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									                         CHAIRMANS REPORT 2011 AGM

The year has been an exciting and enjoyable one. Following the re-launch of the OSA last
November the committee have met several times and everyone has worked hard to ensure
we do our best to deliver on the promises we made at the re-launch.

The Committee were mindful that members wanted a mix of sporting and non sporting events
and at the March 2011 Reunion we organized a Quiz Night. For various reasons in the end
this had to be cancelled as did the OSA Men’s XI v Scarborough College 1st XI hockey

Undeterred the Committee continued planning the Summer Reunion and I am delighted to
say this was extremely well supported. What a pleasure it was to see so many attending the
Junior School Prize Giving and Speech Day. Both the OSA Cricket and Tennis went ahead
and we even had such a good turn out to make three rounder's teams!; everyone who
attended agreed what an enjoyable day it had been. The only downside being we again had
to cancel the BBQ and Quiz Night. We shall keep going with this idea as I am sure it will be
an enjoyable and successful event.

This weekend we have a fun packed weekend and I am confident all events will be well
supported. The OSA Ball will enable acquaintances and friendships to be renewed,
Anniversaries to be celebrated and of course we hope to have the first draw for the OSA 300
Club. There are still places left for those who haven’t yet joined.

I am sure you have noticed the new College website and I know our President extraordinaire
is working hard to get more information put on there as soon as time allows. Watch this

We are working on a 70’s Decade Dinner next March. Alistair Postle is putting a team
together to organize that. So, if you haven’t been contacted yet and were at the College
anytime during the 70’s please do contact him and book your places.

Finally, can I thank everyone on the Committee for their hard work and support over the past
year. It is wrong to single people out but I do feel Lucy Cammish deserves a mention as she
took on the job as Secretary with some trepidation, but she has done a marvelous job.
Thanks Lucy.

No report could end without mentioning the wonderful work Mrs. Zoe Harrison has done for us
all. She is retiring this year as President and we all owe her a tremendous debt of gratitude for
keeping the OSA going single handedly for so many years. We are not letting her go though,
as she will be our new Treasurer – we cannot manage without you Zoe!


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