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Amber Smith (born March 2, 1971) is an American actress and former model.
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Early life
Smith is the daughter of professional American football player Russ Smith and
Carol Smith.[1]
                                                                                        Smith at the Big Apple Summer Sizzler in
                                                                                               Manhattan, June 13, 2009.
                                                                                     Born            March 2, 1971 (age 41)
                                                                                                     Tampa, Florida, United States
                                                                                     Height          5 ft 9 in (1.75 m)
Smith started modeling by age 16. As a teenager she traveled to Paris, France,
                                                                                     Hair color      Blonde
where she worked as a model throughout Europe for four years. Her
                                                                                     Eye color       Grey
breakthrough came when her naturally blonde hair was dyed red, giving her a
strong resemblance to 1940s and '50s movie star Rita Hayworth.[2] Smith              Measurements (US) 34-25-36
                                                                                                  (EU) 86.5-63-91
appeared in back-to-back issues of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, and
became Esquire magazine's first Vargas Girl of the 1990s. She also became the        Dress size      (US) 6
first model of the Wonderbra campaign. She later posed for photographer Helmut                       (EU) 36

Newton for a Wolford advertising campaign, and was the model for the 2002            Website
lingerie campaign for Venus Victoria, the European sister company to Victoria's
Smith has appeared on the covers of the fashion magazines and women's magazines Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan and Marie
Claire, among others, and was the cover girl for the March 1995 issue of Playboy. She has appeared in advertising for
L'Oréal makeup, Buffalo Jeans, Camel cigarettes, Kahlúa liqueur, Volkswagen automobiles, and Panama Jack, among others,
and has walked the runway for such fashion designers as Chanel and Jean Paul Gaultier.[4]

Smith was cast in her first film role in Paul Mazursky's Faithful, on a referral from Robert De Niro that stemmed from her
Casino auditions.[5] She also appeared in The Funeral, directed by Abel Ferrara, and Barbra Streisand's The Mirror Has Two
Faces. She played Susan Lefferts, a Rita Hayworth lookalike, in Curtis Hanson's L.A. Confidential. Smith's resemblance to
Hayworth came into play again with a role in HBO's cable telefilm The Rat Pack. She also had a role in American Beauty.
Her biggest role to date has been as the star of the Cinemax TV series Sin City Diaries, which debuted in 2007. She played
Angelica, a Las Vegas entertainment consultant who plans activities for casinos' high-roller guests. Overall, she has played
various roles in several 1990's feature films and television series. Since 2000, she has appeared primarily in films.
Reality television appearances
Smith appeared as a cast member during the second season of the VH1 television show Celebrity Rehab, which depicted her
16-year struggle with opiate and alcohol addiction.[6] She subsequently appeared in the 2009 series Sober House, a
Celebrity Rehab spin-off focusing on a sober living environment.[7] She subsequently appeared in the 2009 VH1 series Sex
Rehab with Dr. Drew. During these appearances, she recounted hers and her mother's histories with addiction and co-
dependency, which began when Smith was a teenager,[8] and how her experiences with date rape and prostitution played a
part in those addictions.
That same year, Smith and other alumni of Celebrity Rehab appeared as panel speakers to a new group of addicts at the
Pasadena Recovery Center. Her appearance, which marked a year and a half of sobriety for her, was aired in the third
season episode "Triggers". [6]

Personal life
In a January TV Guide story on Celebrity Rehab, Dr. Drew Pinsky stated she was living with her mother in Los Angeles, and
"doing stupendous work...She's someone who reaches out and is an inspiration and of service to other patients."[9]

Legal matters
Smith's name surfaced in connection with the January 2008 bankruptcy of the entertainment payroll firm Axium. A lawsuit
alleged the company's partners misused funds by renting a Los Angeles, California apartment for Smith, paying for her car
and issuing "numerous large payments" to Smith, which they explained by calling her a "consultant" to the company. [10][11]


   Year                      Film                     Role                                   Notes

             Faithful                        Debbie

1996         The Funeral                     Bridgette

             The Mirror Has Two Faces        Felicia on video

             Laws of Deception               Elise Talbot

             Lowball                         Paula

             Sleeping Together               Cathy

             Red Shoe Diaries 7: Burning
1997                                         Alia                   Segment: "Runway"

             Private Parts                   Julie

             L.A. Confidential               Susan Lefferts

             Def Jam's How to Be a Player    Amber

1998         Mars                            Sheila

1999         American Beauty                 Christy Kane

             Deception                       Vanessa Rio

                                                                    Alternative titles: In the Midnight Hour & Tell Me No
             The Midnight Hour               Alex
2000                                                                Lies

                                             Beautiful Canyon
             Dirk and Betty
                   Reasonable Doubt                      Charlie                   Alternative titles: Crime Scene & The Baptist

2001               Tomcats                               Gorgeous Redhead

                   How High                              Professor Garr

2002               New Suit                              Jennifer

2003               Dead End                              Lady in White


     Year                           Title                           Role                                       Notes

1992               Inferno                                                         Television movie

                   Red Shoe Diaries                      The Model                 2 episodes

                   Head Over Heels                       Rachel                    1 episode
                   Friends                               Maria the Gym Lady Episode: "The One with the Ballroom Dancing"

                   The Rat Pack                          Broad at casino           Television movie

1998               V.I.P.                                Davina                    Episode: "Beats Working at a Hot Dog Stand"

                   Pacific Blue                          Diane Verne               1 episode

1999               Silk Stalkings                        Virginia                  2 episodes

2007               Sin City Diaries                      Angelica                  13 episodes

2010               Lingerie                              Giovanna                  13 episodes

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