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                                        Progressive Partners-AFSCME Local 101

                   Local 101                               Senate Bill 5/Issue 2 is dead! Ohioans overwhelmingly
                15 Gates Street                            killed it because they saw the value in the rights of police
             Dayton, Ohio 45402                            officers, firefighters, nurses, and teachers. However, did
           Telephone 937-461-9983                          they see the value in us?
              Fax 937-461-9916
           President - Ken Sulfridge                       Perhaps this is a point better left for debate but the
      Vice President –Bobbie Williamson                    lessons of recent history show that AFSCME is either not
      Secretary Treasurer - Ruth Ritchie                   well known or not well respected. In Wisconsin, where
           www.afscmelocal101.com                          Gov. Walker may face recall, their anti-worker
         newsafscme101@yahoo.com                           lawmakers strategically cut police and fire out of their
                                                           anti-middle class, pro-greed laws. They were able to
AFSCME Local 101: Safely Successful                        successfully strip the rights of AFSCME workers without
AFSCME members continue to deliver high                    a second thought. The print, radio, and TV ads of “We
quality and operationally efficient work at a              Are Ohio” showed the faces of teachers, firefighters,
reasonable cost to the public. Our brothers and            police officers, and nurses, but what about Water
sisters are dedicated to improving the world we            Workers, JFS Workers, and Dispatchers to name a few?
live in and making it a safe place for our children        It would seem that the public doesn’t hate us, they just
to grow in. A lesson recently taught by the                don’t know us.
valuable Radio Information Officers of Local
101.                                                       Make no mistake about it; we have defeated SB 5 but
                                                           this regime is not gone and they do not learn from their
Ohio is a part of The Law Enforcement                      mistakes (or even admit them). Our victory (and some of
Automated Data Systems (LEADS). Dispatchers                their actions under the influence of alcohol), have
must be certified in this program and are held to          weakened them but they are still in control of this state
its ultra high standards. However, the bar of              and, potentially, our futures.
standards for the LEADS network better be
prepared to be set higher because our AFSCME               If we are to battle for (and win) the hearts and minds of
Local 101 brothers and sisters just pushed it              an irritated and disenchanted populace then we must
through the roof!                                          show our value and our pride. We must be willing to
                                                           spend a little bit more of our money in order to buy
In order to continue with the LEADS program,               American and invest locally. We must be willing to
an on-site audit is conducted every two years. In          donate our precious time to those charities that help
past years this audit has taken as many as five            people in need. We must be seen and heard at our places
full working days to complete. This year, and              of work and outside of those places. We must be willing
with only five RIOs, the entire audit was finished         to wear our buttons and pins and state loudly, “We are
ONE DAY! AND, they only found one error!                   AFSCME and we are PROUD!” And most importantly,
                                                           we must educate the newest members of the workforce
Kudos to our brothers and sisters; a vital and             on who we are and what AFSCME is in order to make
necessary life-line for our heroic police officers!        sure all workers are held to the highest of standards and
Trained police officers protect our streets with           produce the quality work that is AFSCME!
the skill of AFSCME members watching THEIR                                              ***
backs!                                                     Happy Holidays! Remember the most important gifts
                                                           you can give and receive are life and love. Give them
                                                           openly and receive them graciously…

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