; Majors and Degrees Exploration Worksheet UB Undergraduate
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Majors and Degrees Exploration Worksheet UB Undergraduate


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									                                                 HUMANITIES                                                      SOCIAL SCIENCES
          Majors and Degrees                     African & African American Studies - BA                         Anthropology - BA
          Exploration Worksheet                  American Studies - BA
                                                 Asian Studies – BA
                                                                                                                 Business Administration - BS
                                                                                                                            Accounting Track - BS
                                                 Classics - BA                                                              Financial Analysis Concentration
 Look at the majors/concentrations                          Ancient Greek Language & Literatures Concentration              Human Resources Management Concentration
 below and cross out those you are                          Ancient History Concentration                                   International Business Concentration
                                                            Ancient Latin Language & Literatures Concentration              Management Information Systems Concentration
  certain you would NOT consider                            Classical Civilization Concentration                            Marketing Concentration
             pursuing.                                      Classical Languages and Literatures Concentration               Operation and Supply Chain Management Concentration
                                                            Latin Language Concentration                         Communication - BA
                                                            Mediterranean Archeology Concentration               Economics - BA
                                                 English - BA                                                    Geography - BA
Architecture - BS
                                                            Creative Writing Concentration                                  Geographic Information Systems & Cartography Concentration
Environmental Design - BA
                                                 French - BA                                                                Earth Systems Science
ARTS                                             German - BA                                                                Urban & Regional Analysis Concentration
Art History - BA                                 Global Gender Studies – BA                                      International Trade - BA
Dance - BA, BFA                                  History - BA                                                    Linguistics - BA
Film Studies - BA                                Italian - BA                                                               Applied Linguistics
Fine Art - BFA                                   Jewish Studies - BA                                                        Language & Cognition Concentration
          Communication Design Concentration     Philosophy - BA                                                            Language, Society & Communication Concentration
          Emerging Practices Concentration       Spanish - BA                                                    Political Science - BA
          General Studio                         MATHEMATICS/NATURAL SCIENCES                                               Advanced Concentration
          Painting Concentration                 Bioinformatics and Computational Biology - BS                              American Politics & Public Affairs Concentration
          Photography Concentration                        Biology Concentration                                            Comparative Politics Concentration
          Print Media Concentration                        Computer Science & Engineering Concentration                     General Concentration
          Sculpture Concentration                          Mathematics Concentration                                        International Politics Concentration
Media Study - BA                                 Biological Sciences - BA, BS                                               Public Law Concentration
          Production Concentration               Chemistry - BA, BS                                              Psychology - BA, BS
          Critical Studies Concentration         Computational Physics - BS                                      Social Sciences Interdisciplinary - BA, BS
Music - BA                                       Environmental Geosciences - BS                                             Cognitive Science Concentration
Music Performance - MusB                         Geological Sciences - BA, BS                                               Environmental Studies Concentration
Music Theatre - BFA                              Mathematical Physics - BS                                                            Environmental Education Specialized Track
Studio Art - BA                                  Mathematics - BA, BS                                                                 Environmental Policy Specialized Track
          General Studio Concentration                     Actuarial Sciences                                                         Environmental Resources Specialized Track
          Communication Design Concentration               General Study in Mathematics                                     Health & Human Services Concentration
          Photography Concentration                        General Study in Applied Mathematics                                       Community Mental Health Concentration
Theater - BA, BFA                                          General Curriculum in Mathematics                                          Early Childhood Concentration
          Performance (BFA)                                Computing & Applied Mathematics                                            Social Gerontology Concentration
          Design/Technology (BFA)                          General Study in Mathematics & Education                         International Studies Concentration
                                                 Mathematics-Economics - BA                                                 Legal Studies Concentration
COMPUTER SCIENCE/ENGINEERING                                                                                                Urban & Public Policy Studies Concentration
                                                 Medicinal Chemistry - BS
Aerospace Engineering - BS                                                                                       Sociology - BA
                                                 Physics - BA, BS
Biomedical Engineering - BS                                                                                      Speech and Hearing Science - BA
Chemical Engineering - BS                        HEALTH AND LAB SCIENCES
Civil Engineering - BS                           Biochemistry - BS
Computer Engineering - BS                        Biomedical Sciences - BS                                        SPECIAL STUDIES (SPECIAL MAJORS) - BA, BS
Computer Science - BA, BS                        Biotechnology - BS
Electrical Engineering - BS                      Exercise Science - BS
Engineering Physics - BS                         Medical Technology - BS
Environmental Engineering - BS                   Nuclear Medicine Technology - BS
Industrial Engineering - BS                      Nursing - BS                                                                Undergraduate Catalog:
Mechanical Engineering - BS                      Occupational Science/Occupational Therapy - BS/MS

                                                                                                                                                                                    Last Update: 7.2012
                                                 Pharmaceutical Sciences - BS
                                                 Pharmacology and Toxicology - BS
                                                 Pharmacy - PharmD
                                                 Physical Therapy - DPT

                     After reviewing the remaining options, circle the majors you are most interested in learning about.
                           List the top 5 here and rank order them from most interest to least interest, if possible.
                       1. ____________         2. ____________           3. ____________              4. ____________             5. ____________
           Approved Minors                                    MINORS, CONT.
                                                              Pharmaceutical Sciences
                                                                                                                                  COMBINED DEGREE PROGRAMS
                                                                                                                                  Combined undergraduate and graduate degree programs result in
           and Other Programs                                 Pharmacology and Toxicology                                         the awarding of a single combined degree that joins specific
                                                              Philosophy, Department of:                                          programs or disciplines from two degree levels. Combined degree
                                                                         Logic                                                    programs offer UB students the opportunity to pursue their
MINORS                                                                   Philosophy                                               educational objectives at an accelerated pace and are designed for
African American Studies                                                 Philosophy of the Arts                                   students who have demonstrated exceptional promise. In certain
American Studies                                                         Philosophy of Law                                        circumstances, however, the combined degree will not qualify
Anthropology                                                             Philosophy of Professional Ethics                        students for licensure if licensure is based upon the complete
Architecture & Planning, School of:                                      Philosophy of Science                                    undergraduate curriculum.
          Architecture                                        Physics                                                                      Aerospace Engineering/Business Administration - BS/MBA
          Environmental Design                                Polish Studies                                                               Biological Sciences - BA/MS
Art History                                                   Political Science                                                            Biological Sciences/Dentistry - BS/DDS
Asian Studies                                                 Social Sciences Interdisciplinary, Department of:                            Business Administration - BS/MBA
Biological Sciences                                                      Environmental Studies                                             Chemical Engineering/Business Administration - BS/MBA
Chemistry                                                     Sociology                                                                    Civil Engineering - BS/ME
Chinese                                                       Spanish                                                                      Civil Engineering/Business Administration - BS/MBA
Classics, Department of:                                      Speech & Hearing Science                                                     Computational Physics/Physics - BS/MS
          Ancient Greek Language & Literature                 Statistics                                                                   Computer Science - BS/MS
          Ancient History                                     Studio Art                                                                   Computer Science/Business Administration - BA/MBA
          Ancient Latin Language & Literature                 Theatre                                                                      Economics - BA/MA, BA/MS
          Classical Civilization                                                                                                           Economics/Business Administration - BA/MBA
                                                              CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS                                                         Electrical Engineering/Business Administration - BS/MBA
          Mediterranean Archeology
                                                              Certificate programs consist of a group of courses that focus                Exercise Science/Epidemiology, BS/MPH
Comparative Literature
                                                              upon an area of specialized knowledge or information.                        Exercise Science/Nutrition - BS/MS
Computer Science
                                                              Generally, certificate programs are completed along with a                   Geography - BA/MA
                                                              major. The Data Intensive Computing certificate, Games                       Geological Sciences - BA/MA
                                                              Studies certificate, and Journalism certificate, however, are the            Industrial Engineering/Business Administration - BS/MBA
                                                              only certificate programs that will not be awarded without the               Mathematics - BA/MA
                                                              completion of a Bachelor’s degree at the University at Buffalo.              Mechanical Engineering/Business Administration - BS/MBA
Geography, Department of:
                                                                        Data Intensive Computing                                           Medicinal Chemistry - BS/MS
          Earth Systems Science
                                                                        Entrepreneurship & Small Business                                  Occupational Science/Occupational Therapy - BS/MS
          General Geography
                                                                        Game Studies                                                       Pharmaceutical Sciences - BS/MS
          Geographic Information Systems & Cartography
                                                                        Health Care Administration                                         Pharmacology & Toxicology - BS/MS
          Geography of International Business & World Trade
                                                                        Human Resources Assistant                                          Social Sciences (Health & Human Services
          Urban & Regional Analysis
                                                                        Journalism                                                         concentration)/Social Work Combined - BA/MSW
Geological Sciences
                                                                        Paralegal Studies
                                                                        Regulatory Environment of Medical Devices & Implants
Global Gender Studies
Health and Wellness                                           PRE-PROFESSIONAL SERVICES
History                                                       Admission into professional schools such as medical or law
Italian                                                       school generally requires an undergraduate (Bachelor’s)
Japanese                                                      degree in any field of study. The prehealth and pre-law
Jewish Studies                                                advisors educate students on how to properly prepare for              Remember to think broadly about majors, as many majors
Korean                                                        professional schools and assists students with the application        relate to numerous career fields and prepare students for
Latina/Latino Studies                                         process.                                                                 similar work environments and graduate programs.
Linguistics                                                            Prehealth
Mathematics                                                                       Chiropractic
Media Study
                                                                                                                                              Undergraduate Catalog:
Medicinal Chemistry                                                               Medicine                                             http://undergrad-catalog.buffalo.edu
Music, Department of:                                                             Optometry
          Music                                                                   Physician Assistant
          Music Performance                                                       Podiatry
                                                                                  Veterinary Medicine
                                                                                                                                                           Office of Student Advising Services

                                                                      STUDENT ADVISING SERVICES
                                 109 Norton Hall              716.645.6013  sas-advisor@buffalo.edu                               http://sas.buffalo.edu

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