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August 28, 2012
                            PREPERATION SUGGESTIONS

FOOD - Cans of fruit, vegetables, soups, evaporated milk. Watch for supermarket
sales and stock up.
Note: Canned foods last years longer than the date listed. Up to 10 years. Just be certain
that the cans you store do not have dents or creases.

Peanut butter is a great source of protein and stores almost forever.

For those that can afford it purchase from Food Storage companies.      Some of the
per-packaged food they sell lasts up to 25 years.

If you have pets, don't forget to store for them.

WATER - Containers of prepared water for drinking and cooking or cases of bottled
water. Or purchase 5 and 10 gallon water storage containers and store the water
according to the directions that come with them. These container can be purchased at
Walmart or camping supply stores.

You can also prepare your own stored water in clear plastic juice bottles. (Not the
opaque milk type)
      How to prepare home bottled water.
        1. Wash and rinse with very hot water. (Do not use soap)
        2. Put one drop of bleach in and fill bottle half with water.
        3. Put cap on and vigorously shake for a few seconds.
        4. Drain bleach mixture then add cold tap water.
                ( Do not rinse before adding water)
        5. Fill bottle to the top and secure cap tightly. Try to keep bubble out.

CASH - You will need money. ATM's and banks will be closed. Put a little away
every week. Be sure to have as much put away as you can. Some large bills OK, but
have a good amount of lower denominations.       Rolls of quarters would be very

       Gold and Silver? If the disaster is one of very long duration, eventually gold and
silver would be of value. But short term, cash is most versatile and useful.

      Barter Items? Yes, things people need that they have not saved for themselves
become very powerful trade currency. Alcohol, cigarettes, aspirin, matches and other

GASOLINE - Purchase a few extra gasoline storage container.         Store them in safe but
accessible location in your garage.

Stabilize Gasoline - Prepare with stabilizer for long term storage. If you have a
generator, always stabilize the fuel in it's tank. Also store several quarts of motor oil.

GENERATOR - Purchase and keep it in good running condition. Be sure everyone in
your house is comfortable with its operation.
• Protect and secure your generator
Conserve fuel
Don't flaunt it
Don't invite trouble
Note: A large generator is not required. You need one that will be able to keep your
refrigerator cold, and your furnace running. 3800 Watts is all you would need.
CORDS & LAMPS - Be sure to have several 50' or 100' heavy duty (#12 gauge wire)
extension cords, drop lights and spare lamps.
Compact fluorescent lamps are actually are very good for emergencies (not much else).
They are tougher and do not have filaments that tend to break easily.

 FLASH LIGHTS     - Have several flash lights, back up batteries replacement lamps.

 CANDLES & LANTERNS - Candles, small food heating sturnos, kerosine or some
other type of lantern. Lighters, flint/magnesium fire starters, lighter fluid.

 BLANKETS     - Tents, tarps, rope, rolled plastic, sleeping bags.

 MEDICINE      - Have extra prescription drugs, first aide kits, aspirin.
Most deaths, early on in a catastrophe will be to people dependent on drugs.
(Estimate of 100k deaths in America the first two weeks.)

COMMUNICATIONS - Hand held walkie-talkies. Possibly short-wave radios.
Cell phones and I-Pads may be un-usable, but have them in case.
Also be sure to have chargers handy.

AMATURE RADIO - This is a very important subject and a very import aspect of long
term survival. As a group, the Tea Party will need to communicate and organize.
Radio towers, cell phones and telephones will not do it.

TOOLS - Get a carry-all or canvas tool bag and put essential small tools in it. Have it
ready to go at all times. Screw drivers, razor knives, pliers, axes, hammers, hand saws ,
knives, metal file and sharpening stone. Keep them oiled and sharp.

 GO BAG - Have a GO BAG with essential items located in a quick and easily
accessible location where they can be loaded into your vehicle(s) if an emergency
evacuation becomes a reality. The bag should be made up of some the essentials from
this list.

Also, make habit of keeping you car(s) gas tanks full. Instead of waiting til it's empty,
top it off at half. It costs no more, but you will be ready for a long move, if needed, at
any time.
HAVE A SECURE HOME- No one wants to think about having to keep people or even
gangs out of your house. But the reality is, if you have STUFF and they don't, they will
do all they can to get yours.

FAMILY SECURITY - Make it clear to your children or anyone in your house, never to
discuss with friends or neighbors the preparations and storage you are doing. You will
need your provisions to feed your family. The neighbor next door could be the one
breaking into your house.

CHILDREN - In times of social breakdown, all forms of evil crawl from their dwellings.
Not just those that would steel and pillage, but perverts, molesters and rapists will take
this type of opportunity to prey on society. Set up secret code words that your child
will ask for from people you may send to pick them up. Set places for them to hide if
for some reason they can't get home or if something has happened to your home.

HIDE AND OBSCURE - Take steps to prevent anyone from finding and stealing (or
confiscating) your stuff. (Discuss PVC tube burials, mis-markings. Garden bed, wood
ship cover.)

SELF PROTECTION - You must arm yourself. The bad guys will be armed, if you are
not, you are finished. At least one handgun and one shotgun. Become comfortable
with their operation and practice shooting. You can’t have too much stored
ammunition. (see self-protection addenda)

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