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If you are interested in applying for this position_ please


									If you are interested in applying for this position, please complete the newest PD100
and respond to any exam questions listed in the announcement. Submit your
application materials to Human Resources no later than midnight of the close date.

Transportation Maintenance Specialist 2
(Heavy Equipment Operator)
$2,258 - $3,272 Monthly


      This is a permanent, full-time position with the Oregon Department of Forestry located in

      This recruitment will be used to establish a list of qualified candidates for the current
       vacancy and may be used to fill additional vacancies as they occur.

      Specific questions regarding this position should be referred to Frank Lertora,
       Engineering Unit Forester, in Astoria at (503) 325-5451.


Your PD100 application form will be reviewed to verify that you meet the qualifications stated in
this section. To receive credit, your application must clearly show that you have:

      Two years of experience operating construction and maintenance machinery to include
       one or more of the following types: front-end loader, road grader, bulldozer, backhoe,
       tracked excavator, tractor/low-boy, and 5- or 10- yard dump truck; OR an equivalent
       combination of training and experience.

      A valid Class A Commercial Driver’s License with an acceptable driving record. You
       must submit a court print copy of your driving record dated within the last six
       months. Be sure to request a “court print” of your driving record from the
       Department of Motor Vehicles. Failure to submit this and other required
       documentation will result in the rejection of your application.

Preference may be given to applicants with experience operating a road grader or tracked
excavator. Be sure to indicate this experience on the attached Skill Code Sheet.

To Qualify section continued on next page.

Open: October 13, 2006                        Announcement Number: LEFR6052
Close: November 3, 2006                       Classification Number: C4152
Internet: D711

                        A DIVERSE WORK FORCE.
To Qualify section continued.

Preference may also be given to applicants with experience maintaining forest roads. Be sure
to indicate this type of experience in the work history section of your PD-100.

NOTE: This position includes duties that require the possession of a Class A Commercial
Driver’s License. Pursuant to the Omnibus Transportation Employee Testing Act of 1991 and
regulations established by the Federal Highway Administration, you will be required to pass a
controlled substance test as a condition of employment. If you successfully pass this test and
are hired, you will also be subject to random, reasonable suspicion, post-accident, return-to-
duty, and follow-up alcohol/controlled substance testing.

H.I.R.E.: H.I.R.E. system participants are encouraged to apply. You must follow the
instructions in the HOW TO APPLY section of this announcement.


There is no test for this job. If you meet the “To Qualify” requirements on this announcement,
your name will be placed on the list with a code of QLF (qualified). However, you must
complete the attached SKILL CODE SHEET and submit it with your PD100 and driving
record. Include ALL appropriate skill codes that pertain to your skills and licenses. Failure to
submit this information will eliminate your application from further consideration.


The primary purpose of this position is to perform road inspections, operate heavy equipment
and maintain forest road systems as a member of a two-person road maintenance crew. Major
duties include:

Equipment Operation
 Operate heavy equipment including a motor grader, bulldozer, excavator, front-end loader,
   dump truck, pup (dump) trailer, tilt-bed trailer, water tank, mechanical brush cutter and/or
   vibratory roller to perform a variety of road maintenance projects. Projects may include
   application of road rock, grading and processing surfacing rock, culvert installation and
   maintenance, earthwork excavation, roadside brushing, slide and debris removal, and
   vacating roads.
 Operate dump truck / tilt-bed trailer or transport vehicles for moving heavy equipment.
 Operate hand tools such as chainsaws, axes, shovels and compactors.
 Operate a four-wheel drive heavy-duty service truck to transport supplies, equipment, fuel
   and tools to work sites.

Equipment Maintenance and Repair
 Perform routine maintenance on heavy equipment such as inspections, lubrication, oil and
   fluid changes, and equipment cleaning.
 Perform minor repairs on heavy equipment such as replacing hydraulic hoses, belts, filters
   and other parts.
 Assist Heavy Equipment Mechanics in major equipment repairs.
 Assist in scheduling routine maintenance and repair of heavy equipment.
   Perform maintenance and repair of hand tools and other equipment.

 Keep logs and records for road maintenance work accomplishments.
 Attend safety meetings, staff meetings and training sessions as assigned.
 Operate engines, water tenders and pumps on wildfires and slash burns.
 Operate heavy equipment for constructing fire trails or mopping up slash burns and wildfires.

The Department's highest priority work is responding to forest fire emergencies; therefore, this
position may be utilized during those emergencies to provide assistance in a variety of ways.
This assistance may be in direct support of the emergency effort in the field or provide backup
support to fill in for another position that is being used in direct aid to the emergency. Or it may
be in performing an essential function in some other capacity, either within this program or


Drives and operates equipment in all type of weather, on steep, narrow, hazardous forest roads
under dusty, wet, muddy, snowy or icy conditions. Occasionally works long hours on weekends
during slash burning, fire suppression and project work activities. Works around heavy
construction equipment. Required to wear boots and all necessary safety equipment.


COMPLETE a State of Oregon Employment application (form PD100), the Geographic Location
Supplement and any other documents requested in the announcement. Copies of applications,
supplements and job announcements can be obtained from:

    1. The State of Oregon Job Page at:
    2. Local Oregon Employment Department field offices, or
    3. Most state agency human resource offices, including the Department of Forestry,
       Human Resource Office, Building C, 2600 State St., Salem OR 97310.

If you have a disability and need an alternative format in order to complete the employment
process, you may call (503) 945-7290 or TTY (503) 945-7213 or (800) 437-4490 for the hearing
impaired. Please be prepared to leave a message describing the alternate format needed.

SEND completed application materials to Department of Forestry, Human Resource Office,
Building C, 2600 State Street, Salem, OR 97310. You may FAX, if necessary, to (503) 945-
7404. They must be received by midnight of the close date and must be complete and legible.

You may E-MAIL your application materials to us at By electronically
submitting your application, you agree to the conditions stated in the certification and signature
section of the application, which is enforceable as if you had signed. You will receive automated
confirmation of receipt only if you submit via e-mail.

AFTER your application materials have been reviewed, you will be sent a notice by mail
advising: a) if your application was accepted or b) if your application was not accepted. If you
don't agree with the results, you may request a review. Review requests must be submitted in
writing and must be received within 10 days from the date of the notice. Additional information
cannot be accepted. However, if your application was not accepted and if the recruitment is still
open, you may submit a new application as long as it is received in our office by the close date.

SUBMIT only the required materials. Reference letters or work examples should be kept for
interviews. In addition, any application materials previously submitted for other positions
(transcripts, driving records, responses to test questions, etc.) will not be matched to this
application by the Oregon Department of Forestry. It is the applicant’s responsibility to submit
all required documents every time.

KEEP a copy of all application materials for job interviews. COPIES ARE NOT PROVIDED.

PLEASE NOTE: The Oregon Department of Forestry does not offer visa sponsorships. Within
three days of hire, all applicants will be required to complete U.S. Department of Justice form I-
9, confirming authorization to work in the United States.

The pay on all announcements may change without notice.

CURRENT JOB OPENINGS are available online at or

(Skills Data Sheet on the next page)

Skill codes may be required to provide additional assistance to the agency filling positions.
Check each of the skill areas listed below in which you meet one of the following criteria:

   a. You have completed formal training in this area; OR
   b. You have operated this equipment as a main function of your job for a period of three or
      more months.

You must indicate the job # (or #s) on your State of Oregon Employment Application in
which you gained the experience or training. Be very specific in each job description to
show each of the duties you performed and clearly describe how you operated each piece of
equipment, or your application will not be coded for that skill. If you fail to complete this form, no
skills will be added to your record. This may eliminate your chance for an interview.

JOB #                  DUTY PERFORMED
_____           (TLB) Operating tractor / low-boy
_____           (ODT) Operating dump truck (5 - & 10-yard)
_____           (ODZ) Operating bulldozer
_____           (OGR) Operating road grader
_____           (OBH) Operating backhoe
_____           (OFL) Operating front-end loader
_____           (EXC) Operating excavator

In addition to the work experiences listed above, check the Oregon Commercial Driver’s
License(s) shown below which you currently have in your possession. If you have special
endorsement(s) to your commercial driver’s license, list the endorsement(s) on this page. Your
application will be skill coded with the information you provide. If you do not currently have one
of the licenses shown, but obtain it at a later date, you must update your application record by
submitting an updated copy of this form.

_____ (DLA) Oregon Class A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)
_____ (DLB) Oregon Class B Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)
_____ (DLC) Oregon Class C Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)

Endorsements: _________________________________________________________

Name (Please Print)                                    Social Security Number

SIGNATURE                                              Date

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