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Best Vpn For Samsung Galaxy S Ii Samsung has been in the reckoning for its sophisticated handheld devices now for quite a few
years. It has developed a lavish range of mobile phones and is well on its way towards developing many more of them. Especially
when it comes to Android, the manufacturer is all encrusted with an assortment of ranges that befit the requirements of its global
users. You can have tablet smartphone, smartphone, dual sim phone, touch phone, QWERTY messaging phone, CDMA and
Multimedia phones and so on, indeed an enriched galore of handheld devices. Samsung smartphone Talking about smartphones,
varied models of Samsung Wave, Omnia and Galaxy simply lead the show with emphatic appearances and spellbinding applications.
Singling out any one of them would be too much injustice to the rest of the exceptional collection. Yet, Samsung Galaxy S II is among
the most favored ones both by the commoners as well as by high profile entrepreneurs. While it is host to a variety of enticing and
utilitarian features, its ability to connect through internet in anonymity makes it to be sold like hot cakes among the users, ever since it
broke the ice and captured the center stage. Yes, we are talking about the much capable VPN features of this most craved mobile
phone from Samsung. To enable this facility, all you need is to go through the configuration settings in your mobile phone and enter the
requisite details as per provided by your VPN vendor, and you are on! Configuring VPN on Samsung Galaxy S II Before going for
configuration process take a look at the vpn providers like hidemyass , , and Cyberghost which support android. Let"s go through the
step-by-step procedure to configure VPN on Samsung Galaxy S II powered by Android 2.1. Hope it helps you to connect through
internet anonymously and access the online data that is otherwise inaccessible for you. We expect that that you are quite familiar with
its interface, but if not, then there is nothing to worry about. The below procedure is quite capable help you even if you are a novice.
The Procedure 1.On the main screen menu look out for the home icon, tap it to go to Menu. 2.Click settings and go to wireless &
Networks, you will notice the option of VPN settings there. 3.Tap Add VPN option to get a screen filled with multiple protocol options
including PPTP, L2TP, L2TP/IPsec PSK VPN, L2TP/IPSec CRT VPN. 4.Choose any of them as per your liking or convenience, and
move ahead. 5.Provide the resulting window with the demanded details that include VPN Name, Set VPN Server, DNS search
domains and other important information. 6.As you perform these activities to configure VPN on Samsung Galaxy S II, the status bar
will flash an ongoing notification. This will indicate the successful completion of VPN settings on your phone. Connect VPN: Whenever
you wish to connect to VPN, simply browse through the notification panel at the top and click VPN notification, tap connect.
Disconnect VPN: To disconnect the VPN, you need to perform exactly the same step with the difference that this time you have to tap

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