and
                       in mind. It appealed to                                    opportunity for them to
                                                          Growing activities, Art and
   the area—which
                       parents who work during                                    mix with other children, to
                                                          Craft, Stories, Music and
 could not happen      the week but who wished to         Healthy Snack time.     play in a safe environment
 during the week.”     attend mothers/toddlers                                    and for me to mix with
                       activities with their child.”      One parent, Denise Moss other mums from the
                                                          whose daughter attended area—which could not
                       The     playgroup     at     St.   the group commented: happen during the week.”

                                            Services Feature:
                                           Breakfast Clubs
                             One of the most common activities              table-top games, dental hygiene projects,
                             facilitated through the extended schools       computer access, physical activity or a
                             programme has been a breakfast club.           ‘breakfast buddying’ system where older
                             While many schools have been running           pupils assist younger children.
                             breakfast clubs for a number of years, the
                             extended schools programme has                 Any school currently operating a
                             enabled enhancement of existing                breakfast club or planning to do so may
                             provision or facilitated schools in starting   wish to visit the Kellogg’s/ContinYou
                             a breakfast club for the first time.           ‘Breakfast Club Plus’ website at:
                             Forty-seven breakfast clubs are now            w w w . c o n t i n yo u . o r g . u k / w h a t _w e _ d o /
                             operating in the SELB/WELB region with         children_and_young_people/
                             the assistance of extended schools

                             A key feature of a breakfast club is that
                             pupils are able to engage in a wide range
                             of activities beyond breakfast such as
S ELB / WELB        Ex te n d e d       S c ho o l s   Ne ws l e tte r ,   I s s ue   1                                   Page 5

Extending Opportunities for Pupils with Special Needs
Erne School is a school for pupils                                                         Co-ordinator. Mrs Cutler, mother of
with moderate learning difficulties                                                        Ryan, believes it is so important to
and caters for pupils from all over                                                        her son, “His sister has her Drama
Fermanagh.     As the result of an                                                         club. Now Ryan has a club to go to.
audit, parents expressed that there                                                        This is his club - Ryan’s special
was no provision for pupils with                                                           time.” Mrs Lunney, parent of Conor
Special Educational Needs to                                                               who is a Year 10 pupil comments,
participate in after school activities.                                                    “Conor doesn’t have much outside of
It was therefore decided to run after                                                      school. This gives him something to
school clubs open to all pupils from                                                       look forward to.”
Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 4.
                                                                                           Mrs McElroy, principal of Erne School
There are a variety of activities                                                          adds, “Working with parents, pupils
offered at these activity clubs, some          pupils are looking forward to a range       and the wider       community is an
of which are school based and others           of educational and sporting events          essential element in raising pupil
which make use of       local facilities       through the year.                           achievement. Both these clubs
such as the leisure centre, golf club                                                      provide opportunities for personal
and National Trust properties.                 “Parents and pupils are delighted           development and support pupils
Saturday activities also form part of          with the extended provision,” says          learning in the wider context.”
the extended school programme and              Ms Cornyn, Extended Schools

                   WELB Cluster Group Feature:
                   Limavady Good Practice Cluster
 Seven schools in the Limavady            activities were organised: 5-a-side   approach between home and school
 Good Practice Network are                Football tournament, BBQ,             with parents leading the project
 working collaboratively under the        Beach Party, Scary Walk with          and taking real ownership. Parental
 Extended Schools Project -               storytellers and a ‘Build a Boat’     volunteers, under the supervision
 Ballykelly PS, Bellerena PS,             competition. At the launch, over      of a school co-ordinator, made the
 Drumachose PS, St. Aidan’s PS, St.       eighty men and boys took part         sacks. The co-ordinator stated, “At   “As with all
 Anthony’s PS, St. Canice’s PS and        in the 5-a-side competition.          the start of the project there were   schools,
 St. Matthew’s PS.                        Feedback was so positive that a       six parents involved. Our database
                                          further two tournaments took          now shows thirty-five parents, with   getting the
 The aims are that through creative       place. In developing the activities   over 100 story sacks.”                father/male
 and collaborative planning the           over the coming year, it is hoped
 Network can create positive and          the ‘Men’ will take ownership and     As the project rolled out to the      partner to
 worthwhile home/school links,            control of running events and         other schools, teachers used the      take an
 promote social inclusion and             activities.                           sacks as a vehicle for implementing
 address issues of rurality. The                                                part of the reading aspect of         active role
 Network actively encourages              A second project was the ‘Story       the revised curriculum, with          in their
 parents to get involved in               Sack’ initiative. Since this was      approaches including paired
 their child’s learning.     Positive     very well developed in one of the     reading and shared reading. For       child’s
 collaboration within and between         schools, the network used the         the children reading is no longer
                                                                                                                      learning can
 schools is promoted in order to          expertise of this school to           seen as a chore. The Story Sack is
 capitalize on skills and expertise.      disseminate good practice to the      viewed as a reward and something      be difficult.”
                                          other six schools. The initiative     to look forward to, creating a love
 The Network has 5 main projects          used the teacher and parental         of reading and a real enjoyment in
 running at present - Men &               expertise of this school to create    books.
 Boys, Parental Involvement in            clusters within each school. Once
 Numeracy, Parents and ICT,               again the success of the project      One of the most positive aspects of
 Language Development through             was due to a collaborative            the Good Practice Network is the
 the use of Story Sacks and                                                          close collaboration among
 Parent and Child Science                                                            the schools. Primary 1 and
 Classes.                                                                            Primary 5 teachers have
                                                                                     formed separate clusters to
 The ‘Men and Boys’ initiative                                                       look at implementing the
 has proved particularly                                                             revised curriculum. Teachers
 innovative.    As with all                                                          share good practice, discuss
 schools, getting the father/                                                        areas of concern and plan
 male partner to take an                                                             areas of the curriculum
 active role in their child’s                                                        together. These clusters are
 learning can be difficult.                                                          only in their infancy but
 To meet this need, the                                                              alre ad y p r ov i n g v e ry
 Network planned a number                                                            beneficial.
 of events to encourage this
 involvement and to develop
 boys’ social skills.     Five
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                                 Extended Schools in Wales
                                 Across the UK the Extended Schools              area in May 2007 to see Community
                                 programme has regional variations.              Focused Schools in action.      The
                                                                                 schools visited had developed a
                                 In Wales, schools involved in the               range of high-quality programmes
                                 programme are known as                          that integrated learning for pupils,
                                 ‘Community Focused Schools’.                    families and communities. Activities
                                 These schools receive a small                   ranged from shared vocational
                                 amount of funding to assist them in             learning centres to community
 For more information on         building links with their local                 volunteer labour schemes.
 Community Focused Schools       communities. They then work in
 visit:                          partnership with their communities              Many of the community focused
                                 to secure funding from a range of               school visited had been developing
                                 other sources.                                  links and extended services over
                                                                                 the past ten years and they all
                                 A group of regional Extended                    reported positive benefits from their
                                 Schools co-ordinators from across               experiences.
                                 Northern Ireland visited the Cardiff

                             Responding to Local Needs
                             The premise of the Extended Schools
                             programme is to respond to local needs.
 “Having a good              St. Michael’s Primary School in
 understanding               Newtownhamilton is doing just that.
  of English and             Through its Extended School provision,
 the confidence              English Language classes have been offered
to communicate               to any non-English speaking person in
                             Newtownhamilton and the surrounding
effectively leads
                             areas.    Mrs Donnelly, Principal of St.
        to better            Michael’s PS, who initiated the class says,
    employment               “Having a good understanding of English and
 opportunities.”             the confidence to communicate effectively
                             leads to better employment opportunities.           joined us and continue to attend. We believe
                             Parents feel welcome to come into school            this service truly supports the outcomes
                             and will communicate happily with us as             ‘Experiencing Economic and Environmental
                             their English develops. Last year two parents       Well-Being’ and ‘Contributing Positively to
                             from St. Brigid’s in Glassdrummond also             Community and Society’. ”

     Extending the Play Environment
                                    Fivemiletown Primary School has, over          younger children how to become
                                    the past year, put a lot of thought,           involved in different activities.
                                    energy and time into improving the
                                    school playground environment.                 The development has proved to be a
                                    Funding through the Extended Schools           rewarding experience for all - including
                                    programme has supported the school’s           the supervisors who also benefited from
                                    efforts in targeting this opportunity for      training provided by Playboard.
                                    out of school hours learning by enabling       Timetables and zoning the area for
                                    new playground equipment and                   various activities make it easier for the
                                    markings to be purchased.                      different games to take place within a
                                                                                   relaxed atmosphere. This has been
                                    Thinking about the outcomes of ‘Being          reflected in the reduced discipline
                                    Healthy’ and ‘Living in Safety and with        problems encountered by those on duty.
                                    Stability’, the school has provided a safe     By developing this playground area, the
                                    and active playground environment              school has developed pupils’ social
                                    where children can interact through            skills, self-esteem and physical fitness.
                                    physical activities, so developing social      By working together and respecting
                                    skills, confidence and physical fitness.       others through fair play, play time has
                                    Children in Key Stage 2 support the            become more enjoyable and friendships
                                    playground assistants and duty teachers        have been strengthened.
                                    with the equipment and enjoy showing
S ELB / WELB      Ex te n d e d   S c ho o l s   Ne ws l e tte r ,   I s s ue   1                                 Page 7

            A Parent’s Perspective:
            Fit Families
For many years Termoncanice Primary School has been facilitating ‘Fit Kidz’. Last year the                  “Fit
programme was extended to include Parents/Guardians providing two sessions - one for                        Families is
P.4. pupils and their parents and one for P.5. children and their parents. Here, a parent                   great
shares the impact the programme has had.                                                                    exercise,
                                                                                                            great fun
                                     It is a very busy programme           fruit and pomegranates.          and a great
                                     and while the exercise is not                                          way of
                                     too strenuous, it is good             The     programme      was       promoting
                                     conditioning work. The SAQ’s          designed by Mr McCloskey,        healthy
                                     are particularly good for             who teaches in the school,       lifestyles
                                     improving co-ordination.              and is assisted by Mr Joe        for children
                                                                           Doherty, the Grassroots          and their
                                     My child loves the team               Development officer for          parents.”
                                     games at the end of the night.        Limavady Council. Both
                                     Parents take their game of            deliver   the   programme
                                     Volleyball and Dodgeball very         together    (although    Mr
                                     seriously and there is always         McCloskey usually disappears
Fit Families is quite simply         plenty of banter. The children        during the dance section!).
great fun! My son and I go to        love it because they see their
the P.4. group and there are         Mums and Dads in a new light          I enlisted this year after
usually around 15 adults and         and love to see them having           hearing rave reviews from my
their children at this session.      fun. At the end of the evening        friend who did the programme
Each     session     involves        two platters of fresh fruit are       last year. Fit Families is great
stretches, Brain Gym, team           put out to replenish energy           exercise, great fun and a great
building games, dance, team          levels. Each week two new             way of promoting healthy
games and Speed-Agility and          fruits are put on the platter.        lifestyles for children and their
Quickness drills (SAQ’s).            Last week we had shoran               parents.

A Closer Look at the Environment
Digital photography classes were started under the
Extended Schools program to fulfil the needs identified in
Holy Trinity College, Cookstown.

With participants including pupils, parents and members of
the school community, the activity targets the outcomes
‘Enjoying, Learning and Achieving’ and ‘Contributing
Positively to Community and Society’. Adult participants
have been learning how to use digital cameras to their best
advantage while AVCE Art and AS Media students have been
learning how to take images suitable for coursework in their

Participants meet with tutor, Mr. Ciaran Kelly, after school
on a weekly basis. The basics of photography and image         Another theme, Close-ups or Macro Photography, is also
manipulation are covered over ten weeks and students are       producing some striking environmental images.
asked to take photographs on a number of themes for an
exhibition at the end of the course.                           Class Tutor, Mr Kelly, comments, “The enthusiasm of all
                                                               involved is very infectious. Pupils and adults, young and
One of these themes, Autumn Colours, is designed to get        old, share their work and adventures with each other every
everyone to take a much closer look at their own               week without fail. It is proving to be an enriching learning
environment in a way they might not have done before.          experience for everyone.”
           Extended Schools Calendar of Key Dates
SUPPORT SESSIONS                                                COMMUNITY FOCUSED WORKSHOPS

A number of Extended Schools Support Sessions have already      A series of WELB Community Focused Workshops
taken place during November 2007 and were well attended.        for Extended Schools are planned during January 2008 as
Further Support Sessions are planned as follows:                follows:

30th November 07          SELB Information Session              18th January 08             Limavady Area
                          Dungannon Teachers’ Centre
                                                                21st January 08             Derry Area
10th December 07          WELB Specific Issues Support
                          Various WELB Teachers’ Centres        22nd January 08             Derry Area

14th January 08*          WELB Specific Issues Support          24th January 08             Derry Area
                          Various WELB Teachers’ Centres
                                                                28th January 08             Strabane Area
 (*and continuing on the second Monday of each month during
the school year)                                                29th January 08             Fermanagh Area

Topics covered during these Support Sessions may include:       31st January 08             Omagh Area

        • Finance – Managing Budget Spend
                                                                SECTOR-SPECIFIC SUPPORT
        • Human Resources – Employing Co-ordinators,
           Activity Leaders and Helpers                         The SELB/WELB Extended Schools team plan to jointly
                                                                facilitate Sector-specific Support Sessions for Nursery and
        • Transport                                             Special schools, in the first instance, early in 2008. The
                                                                purpose of these sessions is to explore any issues unique
        • Effective Action Planning                             to particular sectors and also to share good practice
                                                                approaches to resolving the specific challenges that these
        • Developing & Operating a Cluster                      sectors face.

        • Using Specialist Providers

                                                            ELB Extended Schools
                                                            Annual Reports 2006-07
                                                            During 2006-07, 81 SELB schools and 122 WELB
                                                            schools    participated   in   the   Extended    Schools
                                                            programme.        In   addition, the   Department      of
      The Extended Schools programme in this area is        Education identified three good practice schools
      supported by a joint team of SELB and WELB            and one good practice cluster of seven primary
                                                            schools in the SELB/WELB region.
      The SELB/WELB Extended Schools Team would
                                                            Extended Schools Annual Reports have now been
      like to thank all those whose contributions have
                                                            published by SELB and WELB.            The information
      made this newsletter possible.
                                                            provided in these Reports has been collated using
                                                            schools’    Extended      Schools    Annual     Reports,
                                                            information and analysis of Action Plans and the
                                                            outcomes of training provided during the first year
                                                            of Extended Schools practice.

                                                            Following the first year of implementation, findings
                                                            suggest that the programme has had positive
                                                            effects on participating children, schools, families
                                                            and communities.          To access the ELB Annual
                                                            Reports, visit:


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