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					Griffith International                                                                                                  Information Sheet 4

                                                               Moving In
Transport                                                                                  you would like to connect with, there are a few things to
If you are moving into new accommodation and there are                                     • Connection fees
two or three of you moving together, call a Taxi or                                        • Service & handset rental fees
Removals company (Refer to Yellow Pages Online                                             • Local, interstate & international call rates
Directory - Taxi Cabs or Taxi Tuck Services.                                               • Billing terms (e.g. monthly or quarterly, penalty fees                                                                       for late payments etc.)
                                                                                           Not all companies can provide local services, so you may
You can ask for a station wagon or maxi taxi to transport
                                                                                           have to be connected to Telstra first. Please contact your
your luggage. For courier vans or taxi trucks, refer to the
                                                                                           chosen provider for more information.
Yellow Pages - Taxi Truck Services.
                                                                                           Telecommunications Companies
Household contents insurance
                                                                                           Phone: 138 888
In Australia, most rented houses and flats are insured                                     Website:
against fire, flood and other damage. However, this                                        Optus
insurance does not cover your personal belongings or                                       Phone: 133 345 (for home phones)
household goods. To protect your belongings you are                                        Phone: 1300 301 937 (for mobile phones)
strongly advised to purchase household contents                                            Website:
insurance from a reputable insurance company.                                              Telstra
                                                                                           Phone: 132 200 (for home phones)
Connecting electricity & natural gas                                                       Phone: 125 111 (for mobile phones)
1. Apply for connection if electricity and gas are not                                     Website:
   already connected at your residence.
2. You can choose from a number of suppliers, including:                                   Mobile phone services
   Origin Energy Electrical Ltd                                                            Buying a mobile phone involves buying the phone, a
   Website:                                                        connection fee, a monthly access fee and charges for
   Phone: 132 463                                                                          time spent on calls. Check out prices and options at a
   Energy Australia                                                                        Customer Service Centre before deciding which is the
   Website:                                                              best mobile phone service for yourself.
   Phone: 137 250                                                                          Before purchasing a mobile phone, ask yourself:
Your account will start from the date you apply.                                           • Can I afford a minimum of $30 per month for the
Connection                                                                                    length of the contract (usually 12—24 months)?
• If the previous tenants have moved less than two                                         • How often will I be using it?
   weeks before, power/ gas will still be connected.                                       • Is it better to buy pre-paid cards?
• If not connected, a visual safety inspection will have to
  be carried out and you will need to be available for a 5                                 As a rule, the cheaper the monthly access fee, the higher
  hour period to allow the safety inspector access to the                                  the call rate per 30 seconds. The main mobile phone
  premises.                                                                                companies are Optus, Telstra & Vodafone. Be aware that
• Electricity and/ or gas bills are received every quarter                                 there is usually a penalty or payout fee if you break your
  (three months) after the initial invoice.                                                contract, so make sure that you read and understand the
                                                                                           legal implications of your contract before signing.
When vacating the premises
• Contact your provider or disconnect online via their
                                                                                           Phone & Internet Packages
  website and allowing 2 working days notice.
• Your security bond will be credited to your final                                        There are many inexpensive home phone, mobile phone
  account. Give four working days notice to arrange a                                      & internet packages available. Try some of these
  transfer or refund of the security deposit.                                              providers to get you started.
Getting a telephone connected                                                              •
There are a number of telecommunications companies                                         •
operating in Australia. Before choosing which company                                      •

                                               Student Advisory Service
                                                    Griffith International                                                                          1
                                  This document is accurate at time of printing 01/01/09
Griffith International                                                                                                 Information Sheet 4

•                                                                       New Furniture/ Appliances
                                                                                         If you require new furniture and appliances, K-Mart, A-
Calling Home Online                                                                      Mart, Big W and Target stores are found in most of the
Overseas telephone calls can be very expensive, but                                      larger shopping centres. These stores are reasonably
there are now many free ways of chatting with or                                         priced. Locations can be found in the Yellow Pages
speaking to your friends and family online, such as                                      Online Directory under Furniture—Retail:
MSN messenger and SKYPE So,                                     
check them out as they really can save you loads of                                      Used Furniture
money on phone calls.
                                                                                         Private Sales (often cheaper/ can bargain)
                                                                                         • Listed in the Weekend Newspapers: Courier Mail and
Grocery shopping is generally cheaper at the larger                                         Gold Coast Bulletin
supermarket chains such as Woolworths & Coles.                                           • Trading Post newspaper Thursdays & online at:
There are also specialised grocery shops providing                                
Asian ingredients and Halal foods throughout South-
east Queensland.                                                                         Second Hand Shops
   You can also visit the Australian Halal Food                                          • Check the Yellow Pages Online Directory under
Directory online, for a comprehensive listing of                                           Secondhand Dealers for the nearest one to you.
Australian Food Businesses that supply Halal Food                                
products.                                                      • Pawn shops (e.g. Cash Converters) for TVs, VCRs,
                                                                                           stereos, computers and kitchen appliances. (Ask
Clothes/General shopping
                                                                                           about their warranty and refund policies before
In general, prices in 'chain stores' (those with multiple                                  purchase.)
outlets) are cheaper than in individual shops. The most
expensive Department Stores are David Jones and                                           Consumer Protection
Myer, although when shopping at the 'end of season'
                                                                                          Electrical appliances and many other household items
sales, you may find unexpected bargains.
                                                                                          have warranties that they will work properly when under
Budget shopping:                                                                          normal usage for a certain period of time. For some war-
Clothing          Groceries               Household                                       ranties it is necessary to register your purchase with the
K Mart            Bi-Lo                   K Mart                                          manufacturer within a certain number of days after pur-
Target            Woolworths              Target                                          chase. For returning most goods under warranty, it may
Best & Less       Coles                   Big W                                           only be necessary to keep the sales docket/ receipt.
Trade Secret      Aldi                                                                    Check your warranty details.
Second Hand Clothing
                                                                                          If you are refused a refund for a purchase which is faulty,
St Vincent de Paul, Lifeline Stores another charity                                       you can contact the Office of Fair Trading:
stores are located across South-East Queensland. You                                      Phone: 13 13 04
will not be able to change or get refunds on used, sale                                   Email:
or second hand goods, so examine items carefully
before purchase.
Furniture                                                                                Renting Furniture

As it can be difficult to find rental accommodation that                                 Renting furniture and household appliances can be an
is fully furnished, you may need to furnish or partially                                 alternative to buying. Check Yellow Pages Online
furnish your home. The options you have are:                                             Directory under - Hire - Household Appliances &
• buying new                                                                             Furniture.
• buying used/ second hand                                                               Rental prices are determined by number of items and
• renting the furniture & appliances you need                                            length of hire (ask about student rates).
As unfurnished accommodation usually does not                                            Advantages:
include a refrigerator and washing machine, it is up to                                  • No huge initial outlay of money
you to prioritise the items of furniture you need to be                                  • If an appliance breaks down, it is normally repaired or
comfortable. If you are sharing accommodation -                                              replaced by the company
consider who will pay?                                                                   Disadvantages:
                                                                                         • Continuing cost and can be very expensive

                                             Student Advisory Service
                                                  Griffith International                                                                           2
                                This document is accurate at time of printing 01/01/09
    Griffith International                                                                 Information Sheet 4

Many international students choose to rent rooms, apartment or houses in suburban areas convenient to their campus.
This offers a unique opportunity for international students to live in the Australian community and mix with local resi-
dents, some of which may have lived in the area for twenty years or more. Of course, lifestyles and customs can vary
considerably from country to country so it is important for students moving into suburban areas to be aware of the
things that they should do to get on well with their neighbours.

•    Avoid parking your car on footpaths and walkways. (This is illegal so you may have to pay a fine to the police or
the City Council if you do so)
• Be sure to park your car in the direction of the traffic flow. If you park facing the wrong way or on the wrong side of
the road you may have to pay a fine.

Rubbish Bins
•     Remove your rubbish & recycling wheelie bins from the front footpath after the rubbish has been collected on the
same day as collection.
• Don’t allow your rubbish to overflow onto the footpath. Open bins and rubbish on the footpath can attract dogs and
• Shopping trolleys are for use in the shopping centres and carparks. They should always be returned to the trolley
bays after use and not left on the street or footpath.

In Australia hanging washing over balcony railings is considered untidy and unsightly. Hang your washing where it can’t
be seen from the street.

Australians appreciate quiet especially after 10:00 pm. Keep your music, conversation and TV at a level where it can’t
be heard by neighbours. Police can enforce reasonable noise levels 24 hours/day.

Public Transport
•    It is considered polite to offer your seat on public transport to elderly people, disabled people and expectant moth-
ers. It is also a requirement of your students ticket to do this.
• To save time, have your student pass and your fare (money) ready when you board public transport.

•   Keep the premises neat and tidy.
•   Ensure that you keep within the law- no more than five unrelated adults living in shared house.
(Registered boarding houses can have more residents but there are very few premises of this kind).

All of these things show consideration and respect for your neighbours. If you keep them in mind, you will enjoy the
benefit of a friendly neighbourhood with residents who will be ready to help and advise you throughout your stay.

                                               Student Advisory Service
                                                    Griffith International                                              3
                                  This document is accurate at time of printing 01/01/09

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