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Benefits Of Ssl Vpn Remote Access Solutions Today a great percentage of employees are part of the mobile workforce and thanks to
Virtual Private Network (VPN), they are able to access their companys intranet portal even hundreds of miles away from the office.
VPNs make it possible for the mobile workforce to access the company network securely. Simply put, a VPN is a network that uses a
public telecommunication infrastructure, such as the Internet to allow secure access between the company network and the users
machine by encrypting all data sent. Three words aptly describe VPN and they are fast, pervasive, and secure. VPN is fast thanks to
the Internet, it is pervasive since internet connectivity is ubiquitous and it is secure since it uses encryption technologies. The two most
used forms of VPNs are IPSec VPN and SSL VPN. The main difference between the two is that IPSec VPN requires third-party
hardware and / or software while the SSL VPNs do not. In order to access IPSec VPN, an IPSec client software application needs to
be installed but in the case of SSL VPN, the web browser itself acts as the client application as most web browsers have SSL
capabilities built in. SSL VPN remote access solution enables anytime, anywhere secure remote access to business applications and
resources thereby increasing productivity while maintaining security and compliance. Here is a quick look at some of the advantages
of an enterprise class SSL VPN remote access solution. Anytime, anywhere browser-based secure remote desktop access, thereby
enabling increased productivity for employees, partners, tenants, customers, contractors and guests Up to 3.2 Gbps throughput,
128,000 concurrent users and 500,000 users on a single access gateway appliance for maintaining security and driving productivity
at scale 256 virtual SSL VPN portals on a single appliance, customizable to the security and usability preferences of multiple tenants
and communities of interest Per-user policy engine for identity-based access to URLs, files, networks and applications Controlled
access from managed and un-managed devices including desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones Cross-platform support for a
range of operating systems and browsers Range of access methods including Web, Layer-3 and client-server connectivity High-
performance 1024-bit and 2048-bit SSL encrypted communications Endpoint security including host-checking, cache cleaning and
adaptive policies Supports a range of AAA and dual-factor authentication schemes No pre-installed clients; eliminates firewall and
network traversal issues common to traditional VPNs Familiar CLI and WebUI for ease of configuration and management Centralized
management for multiple AG appliances Thus, SSL VPNs strike the perfect balance of productivity and security.

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