requests approval of a Corporate Hanger Ground Lease by 85VHPRT


                          County Administration Building
                              102 East Front Street
                            Lillington, North Carolina

                                   Regular Meeting

                            May 7, 2012          9:00 a.m.

                                - Order of Business -

1. Call to order – Chairman Timothy B. McNeill

2. Pledge of Allegiance and Invocation – Commissioner Dan Andrews

3. Consider additions and deletions to the published agenda

4. Consent Agenda
      A. Minutes
      B. Budget Amendments
      C. Tax refunds, rebates and releases
      D. Resolution to add roads to state system
      E. Cooperative Extension 4-H requests permission to accept grant funding in the
         amount of $40,000 from the Harnett County Juvenile Crime Prevention Council.
         This funding will allow for the development of a 4-H Teen Court and At-Risk
         Youth Development Program. The grant requires a 10% match and will be met
         with in-kind contributions.
      F. Cooperative Extension requests permission to accept $1,920 from the Penn State
         University Better Kid Care Child Care Program for instruction of its educational
         units Obese Kids: They Are What They Eat and Fighting Children’s Obesity
         Through Active Play.
      G. Staff Attorney, on behalf of Harnett County Fire Marshal, requests approval of
         resolution adopting the Summerville-Bunnlevel Fire Protection Service District
         Insurance Boundaries.
      H. Staff Attorney requests approval of reimbursement agreements and performance
         agreement with Campbell University regarding grants for the Campbell
         University School of Medicine with the NC Department of Transportation and
         with Rural Economic Development Center.
      I. Harnett Regional Jetport Administrator requests approval of a Corporate Hanger
         Ground Lease. Improvements will be built and occupied by HRJ Leasing, LLC.
         The long-term lease improvements will include a corporate hanger and 12 bay T-
      J. Harnett Regional Jetport Administrator requests consideration for approval of the
         request by HRJ Leasing, LLC to waive all planning and inspections fees for the
         construction of one corporate hanger and one T-hanger at Harnett Regional

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       K. County Engineer requests approval of engineering amendment for Withers and
          Ravenel, Inc. in the amount of $11,400 for professional services for the
          preparation of as-builts for water and sewer and stormwater structures for the
          Brightwater Science and Technology Campus Phase 1 Infrastructure
       L. Harnett County Housing, operated by Sanford Housing Authority, requests
          approval by resolution of the HUD required changes to the Project Based
          Administrative Plan.
       M. Harnett County Housing, operated by Sanford Housing Authority, requests
          approval by resolution for all preferences to be dropped from the waitlist as they
          will be opening the waitlist soon. Staff believes changing the preferences will
          allow the agency to help a wider variety of clients in this area by time and date of
          application only.
       N. Emergency Services, on behalf of the Bunnlevel Volunteer Fire Department
          Board of Directors, requests approval to use available funds in the current budget
          in the amount of $39,500 to purchase a used 1991 Grumman 1500GPM/1000
          gallon pumper.
       O. Sheriff’s Office requests permission to submit a grant to the Office of Justice
          Program under the FY 2012 Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant
          Program. The grant is for $14,563 and will be used to purchase Mobile Computer
          CAD Software and Mapping Software for patrol deputies. This software will
          enable deputies to respond to calls and to complete other tasks more efficiently.
          There is no match required.
       P. Staff Attorney, for the Sheriff’s Office, requests approval of the Harnett County
          Detention Center Medical Plan. Harnett County contracts with Southern Health
          Partner to provide medical care to the Harnett County Detention Center. The
          Medical Plan is developed by Southern Health Partners. The plan meets or
          exceeds the requirements of the North Carolina Jail Standards.
       Q. Public Utilities request approval for write-offs for the first quarter of 2012 in the
          amount of $60,664.39.
       R. Tax Administrator requests approval of the Interlocal Cooperation Agreement for
          the Collection of Taxes Between Harnett County and the Town of Lillington to
          collect their property taxes beginning July 1, 2012 and will continue year to year
          unless terminated.

5. Period of up to 30 minutes for informal comments allowing 3 minutes for each

6. Appointments

7. Recognition of Ms. Tina Strickland’s Achievement of Becoming a Certified Local
   Government Finance Officer

8. N.C. Forest Service Annual Report, Buren Fulmer, Harnett County Ranger

9. NC DOT 2011-2012 Secondary Roads Improvement Program for Harnett County, Lee
   R. Hines, Jr. P.E.

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10. Presentation by the Agricultural Board regarding the Volunteer Agricultural District
    Ordinance, William Dan Andrews

11. Proposed Fiscal Policy Guidelines for Harnett County, Davenport & Company

12. Good Hope’s Budget Request for Inpatient Psychiatric Facility, Pat Cameron

13. County Manager’s report – Scott T. Sauer, County Manager
           Veterans Affairs Activities Report April 2012

14. Closed session

15. New Business

16. Adjourn

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