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                                               The Newsletter of Brandywine Counseling

Why We Got Involved!                                                                                Volume 5, Issue 1

Supporters of The Lighthouse Program Tell Why Giving Feels Great                                    Fall 2008
Since the opening of The Lighthouse Pro-                                                            Inside this issue:
gram for women and children, we at Bran-
dywine Counseling have seen a wonderful                                                              Saluting Our        2
response from people in the community                                                                Volunteers
who want to help out the program by donat-
ing time or items. Thank you to all of you!                                                          New Board           3
You’ve volunteered to teach classes for the
                                                                                                     It’s Playtime for   5
moms, including crocheting, computers,                                                               Lighthouse Kids
ceramics, and Life Skills. You’ve donated
toys, clothing, a huge train set, five sewing                                                        Thank You           5
machines for the sewing class, and hand-
                                                                                                     How You Can         5
made quilts for the babies. Most impres-                                                             Make a
sively, you answered our call to help build a                                                        Difference
children’s playground, as we raised over
$19,500 and surpassed our goal! The play-                                                            Volunteer Projects 5
ground has been built and gives our kids                                                             and Wish List
an outlet for relaxation and releasing stress Carol Ann Rudolph awards a raffle prize at the
while their moms work on their recovery.      “Lunch With A Purpose” fundraiser for Lighthouse.
                                                                                                    since 1973. We
It’s time now to celebrate you, our donors. We want to                                              feel,   wherever
share some of your stories, why you gave, and what it       we live, that we have an obligation to give. We have
meant to you. Though your reasons for giving were           welcomed opportunities to assist several programs in
quite diverse, you did have something in common: a          the area, all of which aim to assist people in acquiring
feeling of personal involvement. By giving, you were        the skills to live more comfortable, productive lives. We
also getting something back. And, there was another         are especially concerned with the need for educational
common thread: Shay Lipshitz, BCI’s Director of Sus-        resources for children. As programs provide opportuni-
sex Services. It seems that wherever she goes, Shay         ties for growth, this makes our world a better place for
can’t help but spread her enthusiasm for the program!       all. We hope, in giving, that we can encourage others to
                                                            give, according to their capacity.”
Miriam Zadek was one of the first friends Shay intro-
duced to Lighthouse. “The Lighthouse program has a          Suzanne Squires became involved with Lighthouse for
superb advocate in Shay,” Miriam says. “Her ability to      a different reason. For her, it was a chance to support
engage one’s interest, both by providing information        addiction recovery, something she has personal experi-
about the importance of programs such as Lighthouse,        ence with as Shay’s sponsor. “Addicted mothers have
and her willingness to share her own story, can capture     the hardest time staying with their children,” says Suz-
the imagination of anyone who has the privilege of          anne. “Through the Lighthouse Program, they can be
hearing it.” Invited to visit the program for a firsthand   with their children and learn parenting skills.” Upon vis-
look, Miriam willingly accepted. “I was struck by the       iting the program, she found it was “wonderful; very
young women[’s] engagement in achieving goals which         homey and clean.”
would lead them to being productive, accomplished,          She felt she could impact the program in a positive way
self-sustaining parents and individuals.” However, she      by donating. “I decided to donate because I thought it
also saw a paucity of resources for children's play and     was a much needed program. It is a great feeling to
learning. She saw the need to rectify this, and decided     know that by contributing, I have helped someone in a
to support the playground campaign with a donation.         very concrete way. Every little bit helps. I think Shay
“My husband and I have spent happy summers and              and Brandywine Counseling have made a big differ-
year-round visits in Rehoboth, and owned homes here
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Page 2                              The Compass

                                            SALUTING OUR VOLUNTEERS
                                                    Chase Card Services: Recovery Mural
                                    The Lancaster dispensing area has been       livened up with a brightly colored mural,
                                    thanks to a group of volunteers from
 Lancaster Avenue Center            Chase. The team of a dozen people from
 2713 Lancaster Avenue              the nearby Wilmington office took time
 Wilmington, DE 19805               out of their workday March 27 to give
 (302) 656-2348
                                    back to the community. In doing so,
 Alpha Drug Free Center             they’ve made the daily routine of coming
 2814 W. 2nd Street                 in for medication more welcoming for
 Wilmington, DE 19805               nearly 700 methadone patients.
 (302) 472-0381
                                    One wall depicts how we can turn stum-
 Outreach Center                    bling blocks into stepping stones to climb
 2814 Lancaster Avenue              toward recovery, using faith, help, health,
 Wilmington, DE 19805               and hope. Our patients have added per-
 (302) 655-9880                     sonal messages in the blocks to those who have helped them in their climb toward
                                    recovery. The opposite wall is all about reaching the top of that climb and being
 Newark Center
                                    ready to fly, because the sky is the limit when you’ve overcome your addiction. We
 24 Brookhill Drive
 Newark, DE 19702                   think this is just the right mix of inspiration and fun to greet our patients every morn-
 (302) 454-3020                     ing. We thank Rachel Aponte and her group of artists from Chase for this gift they’ve
                                    given us. For an afternoon’s work, they became part of the recovery process for to-
 Alpha North Wilmington Center      day's patients and many more to come.
 Edgemoor Community Center
 500 Duncan Road, Suite 144                             Jennifer Fletcher, Alpha Program
 Wilmington, DE 19809
 (302) 225-8008                    Jennifer Fletcher volunteered with BCI
 Georgetown Center
                                   Alpha for several Fridays to do a project
 528 E. Market Street              we called "Creating a Welcoming En-
 Georgetown, DE 19947              trance."
 (302) 856-4700                    First impressions matter when someone
 The Lighthouse Program            walks into our program for treatment, so
 13726 South Old State Road        we decided to make the atmosphere more
 Ellendale, DE 19941               attractive. Jennifer saw our ad posted
 (302) 424-8080                    online, and based on her skills in working
                                   with people and her creativity, she was
 Board of Directors                confident that she could do the job. She
                                   was excited about the opportunity to help
 David Oppold, President           BCI succeed. We gave her lots of creative
 Carole Franzoni, Vice President   freedom, and she did not disappoint us!         tion area the shade of “Tranquil Re-
                                                                                   treat.” It really does have a calming
 Lisa Sherwood, Treasurer          First, she decided to spruce up our outside     effect when you walk in! We think our
 LaShawn Carter                    entrance by painting the front door and         clients would agree that it does feel
                                   railing the BCI colors, dark blue and bur-      more welcoming around here.
 Karla Fleshman
                                   gundy. This was a great idea, as we can
 Jamie Hummell                     now give people directions by telling them,     We enjoyed having Jennifer here and
 Sanjay Kotha                      “Follow the blue railing!” But Jennifer was-    we thank her for the time she put in to
                                   n’t done yet. She also painted our recep-       do this work!
 Krista Schladweiler

 Executive Director                 Mission Statement
 Sara Taylor Allshouse
                                    Brandywine Counseling, Inc. is a substance abuse treatment agency that provides
 Writer/Editor                      counseling and related assistance to addicted persons and their families for chemi-
 Matt Friedman                      cal addiction and related problems.
                                                                                             Volume 5, Issue 1   Page 3

     More Volunteer Spotlights: Online at
                              Walter Frazier, Outreach Support
Walter Frazier came to Brandywine Counseling as a
volunteer with the Outreach Department in July, and quickly
became someone we could depend on to help out.
“I learned about BCI by word of mouth and called to see if my
skills might be needed. Just based on the name, I assumed
this organization most likely provided substance abuse
counseling. I had no clue there was an outreach department
that provides free HIV testing and treatment if necessary.
“I have spent my time raising funds for the annual HIV Testing
Event. I have found this project to be very fulfilling and
relevant to me since I have lost three close friends to this
wretched disease. I have been surprised by how BCI
approaches its endeavors. BCI provides its professional
services without prejudice and blame. I have seen how quickly BCI drops everything when a client walks
through the door for help. It has been inspiring. What I have done while volunteering is very small
compared to the activities of the whole organization. I feel gratified thinking one person might be tested for
HIV, receive early intervention, and live a longer life as a result of my efforts.”

                                  Eul Lee, Lighthouse Program
Eul Lee volunteers to run a weekly "Creative Expression"
group with the moms at Lighthouse on Wednesday after-
noons. They do everything from crocheting, to painting, to
making jewelry. She also teaches computer skills.
Lee explains why she got involved. “I had been looking for
ways to help women in trouble, particularly female prisoners
who have kids whom they could not tuck in every night. My
idea was to teach them to make tuck-in blankets for their kids
as a way to connect with their kids while making them, and for
the kids to feel their moms around them especially at night. I
had no idea what [The Lighthouse Program] would be like.
Then, I found the problems these women are in are much big-
ger than I had ever imagined.”
As she worked with the moms on crafts and computers, Lee                     BCI Welcomes
learned much about addiction recovery. She developed rela-                 New Board Member
tionships with the women, and saw real improvements in them
as the weeks went by. “I see smiles on most women there.             BCI welcomed Rever-
Sometimes I hear them sing. Some would encourage others              end Karla Fleshman of
and try to get the newly joined ones involved in activities.         Wilmington as a new
Some decided to leave the program, which is a very heart             member of our Board of
breaking experience for me. I wish I could see them again            Directors July 15, 2008.
somewhere some time.”                                                Karla is Founding Pastor
                                                                     of Imago Dei Metropoli-
“While they have to live with the consequences of their              tan Church, as well as a
choices - losing kids and family, sometimes their freedom, and       Church Plant Consultant
precious years of their lives - it is good that there are programs   with Metropolitan Community Churches.
such as BCI if they are willing to get help. I am not sure           She has a background in social work,
whether I can take much credit for helping them, but I do hope       HIV/AIDS, and spirituality. We know
they acquire the skills they need to cope with the lifetime re-      Karla will be a wonderful addition to the
covery and learn the importance of their soberness in their          organization.
kids' lives.”
Page 4   The Compass

                                                                   to wean her off of the methadone, and she didn’t
         Why We Got Involved (continued from Page 1)               know we were weaning her off, she just thought
         ence in a lot of people’s lives. I applaud them!”         maybe she was getting a touch of the flu. When we
                                                              gave her the last dose, she was so thrilled and so
         Carol Ann Rudolph became introduced to Light-             excited, she was jumping and dancing around. We
         house and Shay through the Seaside Jewish Com-            had a success story! Over the years, I’ve lost track
         munity. Carol Ann met Shay through her late               with a lot of them, but it was a rewarding assignment
         mother, Dorothy Shor, with whom she used to play          and it was an education for me.”
         mah jong. “Shay told me about her work, and I was         When Florence learned that Lighthouse was opening,
         totally intrigued by it, and very, very moved by the      it just made sense to become involved. “I was there
         concept of this program.” After visiting the program,     for the opening day when Gov. Minner was there. I
         she became even more committed to raising                 truly believe in it, and to have their children there is a
         money. “The facility has been done so beautifully.        great asset.” Years ago, Florence would have eagerly
         The quality of the work, the space for the counsel-       taken a more active role in the program, but today
         ing is so warm and inviting. It’s a place that’s been     she feels the best way she can contribute is through
         built with a sense of dignity and respect for the         the occasional donation of money and clothes. The
         women, and for the hope they will have a better           reason is simple, and the same as it was forty years
         life, and I truly sense that.”                            ago. “It feels wonderful to help those people.”
         In September, Carol Ann organized a “Lunch With                                  
         A Purpose” fundraiser in conjunction with Seaside         We could not celebrate our donors’ stories without
         to benefit Lighthouse. About 60 people attended,          including Shay herself, because in addition to direct-
         the largest turnout the luncheon had ever had.            ing the program, and spreading the word to others,
         $450 was raised from a raffle including gift certifi-     she is also a donor. Why does it come so naturally to
         cates, crafts, and art. In addition, guests pledged a     tell others?
         number of in-kind donations to the program.
                                                                   “I tell because I believe in what we do at Brandywine,”
         “It’s a wonderful feeling to use your energy and          she says. “I tell because I know personally that treat-
         your time for something as purposeful as this pro-        ment works. I tell because this is a deadly disease
         gram,” Carol Ann says. “These women are now               that left untreated kills more than the person. Addic-
         going to be able to be productive in society, and         tion destroys families, homes, health, dreams, hope
         they’re going to be healthy, mentally, physically,        and dignity. I tell because I am loyal to a company
         emotionally. Then, they will have better lives. The       that gave an addict like me a chance to work. I tell
         children will have a better quality of life, and a bet-   because to watch the faces of children who are
         ter chance at life in this society.”                      spared the suffering that comes with active addiction
                                                              is a joy unparalleled. I want people to put a face on
         Florence Levy brings a one-of-a-kind perspective          recovery. I do not think people have seen treatment.
         as a supporter of Lighthouse. An 84-year-old re-          They hear about it, but have no idea what it looks like.
         tired nurse, Florence gave out the first dose of          “I gave because it is a way of giving back the gift I
         methadone in Delaware in 1968, at Wilmington              received. Recovery has given me a life that is price-
         Hospital. That clinic turned into Brandywine Coun-        less and my dollars would never even be possible
         seling in 1985. More recently, she became friends         without it. I give because it shows that treatment
         with Shay through Seaside Jewish Community.               works, and I give because I am thankful.
         Florence recalls what a new experience it was to          “My donation was for the playground. Many of the
         open the clinic with less than ten patients. “I didn’t    children have had little fun in their short lives, and I
         know a drug addict from a hole in the wall, all I         want to hear their laughter and see the moms feel joy
         knew was some guy that played a horn in New               from the happiness of their kids. I have a wonderful
         York City in a dingy bar. That was my opinion of a        life, and I am grateful to be clean and sober. I am the
         drug addict! I had no idea what I was dealing with.       one who benefits from my giving. In recovery, it is my
         Everybody said, “Aren’t you afraid?” Well, I wasn’t       obligation to pass on what works, and giving to others
         afraid of them. I went to conferences in Washing-         works. It has for me.”
         ton, D.C. and I was the only older white woman
         without torn jeans and long hair!”                        The Lighthouse Program is funded by and is part of
                                                                   the system of public services offered by Delaware
         Under Florence’s supervision, the clinic grew, and        Health and Social Services, Division of Substance
         soon it generated success stories. “We had one            Abuse and Mental Health. For more information about
         young woman who was pregnant, and we started              The Lighthouse Program, please call 302-424-8080.
                                                                          Volume 5, Issue 1     Page 5

It's Playtime! Thanks to You, Our Kids Have A Playground                                             Volunteer Projects
We did it!!! With your help, BCI                                                                Clinical Internships
raised over $19,500 and built a                                                                 Are you a student interested in
playground at The Lighthouse                                                                    hands-on experience in the ad-
Program.                                                                                        diction treatment field? BCI has
Take a look… the playground is                                                                  internship opportunities that will
here! Since we surpassed our                                                                    give you the chance to observe
goal, we’ve made it even better                                                                 and participate in a number of
with benches, a sandbox, and                                                                    our programs. For details, and
toys.                                                                                           more volunteer projects, go to
We want to say a special thanks
for major gifts from the Bank of
America Charitable Foundation,
the Longwood Foundation, the
                                                                                                The Lighthouse Wish List
Welfare Foundation, the Miriam and Robert Zadek Charitable Gift Fund, and                       The Lighthouse residential pro-
Wilmington Trust. To everyone who contributed, we appreciate it so much! You                    gram for women and children is
are part of our moms and kids’ recovery.                                                        in need of the following items:
                                                                                                1. Pampers, Pampers, Pampers
Brandywine Counseling thanks the following:
                                                                                                2. Wagons
Donors:                    The Bank of America       Panera Bread         Volunteers:
Anonymous                    Charitable Foundation   Barbara Perkins      Sarah Bergamo         3. Photo frames and albums for
Carole Franzoni            The Welfare Foundation    Janet Ray            Nancy Bloom           children’s pictures
David Lakin                Wilmington Trust          Lauren Rose          Chase Card Services
Florence Levy                                        Saltwater Mama       Felecia Doyle         4. Exercise DVD’s for moms
Shay Lipshitz              In kind donations:        Ella Savage          Jennifer Fletcher
The Longwood Foundation    Acme                      Seasons Pizza        Walter Frazier        5. Bedding items for twin beds,
Bob and Kay Malone, in     Mary Argo                 Joel Sullivan        James Kennedy         some for adults, some for kids
  memory of Thelma Myers   Bear Hugs for Babies      Super G              Eul Lee
The Miriam and Robert      Joseph Collis             The Glade Quilters   Loretta Legg          6. Single strollers
  Zadek Charitable Gift    Lisa DiFebo-Osias         Geri Vota            Ann Morrow
  Fund                     Loretta Hayes             Dottie Vuono         Manduri Parikh        7. Clothes for children of all ages
Linda Palmer               Home Solutions 123        Jennifer Wagner      Jennifer Wagner
Rockford Center            Kids’ Ketch               Rev. James White     Nathan West           8. Women’s clothes: robes, pant-
Justin Shane               Marjorie Koburn                                Mallory Wilson        ies, bras and socks, pajamas
Did you wake up this morning wanting to make this a better                                      9. Tupperware, pots/pans,
world?                                                                                          dishes, cups
                                                                                                10. Jump drives to store com-
You can make a difference every day, by getting involved. BCI makes it easy!                    puter work like resumes.
First, stay informed! This newsletter is full of stories of people who got in-                  11. School supplies
volved, and you’ll find many more on The BCI Blog
is our “Story Central.” Read our success stories and updates as they happen.                    12. Birthday or holiday presents
Plus, see our photos, videos, and upcoming events. Subscribe, comment, and                      and party supplies
follow the conversation!                                                                        13. Clock radios
Then, tell others! Here’s how:                                                                  14. Haircut gift certificates

        Email BCI Blog posts to friends with just one click!                                    15. For our re-entry house for
                                                                                                women nearing completion of
        Are you on Facebook? We are! Visit BCI’s Page and become a Fan!                         treatment and transitioning to
                                                                                                their own housing: Furniture,
          Want to take a tour of BCI, or know someone who does? Just call us,                   sheets, comforters, artwork, tow-
          or send us an email at                           els. You can adopt and decorate
                                                                                                a room in this 4 bedroom house.
We want to make this a better world. That’s why we tell you our stories. When
you spread the word about us, you continue the conversation we started. So get                  If you have items to donate,
involved today. You’ll make a difference, and you’ll feel wonderful too!                        please call (302) 424-8080.
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