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					                               COURSE SYLLABUS

                    TRAINING FOR IRONWORKERS

Course Description:

This course is designed to provide the Iron Worker student with training in
miner’s rights and responsibilities, health effects of surface mining, respiratory
devices and self rescue, mine specific health and safety regulations,
transportation and communication systems, ground control plans, work
environment of a surface mine, electrical hazards, fires and appropriate action in
case of fire, mine hazards, hazards related to explosives, and first aid/CPR.

Course Objective:

The objective of this course is to enable a student to demonstrate appropriate
safety and health practices when working on a mine site.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

   Identify miner’s rights and responsibilities and the health effects of surface
   Use respiratory devices and perform self rescue, locate and explain specific
    health and safety regulations and identify transportation and communication
   Explain aspects of a ground control plan, describe the work environment of a
    surface mine, and identify electrical hazards.
   Prevent fires and take appropriate action in case of fire, recognize mine
    hazards, and recognize hazards related to explosives.
   Administer first aid/CPR.

Target Audience:

This course is open to apprentices and journeymen.

Length of Course:

This is a 24-hour course.

Location of the Course:

All course sessions will be held at the facilities used by the local union.
Instructor Information:

The instructor for this course will be an experienced Iron Worker who has
completed the MSHA course and, if possible, has experience working on mine
sites. The instructor should be able to perform the first aid/CPR skills and should
be trained as an instructor.

Course Materials:

   MSHA Training for Ironworkers Reference Manual (units of instruction).
   MSHA Training for Ironworkers Instructor Guide (for instructors only)
   Video – The Disease Silicosis
   Video – National Campaign to Eliminate Silicosis
   Video – Conveyor Safety
   Video – Ball Mill Safety
   Video – Power Line Hazard Awareness
   Video – Fire Extinguisher
   Video – Hazard Recognition and Avoidance in Surface Coal Mines
   Video – Oh! My Aching Back
   Video – Use of Explosives
   First aid/CPR materials from American Red Cross

A Word about Safety

The importance of safety will be addressed and reinforced in all hands-on
activities in the classroom, in the shop, and on the job site.

Course Assignments:

There are classroom assignments and students will complete these assignments
during course sessions as determined by the instructor. Students must also
complete all of the requirements for the first aid/CPR part of the course.

Course Grading Criteria:

To successfully complete this course, the student must complete all of the
classroom activities, demonstrate the required skills during first aid/CPR and
pass the knowledge test.

Course Attendance:

All course sessions are mandatory and while missed time can be made up,
missing a course session will affect your ability to successfully complete this
course. Speak with the instructor to arrange make-up time if necessary.
Course Schedule:

Note the following Course Schedule shows the course conducted over a 3-day
period. If your course sessions are NOT conducted over a 3 day period, you will
need to adjust the number of sessions accordingly.

Date         Topics/Activities

Session 1    Introductions
             Review of the course syllabus including the course objectives
             Statutory rights
             Health – Part 48 Surface Mine
             Health book
             Respiratory devices and self-rescue
             Health and safety aspects of assigned tasks
             Transportation controls and communication systems
             Ground control

Session 2    Introduction to the work environment
             Electrical hazards
             Escapeways, emergency evacuation, fire warning and fire fighting
             Hazard recognition and avoidance
             Test – MSHA Parts 46 and 48

Session 3    Surface mine tour or MSHA approved video
             First aid and CPR
             Course summary and evaluation

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