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									 SRHAD Update
 Sexual and Reproductive Health Activity Dataset – replacing the KT31 statistical return

 January 2012 – Issue 6

Welcome to the sixth SRHAD update. We will send you regular updates at the end of each reporting quarter detailing any
issues that are of interest.

 All the staff at the NHS Information Centre would like to wish all our contacts a Happy Christmas and Best
 Wishes for the New Year.

  QUARTER 2 2011/12 UPDATE
 50 organisations submitted valid SRHAD extracts this quarter, an increase of 10% from quarter 1. Manual
 and automated validation checks were carried out on the data received to ensure it complied with validation
 rules detailed in the Behavioural Guidance.

 If your system is now set up for SRHAD please send your contact details to: by
 Monday 9th January 2012 and we will invite you to register with the NHS IC’s Data Depot (a secure file
 transfer mechanism) so you can start submitting returns. Please note that your data must come from a
 clinical IT system that supports the SRHAD and must not consist of manually comprised patient

                                                    The following list is of commonly occurring validation issues:
 We have now released Version 5 of
 the SRHAD guidance:                                Mandatory data fields left blank. The first 12 fields of SRHAD                 are mandatory. Please refer to Appendix 1 of the Behavioural
                                                    Guidance for a full list of valid codes.
 This is effective from Quarter 3
 onwards so please liaise with your                 Responsible PCT using codes Q99 and X98. These are no
 system suppliers to ensure your                    longer valid codes in the Responsible PCT fields. Please refer
 systems are compliant with the latest              to the Behavioural Guidance on how to code.
                                                    LSOA of Residence left blank where the PCT of Residence is
                                                    Q99 or X98.
                                                    If the PCT of Residence is coded Q99 the LSOA field should
 If you wish to submit test data for                be X99999999.
 feedback outside of the collection
 period, please email your details to               If the PCT of Residence is coded X98 the LSOA field should and we will                   be Z99999999 if patient is from Scotland, Wales, N. Ireland,
 make the necessary arrangements for                Isle of Man or Channel Islands or X99999998 if the patient is
 you to do this.                                    from outside the UK.
 This is a very useful way of helping to            Please be aware that your data cannot be accepted as
 ensure you are on track with your data             valid until it passes all validation checks.
 and allows us to provide relevant
 feedback on data quality

Contact Us: If you have any concerns or questions about SRHAD, please contact us at:
NHS Contraceptive Services, England: Consultation Review

If you are aware of any colleagues or contacts that may be able to contribute to this
consultation review, please forward this newsletter onto them.

If you are no longer a user or stakeholder in NHS Contraceptive Services, we would be
grateful if you could advise us of the new contact's email address so we can update our
contact details.


Dear colleague,

As you will be aware, the NHS Information Centre (IC) publishes the NHS Contraceptive Services:
England report annually. This publication presents information on NHS community contraceptive
services (family planning clinics and clinics run by voluntary organisations such as Brook Advisory
Centres). This has been collected since 1988/89 through the KT31 return, which includes services
provided by:

        Trusts in NHS clinics and as domiciliary visits
        Brook Advisory Centres

A new quarterly attendance level collection known as the Sexual and Reproductive Health Activity
Dataset (SRHAD) started in 2010/11 and is currently running alongside the KT31 return.

More information on SRHAD is available at and in the NHS
Contraceptive Services: England, 2010/11 report available at

The NHS IC has launched a public consultation on NHS Contraceptive Services with the following

        to engage with the users of the report to develop a more complete understanding of the use
         made of this data
        to ensure the report remains relevant and meaningful to the needs of users
        to understand how the SRHAD record level dataset can be used to provide meaningful
         information for decision making. These will be used to inform the content and design of the
         SRHAD based publication

This consultation will run for 12 weeks from Friday 30 December 2011 to Friday 23 March 2012.
Please ensure you submit any comments prior to the closing date so they can be considered.

Further details, along with the full consultation document are available at

If you would like to know more about the consultation or if you have any queries, please contact the
Lifestyles Statistics Section Head:

Paul Eastwood
Telephone: 0113 254 2509

Contact Us: If you have any concerns or questions about SRHAD, please contact us at:

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