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                                        Cheriton Parish Council

June 1, 2010

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 1 June 2010 at 7.37 p.m. in the Committee
Room at the Village Hall.
6.1   APOLOGIES. Cllr R. Corbett (Joint Vice Chairman) were received.
6.2   DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST. Cllr G. Ellis, Chairman has declared a financial
      contribution to the fund for Freeman’s Yard first planning application, approximately six years
      ago, but took no active participation in activities, which the fund financed.
      08/00359/BCOND – Land adjacent to Lamborough Lane - Non-compliance of landscaping
      condition. Awaiting notice of closure from WCC.
      09/02590/FUL – Freeman’s Yard, School Lane – Demolition of existing buildings and
      redevelopment to provide six 2 bedroom dwellings, one 3 bedroom, eleven 4 bedroom
      including 3 work at home dwellings, two 5 bedroom dwellings including 1 work at home
      dwelling, extension to school playground, public open space, associated landscaping, parking
      and access – CPC has requested that this application be considered by the Planning Committee,
      a list of comments included that the mix of Social Housing should be changed, no street
      lighting, the loss of offices/live-work units, the lack of adequate parking and the lack of smaller
      dwellings. The comments sheets given at the Open Evening were attached to the returned
      reply. A full list is kept on file. Amended plans for Freeman’s Yard, state that the Social
      Housing will comprise of 1 x four bedroomed, 1 x 3 bedroomed and 3 x 2 bedroomed
      accommodation making five in total. CPC agreed that this was a great improvement.
      The Case Officer has advised that this will go before Committee on Thursday 17 June 2010.
      The Chairman explained he could not attend this meeting and it was agreed to ask Cllr R.
      Corbett if he would address this meeting in the Chairman’s absence.
      10/00749/FUL & 10/01007/LIS – The Old Rectory, Cheriton – Extension of the time limit for
      implementing planning permission 07/00626/LIS & 07/00588/FUL – CPC agreed to the time
      extension on this and no objections were raised – Awaiting WCC’s decision.
      01/01078/TPC – 1, Rectory Cottages, Cheriton – Fell 3 Fir Trees – Notification only.
      PUBLIC SESSION. Mr G. Livingstone stated that Dark Lane was a muddy state when it rains
      and asked that something be done. CPC explained that it was always muddy when it rains and
      did not see an immediate solution to the problem. Mr G. Livingstone also asked why the bus
      stop on the west side of New Cheriton crossroads was not moved to a new location. It was
      explained that in July 2009 last year, this matter was decided and that its present position was
      best position available.
      Cty Cllr Mrs F. Hindson explained that HCC were awaiting cuts from central government and
      savings were being scrutinised for next years’ budget. The South Downs National Park
      (SDNP) would have four sub-committees. WCC would still decide planning applications. The
      SDNP would be fully operational from April 2011.
6.4   APPROVAL OF MINUTES – 04.05.10. These were agreed and signed by the Chairman.
6.5   MATTERS REVIEWED – 04.05.10
      E. Mail’s have been sent to: -
      Mr N. Broadbent @ HCC’s Highways re Recreation Ground drain and gully.
      Peter Hildrew, Chairman of Swanmore PC to explain The Lengthsman role at the next
      meeting: Mr P. Hildrew is to attend.

       Mr N. Chapman, Clerk to Soberton PC to state that CPC wishes to continue with the SLR.
       Cllr P. Culpin with HALC’s Training Calendar.
       Came & Co to confirm telephone conversation of no character reference for RFO.
       The vacancy for Cllr R. Farrer following his resignation has been advertised and notification
       sent to Electoral Services: No applications were received.
6.6    CO-OPTION OF A COUNCILLOR. Mrs F. Barbara Large was welcomed onto CPC and
       signed the Declaration of Office for acceptance of becoming a councillor.
6.7    MR P. HILDREW – CHAIRMAN, SWANMORE PC. Peter Hildrew addressed comments on
       the Parish Lengthsman including Health & Safety stating that Swanmore PC are responsible
       for all ten parishes taking part in this pilot. All the listed tasks on the agreement had been risk
       assessed by HCC. No applications had been received for the post of Parish Lengthsman. It was
       anticipated that two weeks’ notice was required for jobs that CPC would give to the
       Lengthsman. Mrs R. Greenwood, Clerk to Bramdean & Hinton Ampner PC was informed that
       CPC would be taking part in this pilot. Peter Hildrew was thanked for making time to update
       CPC on this matter.
6.8    PARISH LENGTHSMAN. Further to the above, CPC agreed to take part in this pilot. It was
       agreed to seek the finalised agreements from Swanmore PC for CPC’s signature and
       acceptance to the pilot scheme.
6.9    COUNCILLOR VACANCIES. An application had been received.
6.10   MARSH CORNER GARDEN, NEW CHERITON. Cllr P. Culpin updated CPC that a ton of
       topsoil had been added to the garden and asked that a thank you letter be sent to Mr N. Sellers
       for mowing the garden and levelling the top soil: this was agreed by CPC. It was noted that in
       the next financial year, CPC would have to maintain this garden, as book sales of Cheriton
       Now and Then, which is very kindly donated by Cllr P. Culpin for the upkeep of the garden,
       would not cover the maintenance costs.
6.11   PLAY AREA INSPECTION REPORT. Cllr D. Smith stated he had completed all the issues
       outstanding, however, had noticed that one of the picnic tables needed some repair and he
       would complete this shortly. In general Cllr D. Smith thought the Play Area appeared well
       maintained. Cllr D. Smith was thanked for his work.
6.12   HEARING LOOP. Cllr D. Smith has sourced two quotations for this work and is awaiting a
       third quote, however, he had received no news from the Village Hall Committee as to the
       financial donation that was expected. It was agreed to ask the Village Hall Committee for
       clarification on this issue.
       The Hampshire Chronicle thanked the Clerk for informing villagers to be a part of the village
       photograph for the feature on Cheriton, which was published on Thursday 13 May 2010.
       The Glade Music Festival to be held at the Matterley Bowl has been cancelled.
       The minutes of the recent Parish Lengthsman pilot have been circulated.
       The landowners of The Goodens field have been notified of a wobbly fence.
       Further to a complaint with regard to potholes in the Freeman’s yard access lane; these have
       been passed to Cllr P. Culpin who has forwarded this to the developers of Freeman’s Yard for
       their attention.
6.14   FINANCE
       J. Kettle – Clerk’s pay – May                                             £279.95
       J. Kettle’s expenses                                                        £18.99
       Total                                                                     £298.94
       Mr P. Bridges                                                             £260.00
       Village Hall Rental                                                        £50.00
       TOTAL                                                                    £608.94

       Recreation Ground Committee (Insurance)                               £955.55
       Village Hall Committee (Insurance)                                    £769.00
       TOTAL                                                               £1724.55
       BALANCE AT PRESENT - £10,655.97
       1.    Mr P. Raworth has completed the audit our accounts for the accounts ending 31 March
             2010 and these have been sent to the Audit Commission. Notices have been displayed
             from 28 May 2010 in accordance with the Audit Commission instructions. A thank you
             letter is to be sent to Mr P. Raworth for all his work on the accounts.
       2.    Two letters have been sent to request have been sent to the Village Hall and Recreation
             Ground Committees for their percentage payment of the insurance and the amounts
             quoted have been received.
       3.    The Open Space Fund, which CPC has used on many occasions for the Play Area, the
             system is as follows: -
                    1. The Open Space Officer must view the intended improvement.
                    2. On the approval from the above the officer, a grant form will be issued.
                    3. On receipt of the grant form, WCC will check to see if there is enough Open
                         Space funding available and if not, ask how the council will address this issue.
                    4. When approved by WCC and/or the council, the grant will only be released
                         when the invoices have been submitted to WCC for verification. Reassurance
                         has been received that on receipt of invoices, WCC will pay the grant into our
                         account in no more than ten days from receipt of the invoices.
       4.    Cllr’s D. Smith and B. Large are to attend “Core Skills for New Councillors” training
             course on Wednesday 23 June 2010, 6p.m to 9 p.m. @ the Target Room, Alton Maltings
             Centre, Maltings Close, Alton. £25 per delegate. Cllr D. Smith is paying for this course
             due to missing a course at an earlier date.
             Cllr P. Culpin is to attend a “Planning” course Monday 12 July 2010, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.@
             Abacus House, 7 Summerlea, Court, Herriard Business Park, Herriard, Hampshire. Cost
             not known at present.
       5.    It was noted that further to the question raised with our insurers as to a character
             reference for the RFO (Responsible Finance Officer and/or Clerk), a reference should be
             kept on file to ensure that should a claim for a financial loss be made, this reference
             would substantiate the claim for payment.
       6.    The post and chains around the Village Green are to be discussed in the Spring of 2011
       7.    It was agreed that due to an error in the purchase of a gift as a retirement present from the
             precept that councillors would pay CPC £9 each to cover this deficit.
       a) VILLAGE HALL. Nothing to add to earlier reports.
       b) PLAY AREA/RECREATION. Nothing to report.
6.16   ITEMS FOR THE NEXT AGENDA. Parish Lengthsman. Councillor Vacancies. Hearing
6.17   The next meeting will be on Tuesday 6 July 2010 at 7.30 p.m. in the Pavilion at the Recreation
       Ground, the meeting closed at 9.10 p.m.

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