2013 Centralized Fire Hiring - Grades 6 through 10 and Apprentices

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   Subject:   2013 Centralized Fire Hiring - Grades 6 through 10 and Apprentices

       To:    Forest Supervisors, Directors, and Forest Fire Chiefs

During February 2013, Region 5 (R5) will conduct its Centralized Fire Hire at the Wildland Fire
Training and Conference Center (WFTC). Due to the change in our hiring system from Avue to
eRecruit, our Fire Hire session that normally would occur during fall of 2012 has been
postponed. Deferring the hiring to a later date will provide our workforce adequate time to learn
and use the new system. It is also in alignment with the HR timeframes for developing and
activating new open and continuous announcements for the positions included in Fire Hire.

This Fire Hire will be combined for Wildland Fire Apprentice Program (WFAP), GS 6-9 and
WG 10 Permanent positions (PERM) hiring. The following schedule displays the specific dates
and duration for the sessions included in the process:

                                                  Subject Matter Experts
   Fire Hire                                                                   Recommendations and
                             Grades                      (SMEs)
    Session                                                                       Selections Date
                       GS-3/4/5 (WFAP),
                        GS-6-9, WG-10             February 19-March 1               March 11-29

It is important the following information be shared with your managers, supervisors,
employees and others interested in applying for fire positions within R5:

      A complete Fire Hire timeline of required actions, closing dates and due dates are
       included in Enclosure 1.

      Enclosure 2 includes a list of Open-and-Continuous Recruitment (OCRs) announcements
       used to generate the referral lists. Individuals interested in applying to positions under
       Fire Hire will be utilizing eRecruit through USAJOBS. FS employees applying to any
       OCR must have a USAJOBS profile before applying for a position in eRecruit.
       Information entered into his/her USAJOBS profile will carry over to eRecruit and avoid
       duplicate data entry. Additional information on eRecruit or USAJOBS can be found by
       going to http://fsweb.asc.fs.fed.us/HRM/eRecruit/ and www.usajobs.gov.

      Positions currently identified as Interagency Fire Program Management Qualifications
       and Standards (IFPM) are subject to selective placement factor requirements contained in
       the IFPM Standard and Guide. IFPM selective placement factors are made up of primary

                       America’s Working Forests - Caring Every Day in Every Way           Printed on Recycled Paper
Forest Supervisors, Directors, and Forest Fire Chiefs                                            2

and secondary National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG) core Incident Management
Qualifications and Training requirements. The following website can be referenced for
additional information: http://www.ifpm.nifc.gov/standard/electronicver/electronic.htm. The
applicant must possess the relevant qualifications to be eligible for the positions they are
applying to. In order for applicants to be considered for a referral list, copies of their Incident
Qualification and Certification System (IQCS) Master Record (or equivalent training
documents), containing documented proof of the certification or attainment of the selective
placement factor(s) MUST be attached to their application. Failure to provide this
documentation will result in disqualification. When running the Master record report under
the “Responder Master Record (C028)” within IQCS, there are various Report Request
Parameter(s) that can be selected. The last parameter is called “Include IFPM Application
Report”. When this parameter is selected, the last page of the report includes a listing of the
qualifications and training achieved for the employee that may be used to support meeting any
IFPM position they may apply to.

      During the recommendation and selection sessions, PERM positions (GS-6-9 & WG-10)
       vacated as a result of the incumbent promoting will be backfilled immediately.
       Applicants must understand that when they accept a new position under Fire Hire,
       declining at a later date may not be an option as their vacated position may no longer be
       available. Individuals should apply to all positions and locations of interest by the
       deadlines, whether currently vacant or filled. All fire positions are listed on the Pacific
       Southwest Region “Current Vacancies” website at: http://famcat.us/trackingdb/.

It is my expectation that the R5 Fire Hire will be a Regional effort and all Forests will participate
as needed. Based on the volume of work required for the SME session to be completed on time,
Forests will initially be asked to identify a minimum of four Subject-Matter-Experts (SMEs) to
work on the strengths of the PERM and Apprentices candidates. As the timelines progress closer
to each SME session, an assessment of the required workload will be re-evaluated to determine
and request the actual number of SME’s needed. It is encouraged that a combination of new and
experienced SME’s are sent from your Forest. This ensures the Region continues to cultivate a
pool of SME’s for this purpose and yet maintains consistency in the process.

Forests with vacancies will have at least one Recommending Official available at WFTC during
the Recommendation and Selection period. The ideal Forest Recommendation Team includes a
Unit Fire Management person, knowledgeable of the overall fire organization, combined with a
Unit Line Officer. When the Forest Supervisor is not part of the Forest Recommending Team, a
Delegation of Authority from their Forest Supervisor is required outlining their responsibilities
and authority during the hiring session. R5-FAM Strategic Services staff will contact the Forest
Fire Chiefs prior to each Fire Hire session requesting names of the SMEs and Recommending
Officials you will be sending.
Forest Supervisors, Directors, and Forest Fire Chiefs                                          3

Forests will also need to:
    Review and update the vacancies in the National Fire Plan (NFP) Tracking Database
       prior to each Fire Hire,
    Ensure that the Forest Centralized Permanent Fire Positions are correctly listed on the
       Pacific Southwest Region “Current Vacancies” posting website at:
    Ensure all applicable SF-52’s for positions to be filled at Fire Hire are entered and
       approved in the National SF-52 Tracker no later than the last day of the SME work
       session. The ASC-HRM Fire Hire Team will create all SF-52s for PERM backfill

It is imperative this information be verified; especially the “City Preferred” location and duty
station locations to make certain that correct locations will be used for generating referral lists
and placing new hires. This information can also be reviewed by selecting the “Vacancy
Postings_Query” under the “Queries” tab in the NFP Tracking database.

The Centralized Fire Hire process continues to work well for R5. I would like to acknowledge
the hard work of those who have been involved from Fire and Aviation Management, ASC-
HRM, Civil Rights, the Regional Selection Team and the Forests. Thank you for your
commitment to the process and the success that has been accomplished in filling our Fire and
Aviation Management positions in the Region.

Questions for Fire Management should be directed to Gary Biehl, Assistant Director, Strategic
Services, at gbiehl@fs.fed.us or (707) 562-8966 or Liz Wright at ewright@fs.fed.us or (619)
445-6235, ext. 3429. Questions for Human Resources should be directed to Yolie Thomas at
ythomas@fs.fed.us or (661) 723-2708 or Norine Tydingco at ntydingco@fs.fed.us or (707) 562-

/s/ Jeanne Wade Evans (for)
Regional Forester


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