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Article On advantages Of A Uk Vpn - Uk Vpn, British Vpn Laws and regulations in many countries restrict access to social networking
and media sites. Countries also block users in foreign countries from accessing country-specific websites. The United Kingdom, for
example, does not allow access to certain UK websites from other countries. When British citizens travel to foreign countries, they
face restricted access to UK social networking sites and media sites based on the country they visit. This hinders users professional
and personal life. Websites are blocked based on the IP address of the user. When a user tries to access restricted sites, these
websites recognize the machines IP and determine access accordingly. If the users IP is not UK based or if the servers IP is
restricted, the user is blocked from accessing the site. A user can overcome these problems by using a British Virtual Private Network
(VPN). A VPN ensures that a users privacy is protected. It is easy to switch to any global server location maintained by a VPN
provider, making it easier to maintain privacy of location as well. For UK specific sites, a user needs to get a UK VPN. British VPN
Protocols PPTP (Point-To-Point Tunneling Protocol) - uses Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) to encrypt IP traffic. It is not considered as
secure as L2TP, but provides more speed. L2TP/IPSec (Layer 2 Tunneling protocol / IP security) - uses 256-bit encryption and
encapsulates data on both ends. The downside of this protocol is its slightly higher usage of CPU processing power. L2TP is more
secure than PPTP. OpenVPN uses OpenSSL library, data and control channels are encrypted. This results in more secure access
than PPTP and L2TP. Choosing a Provider A user wishing to buy a British VPN has various choices. While choosing a UK VPN
service provider, the user should consider the following points - 1.Protocols available and compatibility with devices The providers
available protocols must be compatible with the users devices. 2.Number and location of servers determines the speed and ease of
access. It is better to choose a British provider with more servers across the globe to guarantee constant access to an IP.
3.Reputation the reputation of the provider is important, as it defines the level of service and secure access available. 4.The users
requirements for uninterrupted access and speed of access. 5.The support available to users, especially in remote areas. 6.The
different plans the provider offers and the cost. A user can analyze these factors before deciding on an appropriate provider for an
English VPN.

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