FIRE SAFETY - DOC by 3Lj002v


									                        FIRE SAFETY

Understand how and when to clean kitchen hoods, ducts, grills, vents,
filters and fans.

      Be cautions near sources of ignition like boilers and water heaters.

Turn handles of pans away from you to prevent from being bumped off
the stove

      Be aware of the dangers of wearing loose clothing near open
      flames. Also, keep kitchen towels away from open flames.

Remain alert to the dangers of leaving cooking food unattended

      Understand the importance of not picking up a pan of burning
      grease and heading for the sink. Many severe burn injuries result
      from picking up pains. Do not apply water to a grease fire.

 Keep the kitchen area clean and well-organized. Prevent grease build-up
on the kitchen floors.

     Keep kitchen exit ways clean and free of storage materials. Become
     familier with all exists from the kitchen area.

Ensure the correct type of fire extinguisher is in it correct location.

      Make sure someone in your organization conducts regular
      maintenance check of all fire protection devices.

All Employees should know how to use the fire extinguishers correctly.

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