Georgia Debate Novice Rules by DYT02z


									                                     Georgia Debate Novice Rules

After a great deal of discourse during the 2003-04 school year among members of the GFCA, the
Executive Committee developed rules for novice debate in order to increase participation in debate in
the state. Due to the decline in the number of programs and the loss of coaches, it was determined
that by providing not only a limited number of arguments that novices could run but also a basic set of
evidence on those arguments, schools would find it easier to build new programs.

Novice debaters, or debaters in their first year/resolution of competition, are now limited to three
affirmative cases, three disadvantages, and topicality. The GFCA will provide a basic packet of
evidence on each of these arguments; schools may update this evidence but should be careful in
making major changes (see below). Schools may access this evidence by going to and clicking on “Fine Arts” in the sidebar; on the “Fine Arts” page,
then clicking on “Debate” to access the Carrollton High School debate page. The evidence link is on
the “Schedule” page.

While the evidence is available free of charge to all, coaches are encouraged to pay their $25.00
annual dues not only in the interest of becoming part of the organization but in the effort to help
finance this undertaking.

Coaches and debaters should observe the following guidelines when using the evidence and preparing
for tournaments:

a. Schools should not modify the actual 1AC plan texts, especially initially; however, they may
   update and reformat other parts of the evidence of their own.

b. Schools will need to update on their own; no updates will be sent out.

c. The topicality information is there only as a guide; schools may add topicality arguments.

d. Schools may develop as many negative on-case attacks as they choose.

e. Enforcement of these rules is up to each tournament director. The GFCA recommends that each
   director clarify this during the opening assembly of his/her tournament. For example, if a director
   chooses to make the penalty for a novice running another case or disadvantage or an argument
   such as a counterplan or a kritik a forfeit of that round, (s)he should make this clear during the
   opening assembly.

f.   The rules exist to insure that new debaters in both new and old programs are comfortable in the
     novice division. However, the GFCA has backed off the earlier mandate that any debater who has
     won two awards in a novice division be required to move to JV; although coaches are encouraged
     to remember that the novice division is to be geared toward new and less experienced debaters,
     the division in which they enter those debaters is up to the coach’s discretion.

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