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									                                     Arthur Carhart National Wilderness Training Center
United States Departments of
Agriculture & Interior                                                           32 Campus Drive #3168
Bureau of Land Management                                                      Missoula, MT 59812-3168
Fish & Wildlife Service                                                           Phone: (406) 243-4682
Forest Service                                                                     FAX: (406) 243-4717
National Park Service                                        
                                                     "Fostering interagency excellence in wilderness stewardship"

Date: January 10, 2012

To:    BLM State Wilderness Coordinators
       FWS Regional Wilderness Coordinators
       FS Regional Wilderness Program Managers
       NPS Wilderness Program Leads; Training Managers

From: Connie G. Myers, Director, Arthur Carhart National Wilderness Training Center

Re:     Interagency Regional Wilderness Stewardship Training

                                  REPLY DUE FEBRUARY 17, 2012

Dates: April 16-19, 2012

Location: Henderson, NV

Cost: There is no tuition for this session. Participants pay their own travel costs. Lodging will be made
available at or below the per diem rate.

Target Audience: Mid-level and field-level decision-makers and key staff with wilderness stewardship
responsibilities. This course is focused specifically on the stewardship of wilderness in the Southwest,
Intermountain West, and California, but many topics are generally applicable throughout the nation and
participation is not limited to those within these areas.

Course Goal: Improve the participant’s ability to recognize and effectively address common wilderness
stewardship issues through interpretation and application of the Wilderness Act of 1964, the Minimum
Requirements Analysis process, and establishing connections with other wilderness professionals.

Course Description: This course focuses on the interpretation and application of the Wilderness Act of
1964, agency policy, and wilderness management principles. The overarching mandate to preserve
wilderness character while providing for public use is emphasized, as is the application of the Minimum
Requirements Analysis process. Participants will be able to: 1) interpret and discuss the Wilderness Act
of 1964, agency policy, and wilderness values envisioned by Congress and wilderness leaders; 2)
recognize the changing regional issues affecting wilderness management; 3) identify and apply
wilderness law, agency policy, and management principles to specific management challenges; and 4)
demonstrate commitment to excellent wilderness stewardship and sound decision-making. Learning is
enhanced by a one-day field trip into a local wildland area and the opportunity to network with
wilderness professionals from other land management agencies and partners.

Required Pre-Work: To reduce the length of the course and travel costs, completion of two online
training modules is required, prior to the onsite session: The Wilderness Act and Minimum Requirements
Analysis. Both modules can be completed in 2-4 hours. Additional instructions will be included in the
selection letter.

Reply Due February 17, 2012: Total course enrollment is limited, and each agency’s enrollment may
be further limited to ensure adequate representation by all four agencies. A selection letter will be sent to
those accepted into the course after February 20.

Contact Person: Ken Straley, Forest Service Representative at the Arthur Carhart National Wilderness
Training Center, at (406) 243-4630 or

To Register: Please register through your agency’s learning management system.

For Department of Interior employees using DOI Learn please use the link provided below which will
take you to the DOI Learn login screen and then directly to the scheduled class in the catalog. Follow
the steps within DOI Learn to request enrollment. Once your supervisor approves, you will receive a
notification email. Please click on the following link: DOILearn.

For Department of Agriculture employees using AgLearn, click on the following link, log in, and search
the course catalog for the keywords “regional wilderness”: AgLearn . Select “2320 Carhart Interagency
Regional Wilderness Stewardship Training” and select the Henderson, NV session. Submit your request
and obtain approval to complete enrollment. Once your supervisor approves, you will receive a
notification email.

Questions about the registration process should be directed to Shirley Chase at or
406-243-4682. Questions about course content or logistics should be directed to the course coordinator,
Ken Straley, at or 406-243-4630.

For information about other training opportunities offered by the Arthur Carhart National Wilderness
Training Center, visit:

/s/ Connie G. Myers


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