Sample Market Analysis Format by HC120916052846


									A market analysis format is a document which serves as a guiding reference to the ways of forming a
market analysis report. Such an analysis is conducted by a wide range of agencies with certain purposes.
However there are specific analytical approaches they adopt and tools that are used and these must be
specified in the market analysis format for it to be clear and effective.

Sample Market Analysis Format
Market analysis format commissioned by: ____________________________

Date of submission of market analysis: _________________________

First Paragraph: The first paragraph of a market analysis must take into account certain informational
matters like the company or organization commissioning the market analysis and the organization
compiling the report. These are necessary not only to provide the effects of a proper report, but also
because the nature of market analysis is dependent on who is conducting it and why. The purpose of the
market analysis must be specified as well as the benefits sought from such an exercise.

Second Paragraph: The second paragraph of a market analysis includes details about the kind of surveys
conducted, the spectrum of the market which is sought to be analyzed and the statistical methods being
used for a viable and valuable market analysis.

Third Paragraph: The third paragraph must form the conclusion and it must enlist the trends unearthed
and the facts discovered form the market analysis. The market analysis must be a through survey which
will put the section of the market under surveillance in perspective, relating it to connected markets and
through a process of comparison and relation, arriving at some interesting trends.

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