Ouitof Hours Certification by 65z3W0


									Out of Hours Certification (to be shown on each session to the Clinical Supervisor)

     GP Registrar:


     Training Practice Address:

     Practice attachment:                 First six months of General Practice
              (delete as appropriate)     Second six months of General Practice
     GMC Certificate number:                                   Checked by:                            date:
     Medical indemnity:                                        Checked by:                            date:
     Level of competency
                                     Competency                                        Trainer    Date level
                                                                                      signature   completed
     I have experience of General Practice consultations and dealing with
     patients safely in my Training practice. I have dealt with and feel
     comfortable dealing with common GP illness and disease and I am ready
     to gain experience in Out of Hours
     This is my first attendance at NEMS. I am not familiar with the structure
     and how it is run. I would benefit from sitting in with you and observing
     I have attended NEMS on a few occasions and I am familiar with its
     structure. I am ready to see patients by myself but I need a full debrief
     before the patient leaves the building
     I have completed a number of sessions at NEMS. I am used to consulting
     alone, I just need a quick debrief before the patient leaves the building just
     to make sure you are happy with my management
     I have little experience with telephone advice calls and would welcome
     some supervision in this with you present in the room
     I have attended many sessions. I have seen some difficult and challenging
     cases. I am happy to let patients leave the building without a debrief
     however we should have a debrief over a coffee break and I will tell you
     what I have seen. If there is anything I am unsure or unhappy about, I will
     bring it to your attention before the patient leaves the building
     I have little or no experience in OOH home visiting. I would like to visit
     patients with you and see how you manage patients
     I am happy to visit patients alone in OOH home visiting and let you sit in
     the car until I return. If there is a problem I can always give you a call or
     walk back to the car and ask your opinion, otherwise I just need a debrief
     after the consultation back in the car.
     I am happy to see patients and let them leave the building without debriefs
     and I am happy to do telephone advice calls alone. I have completed most
     of the OOH log book. I am getting towards the end of my GP Registrar
     training. I can visit patients alone in OOH home visiting unsupervised
     without you being in the car. If I am unsure or have problems, I will ring
     you back at NEMS. We will have a debrief about what I have seen over

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