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					Below are the dates that rent payments must
  be in the office to avoid late charges for
             calendar year 2012

             January 10th                               July 9th
       (Late charge applied on January 11)    (Late charge applied on July 10)

             February 9th                             August 9th
       (Late charge applied on February 10)    (Late charge applied on August 10)

             March 8th                              September 11th
       (Late charge applied on March 9)       (Late charge applied on September 12)

             April 10th                               October 9th
       (Late charge applied on April 11)         (Late charge applied on October 10)

             May 8th                                  November 9th
       (Late charge applied on May 9)         (Late charge applied on November 13)

             June 8th                                 December 10th
       (Late charge applied on June 11)        (Late charge applied on December 11)

Rent is due in full on the 1st of each month. A late charge of $15.00
will be assessed on any unpaid rent balance after the 5th business
day of the month. Business days exclude Saturday, Sunday,
Wednesday and Holidays the office is closed
From the desk of:

                          Louise W. Alexander

                    Tenant Accounts Manager

Rent Due Date: first day of each month.
Penalty for Late Payment: $15.00 imposed if the rent is not received on or before the
5th working day of the month. (Rent must be paid in full to avoid the late charge—late
charges are imposed if any amount is due for rent)
Payment Methods Accepted:
    Mail in check or money order
    Pay at one of the following banks with receipt of current statement (in advance
     upon receipt of statement through 5th day of month in which rent is due.)
     First Southern Bank (three locations in Murphysboro, C’dale and Grand Tower)
     First National Bank of Ava—Ava
     Elkville State Bank—Elkville
     Old National Bank—DeSoto
     Regions Bank—Murphysboro or Carbondale—Wall/Main
    Pay at Housing Authority office with cash, check or money order.
Please Note:
You are expected to pay the total due on your statement unless you have made previous
arrangements with me (Louise W. Alexander).
Rent due on the first is based on the income earned in the previous month therefore, if
your income decreases or stops within a month it will not affect the rent due that month.
 If you mail in your payment and it is received after the 5th business day of the month—
you will be assessed the late charge.
 You may receive a 5 day demand notice if you pay at the bank by the 5th day of the
month and we received the deposit from the bank after the 5th working day of the month,
however, you will not be responsible for late charges as long as you paid the total due on
the statement by the 5th of the month. DO NOT make payments at the bank between
the 6th and 20th of any given month.

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