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A Free Vpn Might Not Be Enough Want to find a way to use Blocked sites from Beijing for free? There are tons. If you spend enough
of your time looking around youl find plenty but the deal with most of them is that they are extremely slow and unreliable. Ie messed
around with free proxies / free VPNs and man other kinds of pages that offer free services. Most are inaccessible now (as opposed to
just a year ago) and if they are accessible now, they probably won't be free in the near future. If you are looking for a good service to
look at news sites, twitter, MySpace, or any other blocked websites, a free VPN just won't cut it. You'll need to pay Now if you've come
to the decision that a free VPN just isn't worth your time and energy, the question now is how much are you going to have to pay. Each
company has got a different method of convincing you - free trials, special offers etc. This might be good way to find a something that
works for you. All of our interent connection speeds are different and for all I don't reall know which rules apply differently in different
places around the world. I tried vpntunnel for about a month and found that it often quit on me and was very not fast. Sometimes it was
almost impossible to get on Chinese sites like baidu, PPS, or youku. It was just as bad as the free services! After a month that five
Euros (3 GBP) I changed to 12vpn. I haven had a problem since. Really. It always been quick, never cut out, and Ie yet to find a site i
couldn't unblock. Even though its not free, it worth throwing down a few pounds for the quality. I usually careful about turning it on only
when I need it so I just signed up for their 30 dollars per year service which sets a 10000 MiB limit. I not completely sure what it is but I
know that the more video you watch or upload/ things you download the more you use. Ie yet to use all of it but then again I generally
don download music/movies from western sites and the Youtube vids/ BBC vids don't really use up that much space. If youe a torrent
junkie you might want to consider their 70 dollar personal version Think about it. With the time you spend swinging around from
different free VPN sites that will probably be blocked next time, you could be looking at friend photos or check out what they're doing in
their new job. Thirty USD a year is less than three dollars a month. 20 kuai if you want to talk about those already here in The Middle
Kingdom. Ok, that can go a long way in the right places in China, but you see what I mean It's not a free VPN, but almost!

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