Chieftain Volunteers Making a Difference

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					Chieftain Volunteers Making a Difference                         IN OFFICES
                                                                    Making copies
Some examples of how you might consider volunteering                New student orientation
your time and talents. Select things that would interest            New student parent’s orientation
you.                                                                Office work (sorting, etc.)
                                                                    Secretary help
   After school clubs                                            SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT
   Band boosters                                                    School Improvement Team parents
   Before/after school supervision in halls
   Big brothers/sisters                                          OTHER
   Extracurricular activities
   Fine arts boosters                                            So how can we count on utilizing your talents for
   Math tutors                                                   our kids?
   Reading mentors
   Specialty mentors                                             Which building?               Union High School
   Traffic control                                                                             Dowagiac Middle School
   Tutoring (am/pm)                                                                            Justus Gage Elementary
                                                                                               Kincheloe Elementary
IN CLASSROOMS                                                                                  Patrick Hamilton Elementary
    Band class help                                                                            Sister Lakes Elementary
    Business speakers (how is math used in the real world)
    Companion readers (A.R.)                                     Times you are available:             Full day
    Content area presentations (i.e. class talk about spiders)                                        Before school
    Enrichment                                                                                        Morning only
    Help in gym                                                                                       Afternoon only
    In class for subject specific held                                                                After school
    Life talk speakers                                                                      Other:
    Motivational speakers
    Planner checker                                              Days of the week you are available:
    Project help (encore)                                           Mon        Tues     Weds         Thurs      Fri
    Reading to kids (tests)
    Science lab assistants
                                                                 Do you currently have children attending Dowagiac
IN BUILDINGS                                                     Schools?           Yes     No
    Book talks
    Cafeteria supervision
    Career day                                                   NAME:
    Hall pass time
    Hallway supervision during first 4 weeks of school           PHONE:
    Hero facilitator (hall monitors)
    ISS                                                          EMAIL:
    Library help
    Lunch clubs                                                  DATE:
    Lunch detention
    Lunch homework supervisions                                  Please complete the form, save it and email it back to
    Orientation supervision help                        or print it out & fax it to
    Study hall                                                   269.782.3152.
    Tap into 1 hour early parents
    Teacher appreciation                                         Thank you for your support!

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