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									                      First United Methodist Church of Junction Texas

                    Junction SonRise
                                        July 2012

   CHURCH Office
     902 Main St.
     Junction, TX

    Sunday school
      9:45 a.m.

  Morning Worship
    11:00 a.m.

Steve Fieldcamp

Barbara Smith

Youth Director
Jerry Wallace

Music Director
Meredith Nowlin

Melody Lawrence

Nursery Attendant
Amanda Boone
                                                     Pastor’s Thoughts for July 2012

                                The Fourth of July holiday we are about to celebrate calls to mind the tension
                        between being an American on the one hand, and a follower of Jesus Christ on the other.
                        As Americans, we greatly value and are fiercely protective of the independence and
                        freedoms we enjoy in this country. We like calling our own shots and doing our own thing,
                        regardless of what others may think. We do not like people telling us what we need to do.
                        Yet as Christians we are called to be dependent on God, putting our trust in him and not
                        going our own way.
                               The prophet Jeremiah understood the tension between those who depend on their
                        own strength and those who depend on the strength of the living God. He makes it clear
                        that we cannot look to both as our supreme basis of trust:
        Cursed is the one who trusts in man, who depends on flesh for his strength and whose
heart turns away from the Lord. He will be like a bush in the wastelands; he will not see
prosperity when it comes. He will dwell in the parched places of the desert, in a salt land where
no one lives. But blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in him. He will
be like a tree planted by the water that sends out its roots by the stream. It does not fear when
heat comes; its leaves are always green. It has no worries in a year of drought and never fails to
bear fruit.” Jeremiah 17:5-8
        Harsh words, but in my experience when we make ourselves or other people the basis of our confidence,
we experience rejection and disappointment again and again. However when God becomes the ultimate source of
our trust and confidence, we are never let down. That does not mean we will never experience adversity or
challenges. It does mean we know God will always be with us working out good in our lives as his plans unfold;
and having read his book, what wonderful plans they are.
        So, as you gather with friends and family this 4th of July to celebrate our independence and freedom, know
that both are gifts from God. Remember always to be thankful to God who calls us to trust in and be dependent on
him. Grace and peace, Steve

                                               Planning Committee Report
        In accordance with the Book of Discipline, the Planning Committee was appointed by church trustees in
April, 2011, to gather information and make findings regarding the need to renovate/repair the sanctuary and
other church buildings. To date, the committee has met many times. It has hired and met several times with an
architect (Stan Klein from Fredericksburg); hired an engineering firm (Rock Engineering from San Antonio) to
take and analyze soil samples; and hired and met with a structural engineer (Jeff Smith from Austin). All have
written reports regarding their investigations and findings which are available to review.
        As a result of this effort, a list of possible renovation/repairs has been compiled and was passed out to
members at the covered-dish dinner following worship on June 24. Stan Klein was present to talk about his
investigation, discuss the findings, and to find out what members wanted in the way of renovations or repairs.
The next step is for Mr. Klein to prepare preliminary plans and a cost estimate for the committee’s review.
        On Wednesday, June 27, the committee met with an architect and an estimator with SLI Group, a full
service construction company from Houston, Texas. It handles all aspects of construction from beginning to end,
from initial design through final construction. In the next several months the committee will receive from SLI
Group a second set of preliminary plans and cost estimate for review.
        After the plans and estimates have been received and evaluated, the planning committee will meet with
the trustees and discuss moving forward. In accordance with the Discipline, (1) the planning committee must
issue a report making its findings and recommendations for the renovation/repair project, and furnish a copy of
same to the district board of church location and building; (2) the pastor and district superintendent must give
their consent to the project in writing; (3) a charge conference of our local congregation must decide to approve
the project or not. If the charge conference gives its approval, it must appoint a building committee which must
develop more detailed plans and a method of financing. The Discipline provides for additional steps and
approvals (including final approval by a local church conference) that must be obtained before work can be
authorized. These will be discussed at a later time when appropriate.

Thank You
Lorene Barker would like to extend a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to Bill and Bob Chapman for the work they did at her home on
“Making Church a Verb” Sunday. They took down 5 trees, cleaned and loaded 1 trailer and 2 pickup loads from her yard.
Then after a storm, came back and removed branches off the top of her home. She is very grateful to these two wonderful

We lift in prayer all those who are ill, facing surgery, recovering from surgery,
those who have lost loved ones, those who are broken emotionally or
spiritually, our military men and women, our nation, our world, all those around
the world who are hungry, displaced from their homes and/or living in the
midst of dangerous conditions caused by war. And thanksgiving for the rain                                        Caption
 we have been so blessed to receive.                                                                              describi
                                                                                    Our Service                   picture
                                                                                    Worship Leaders:                 or
                                                                                    Charley & Shirley Goodman
                                          Our Gifts as of                           Gary & Cindy McCoy
       Our Presence:                      June Income $16,094.64                    Flowers:
Worship                 SS                June Expense $13,984.26                   July 1-Snows
June 3=110              35                Difference    $2,110.38                   July 8-Open
June 10=78              18                                                          July 15-Harrison
June 17=100             32                YTD Income $103,028.33                    July 29-Sorrell
June 24=100             27                YTD Expense $ 88,905.21                   YOUTH MEALS:
Avg=     97             28                             $14,964.57                   UMYF will not meet during
                                                                                    the month of July

                                                                                    PLEASE HELP!!
     July Birthdays
3-Darius Carington                                                                  Please call Amy Gipson if
4-Maureen Wall                                                                      you are willing to supply a
5-Barbara Smith                                                                     youth supper.
11-Jan Ethridge
12- Scott DeLeon, Johnnie Snow, Weston Thomas                                          God has given us all gifts
13-Tony Hall, Georgia Morgan, Mary Shelley                                             of many kinds. If you feel
14-Charles Sorrell                                                                     called to help out in youth
17-Elissa Hooper, Russell Kott                                                         ministry, please consider
19-John McClelland
                                                                                       joining us at 6:00 pm on
22-April Gipson, Alice Schmidt, Gilbert Silva
23-Daniel Evans, C. Maye Neal                                                          Wednesday. Blessings,
24-Stanley Graham                                                                      Amy
26-Dale Ethridge, Johnnie Schmidt
                                                                                    PRAYER ROOM
27-Barbara Pagel, Roxie Thomas
28-Candy Gipson                                                                     July 1-Mariana Schulze
29-Joshua Dawn, Ruby Sheppard                                                       July 8-Chip Johnson
                                                                                    July 15-Betty Smith
                                                                                    July 22-Tina Haynes
                                                                                    July 29-Cindy McCoy
                        Choir Notes
               Our chancel choir is taking a break from Wednesday night rehearsals until August. We will continue to be in the choir loft and sing a
               special "user friendly" anthem. We will meet at 10:40 each Sunday in the choir room to rehearse these and would LOVE for you to join
               us. This is a good chance to "try us out" or just sing some fun, familiar music with us.

            Please pray for me as I begin to look at Christmas music very soon. (Pray for my kids, too, who still are puzzled about listening to
           Christmas music in July!) My specific request is prayers for music that the group can present well, is enjoyable, can reach the congregation
with the true meaning of Christmas, and most of all, will bring glory to God.

Thanks for your continued support! Blessings, Meredith

Vacation Bible School News
Operation Overboard went "swimmingly" this year! We were so blessed by the wonderful work from our MANY
volunteers...praise God! We ended up having about 50 children register. Ocho the Octopus helped begin and end the
evening with "ocean insights" that helped the students with the Bible lesson for the day. We "Depended on God" with
Noah, "Dared to Care" with the servant girl who helped get Naaman some help for healing, "Claimed the Name" of Jesus with
John the Baptist, and "Chose to Follow" with the disciples. The decorations were fabulous, the music was great, the Bible
stories were meaningful, the games were fun, and the food was delicious! Registration went smoothly each evening which
made things work well for us.

I am not listing names of our volunteers because I am afraid I might leave someone out! We had many volunteer, youth and
adults, before, during and after our Vacation Bible School. I just want to say our church family is AWESOME in loving
the Lord and caring for his children....especially since most of the volunteers did not have a child in our VBS...they just love
kiddos and wanted to help!

So THANK YOU to all who donated their time and resources to help make this one of the most fun VBS's ever! Our job is
NOT finished. Please pray for the children that they will take the lessons they learned and grow in their faith as well as share
it with others!

Blessings and DARE TO DIVE DEEP in your relationship with God! Meredith

    Thanks to the many volunteers
    VBS was a great success!

June has been a month of many blessings. Double blessings for the Fieldcamps! Rhett and Lilah arrived happy and healthy.
We give the Lord glory and praise for two miracles on the same day! We ask, Lord, that you shelter Pastor Steve and his
entire family. Cover their homes and bless their time together. Minister to Pam's heart, knowing that leaving her daughter
and those two precious babies might be challenging. Fill her with joy and love. Comfort her with your assurance that you hold
this family in the palm of your hand. In Christ's name, Amen

                          The United Methodist Women continue to meet every first Thursday of the month at
                          6:00pm. It is always potluck and the Lord seems to see we have a complete meal. The
                          UMW ladies have prepared10 school kits. We have received cash donations of $55.00
                          for supplies, which will make 5 more kits. We received 2 more kits from our church
                          family. If you are making a kit, you have until the 10th of July, as I will be leaving for
Mt. Wesley with the kits on Thursday, July 12th. Thank you for your support.

We are trying to schedule a one day study on Food and the Bible. If you are interested please contact me.

Mary Ruth Circle & Fidelis Circle are not meeting until September. Prayerfully consider if you have the time
for one meeting quarterly to work on a Mission Project. That is what UMW can do for you. You can pick your
own time to get together and have fun helping others. You will be blessed! Patsy Sorrell
                    “Your Labor is not in vain in the Lord” 1 Corinthians 15:58

                        We will not have Youth during the month of July. Attendance has drastically dropped and
                     it's time for a break for me as well. I will continue to allow the Youth Band to practice, but
                     only after hearing a short message about the Lord (ha-ha).
                            We go to camp July 8th-13th, and all your prayers are greatly appreciated. No meals
                      will need to be provided for the month of July either. So your pocketbooks will get a break.
                                                                                           Jerry Wallace

The work day that was scheduled on Saturday, June 23rd, had a total of 22 persons, completing work at the church
parsonage, sanctuary, fellowship hall, family life center, education building and the grounds around the main campus. The
trustees would like to say a BIG “THANK YOU” to these people who used a lot of elbow grease and did a lot of sweating in
the heat: George Wright, Bill Thetford, Adam & Diana Goodman, Ed & Susan Booker, Johnnie & Nancy Snow, Larry & Sarah
Harrison, Lewis, Meredith, Jake & Rebecca Nowlin, Jerry & Janis Kirby, Pastor Steve, Barbara Smith, Betty Byars, Gary
McCoy, and David & Marc’ Dobbins. Work consisted of cleaning, straightening, wiping back of pews with furniture polish,
vacuuming, removing carpet stains, cleaning ovens, cleaning out gutters, trimming trees/bushes, reworking rock pond, and
probably something I forgot. Everything on the work day list was not completed, but stay tuned for a possible workday later
in the fall to complete the items on the list and others that could be added. The trustees are currently revising the Building
Use Policy and Fees, establishing a Funeral & Memorial Service Guide and a Wedding Policy & Procedures of First United
Methodist Church.
David Dobbins

                                                              July 2012
        Sunday                 Monday              Tuesday       Wednesday             Thursday          Friday            Saturday
1                           2                 3              4                    5                 6                 7
9:45 AM Children's Choir    5:30 PM Worship   4:00 PM Grief  8:00 PM Men's        6:00 PM UMW       6:30 PM           8:00 AM
10:55 AM Sunday Worship     Committee         Class          Bible Study                            Daughters of      Daughers of
6:00 PM Sunday Fellowship   6:00 PM Prayer    6:30 PM Emmaus                                        Grace Women's     Grace Women's
                            Group             Gathering                                             Conference        Conference

8                           9                 10                11                12                13                14
UMYF to Camp at Buda        UMYF to Camp at   UMYF to Camp at   UMYF to Camp at   UMYF to Camp at   UMYF to Camp at
9:45 AM Children's Choir    Buda              Buda              Buda              Buda              Buda
10:55 AM Sunday Worship     6:00 PM Prayer                      8:00 PM Men's
6:00 PM Sunday Fellowship   Group                               Bible Study

15                        16                  17                18                19                20                21
9:45 AM Children's Choir  6:00 PM Prayer      4:00 PM Grief     5:30 PM
10:55 AM Sunday Worship Group                 Class             Administative
6:00 PM Sunday Fellowship                                       Council
                                                                8:00 PM Men's
                                                                Bible Study

22                        23                  24                25                26                27                28
9:45 AM Children's Choir  6:00 PM Prayer                        8:00 PM Men's
10:55 AM Sunday Worship Group                                   Bible Study
6:00 PM Sunday Fellowship

29                        30                  31                1                 2                 3                 4
9:45 AM Children's Choir  6:00 PM Prayer                        8:00 PM Men's     6:00 PM UMW
10:55 AM Sunday Worship Group                                   Bible Study
6:00 PM Sunday Fellowship

                                       First United Methodist Church
                                                902 Main St.
                                             Junction, TX 76849

                                             Office Hours
                                        Monday-Thursday 8:30-4:30

                                               Sunday Services
                                           9:45 a.m. Sunday School
                                              11:00 a.m. Worship
                                        6:00 p.m. Fellowship Meeting
                                          (formerly Celebrate Recovery)

            902 Main St. CHURCH
           Junction, Texas 76849

Prepared with love for….


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