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					                                                                                                PARISH DIARY– MARCH
                 Good Neighbours                                       Church services
                                                                        1st       St Mary’s             8.30     Eucharist (BCP)
                                                                        Lent      St Peter’s           10.00     Family Service
  Dear Friends                                                           I        Methodist Chapel     10.30     Morning Service
I have been most encouraged over the last few weeks                                                     3.00     Band Service

with the response that we have had for Volunteers for                    6th      Methodist Chapel      3.00     Women’s World Day of Prayer
the Good Neighbours scheme. From the conversations                      8th       St Mary’s            10.00     Sung Eucharist
I have had with people, this project really seems to                    Lent      St Peter’s            6.00     Evensong
                                                                         2        Methodist Chapel     10.30     Morning Service
have caught the imagination of our villages. Churches
                                                                        15th      St Mary’s             8.30     Eucharist (BCP)
do have a reputation for always demanding things - like                 Lent      St Peter’s           10.00     Sung Eucharist
your money and time! - so it is also really good to feel                 3        Methodist Chapel     10.30     Morning Service

that the church is doing something for the community.                   22nd      St Mary’s            10.00     Family Eucharist (Mothering Sunday)
                                                                        Lent      St Peter’s            6.00     Evensong
                                                                         4        Methodist Chapel     10.30     Morning Service with Holy Communion
Our next step is to sort out some of the administration
                                                                        29th      St Mary’s             8.30     Eucharist (BCP)
and to provide some training for our Volunteers. After                  Lent      St Peter’s           10.00     Sung Eucharist
that we will be in a position to launch the scheme.                      5        Methodist Chapel     10.30     Morning Service

                                                                       Other events
So watch this space!                                                    Boxted Parish Council          11th      7.00                  Boxted Village Hall
                                                                        Boxted Footpath Walk           1st       2.00                Church Lane, Boxted
   Yours in Christ                                                      Boxted Coffee Café              3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th & 31st
                                                                                                                10.30—12               Boxted Village Hall
                                                                        Boxted Evergreen Club
   Tim Bull                                                             Boxted WI                       10th     7.30                   Boxted Village Hall
                                                                                                                           (Valerie Penfold: “Mad Hatters”)
                                                                        Boxted History Group           18th      7.30 for 8.00          Boxted Village Hall
 WOMEN’S WORLD                       WEEK OF PRAYER                                                                       (Bob Malster: History of Ipswich)
  DAY OF PRAYER                       16—20 MARCH                       Boxted Art & Craft Club          4th     2.00                    Boxted Village Hall
                                  All Christians in our villages                                       18th      2.00                   Boxted Village Hall
  Prepared this year
                                                                        Boxted Bingo                    25th     7.30                    Boxted Village Hall
         by the                   are invited to join together in
                                                                        Boxted Lodgers FC         Wednesday 7.00                  King George Playing Field
  Christian women of              prayer during this week. We           Boxted Pram & Chat Club       Wednesday in school term
 PAPUA-NEW GUINEA                 shall meet for 20 minutes from                                         9.45—
                                                                                                         9.45—11.15                Boxted St Peter’s School
  “In Christ there are many                                                    Pre-
                                                                        Boxted Pre-School             Monday—
                                                                                                      Monday—Friday in school term
                                  Monday to Friday at
                                                                                           9.30—     1.30—
                                                                                           9.30—12 & 1.30—4 The Play Centre, King George Playing Field
  members but one body”           9.00 am The Rectory                   Boxted Methodist Silver Band Wednesday 7.30          Boxted Methodist Schoolroom
          Friday                  1.00 pm St Peter’s                                                      term-
                                                                                               (Monday in term-time, 7.30: Training Band)
        6 MARCH                   2.30 pm Methodist Chapel
           3 pm                                                         Langham Parish Council        31st      7.30        Langham Community Centre
                                  5.00 pm St Mary’s                     Langham Footpath Walk           8th     2.00        Langham Community Centre
      BOXTED                      8.00 pm The Rectory                   Langham WI                     12th      7.30       Langham Community Centre
     METHODIST                    If you want to see God bless
                                                                                          (Brian Carline: “An Amusing Account of Life in Schools Today”)
                                                                        Langham Good Companions         4th     2.00        Langham Community Centre
      CHAPEL                      our two villages, bringing new                                                      (Roy Waters: “Stand by your Beds”)
    Leader: Jill Jones            life and hope, then do join us.       Langham Badminton Club Thursday          8.00       Langham Community Centre
                                                                        Langham Carpet Bowls     Tuesday 2.00 & Friday 7.30
        Speaker:                  “In everything by prayer and peti-
                                                                                                                            Langham Community Centre
                                  tion with thanksgiving, present       Langham Bridge Club       Monday         7.15       Langham Community Centre
    Dr Christine Jones            your requests to God” (Phil. 4:6)             Pre-
                                                                        Langham Pre-School        Monday - Friday in school term
                                                                                                             9.30—12        Langham Community Centre
                                                                        2nd Langham Scout Group Wednesday (times vary) Langham Community Centre
                  Copy for the APRIL issue                              Langham Baby/Toddler Group Monday in school term
                                                                                                             9.45—11.15     Langham Community Centre
                  should be with the Editor
         Bodinnick Wick Road Langham CO4 5PG
               by 8 am on Monday 23 March

Published by the Langham with Boxted Parochial Church Council                  PRINTED BY EVERGREEN OFFICE SUPPLIES TEL: 01206 231111
                THE PARISH OF
Rector The Revd Dr Tim Bull          230666           BOXTED WOMEN’S INSTITUTE                   BOXTED VILLAGE HALL SNOWBALL
The Rectory, Wick Road, Langham CO45PG             The Boxted WI’s January outing was                      February Winners
       Email:            to Sue Carbutt’s Great Horkesley                        £25 Mr Ludkin
Lay Reader       Denise Hobday       230918      home for soup and a ploughman’s                         £10 Rebecca Lee
Junior Church Julie Bull             230666      lunch. Thanks to the food being do-                     £ 6 Mrs Fotheringham
Churchwardens                                                                                            £ 4 Mrs G Russell
                                                 nated by Sue and the cooks, the col-
St Mary’s Langham                                lection could be given to Breakthrough         If you would like to join the Snowball,
Stephen Garner                       272599      Breast Cancer.                                 ring John Jackson on 272776.
Ian Hollands                         230525        Helen Chua gave a fascinating dem-
St Peter’s Boxted                                onstration of Chinese cookery at the                    BOXTED VILLAGE HALL
Graham Pullen                        273804      February meeting; following her pres-              Boxted Village Hall is currently of-
Jocelyn Renouf                       272755      entation there was something of a                fering 30% discounts on the charges
Parish Clerk Anne Newman             272351      rush to the table by members wanting             for weekend bookings, making the
                                                 to sample her succulent dishes. The                                            re-
                                                                                                  terms for hiring the recently re-
Enquiries about weddings should be made to
the Rector or the Parish Clerk. For baptisms     February outing was to Heart’s Delight           furbished premises even more at-
and funerals, contact the Rector.                Garden Centre at Lawford for a stroll            tractive. For more details, ring Gill
                                                 round and lunch.                                 Pullen on 273804.
St Mary & St Peter Newsletter
Editor        Ian Hollands              230525     The 10 March meeting will welcome
         Email:          Valerie Penfold, who will demonstrate                 NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH
Advertising Gillian Flack               322999   how to decorate hats for a special oc-             Brian Hindley, the Neighbourhood
         Email:           casions.                                                Co-
                                                                                                  Watch Co-ordinator for Dedham and
Distribution Ann Barnard (Boxted)       272349     On 14 April St Helena Hospice will be          Langham, has announced that he is
               Claire Arculus (Langham) 271264   presenting a fashion show and volun-             standing down later this year. Any-
                                                 teers are being looked for both to               one who may consider taking on this
         BOXTED METHODIST CHAPEL                                      back-
                                                 model and to act as back-stage dress-            greatly valued job is invited to phone
Minister: Revd Ruth Ridge                        ers. This is an open meeting to which            Brian on 323009 or email him at
                               01787 273623
                                                     comers—           non-members—
                                                 all comers—including non-members—      
                         (Alt: 01206 210141)
47 Tidings Hill Halstead Essex CO9 1BL           are very welcome.

                                                                                 YOUTH WORKER FOR
         CHILDREN’S SOCIETY                                                      BOXTED & LANGHAM
  The Children’s Society home collec-               The working group managing the exciting Youth Worker project has been given
tion boxes will be gathered in during             the particulars of a likely candidate for our first Youth Worker appointment. The
the week beginning Monday 9 March.                immediate task, therefore, is to make sure as possible that the young person
Will holders please take them during              suits us and that we suit the young person. Contact has been established and
that week to the local Society repre-             an early decision is now expected.
sentatives:                                         The appointment will be for ten months from September with the purpose of
      Boxted: Penny Carmichael                    developing Christian youth work for youngsters aged from 9 to 14 in the villages
                272218                            and the two schools as well as the churches. The Youth Worker will liaise with
     Langham: Ian Sutherland                      the two primary schools as well as with the two churches. He or she will help to
                272486                            run clubs in the villages, working with the Sunday School children and the
                                                  Church youth group, SPASM, and being involved as much as possible in church
                                                  and village life in both Boxted and Langham.
  In spite of the dreadful weather,
there was a very good turn-out for the
February meeting, when members                         LENTEN FRUGAL LUNCHES                           BOXTED HISTORY GROUP
enjoyed a good game of Bingo.                      The annual Lenten Frugal Lunches               Richard Turner of the Boxted Airfield
  Roy Waters will be paying a further            will begin on Tuesday 3 March. There           Historical Group gave a thoroughly
visit to the Companions in March, to             will be six weekly lunches, the last be-       researched and illustrated talk on the
share with them some more interest-              ing on the Tuesday (7 April) of Holy           Boxted (Langham) Airfield from its
ing and amusing reminiscences of his             Week. The lunches will follow the Cof-         opening in the War to its closure in the
days as a National serviceman entitled           fee Café, which is from 10.30 am to            sixties. He described the different US
“Stand by Your Beds”.                                mid-
                                                 12 mid-day.                                    and, after the war’s end, British air-
  The Good Companions offer an inter-              The soup and rolls are generously            craft based there but dwelt on the vari-
esting and varied programme of meet-             provided by the organisers and their           ous characters who served at the sta-
ings and expeditions throughout the              helpers. However, donations are in-            tion. He spoke particularly of the ef-
year. As the name suggests, friend-              vited, the proceeds of which will be           fect the well paid and well provisioned
ship characterizes all the Good Com-             passed to the Colchester Emergency             Americans had on the surrounding
panions’ events—and you don’t have               Night Shelter. The Shelter provides            area and their generosity to the se-
to be more than slightly old and bold            nourishment and temporary accommo-             verely rationed villagers, especially the
to join. Have a word with Marlena                dation to the homeless and others in           children. His talk stirred the personal
Lipski on 272727.                                distress.                                      memories of not a few listeners.

 Page 2                       Please mention the Newsletter when replying to an advertisement                 St Mary & St Peter Newsletter
                                                                                            B E D & BREAKFAST            Mrs Rosie Helliwell
                                                                                                Oak Apple Farm, Greyhound Hill, Langham,
                                                                                            Colchester CO4 5QF             Tel: 01206 272234
         LANGHAM 100 CLUB                       COUNTRY DANCE & CEILIDH                           Email: oak apple
             January Winners                 Thanks to the efforts of David Winter          JOHN TOKELY                   Painter & Decorator
       £40   Pat & Colin Ward              and others, the recent Country Dance                         No job too large or small.
                                                                                                  9 Nayland Road Colchester CO4 5EG
       £25   Trish & Robin Gooding         & Ceilidh at Langham Community Cen-              Mobile: 07976 848310 Freephone 0800 611 8283
       £15   Gill Salt                     tre made a handsome £887, shared
       £10   Elaine Busbridge                                                               STEVE RAYNER        House/Garden Maintenance
                                           equally between the Lettice Dyke Edu-             Grass/Hedge cutting Weed control Clearance
If you would like to join the 100 Club,    cational Charity and the churches’               Small tree work Exterior painting Gutters cleared
ring Sylvia Hemmings on 322336.            youth group, SPASM.
                                                                                                Gates/Fencing/ Shed Services DIY jobs
                                                                                            Mobile: 07709 972728            Tel: 01206 231031

  POLICE FOR BOXTED & LANGHAM                  BOXTED BOARD GAME GROUP                      LANGHAM PRE-SCHOOL                Ofsted inspected
                                             Ian and Pauline Rayment are starting           Children aged 2-5 yrs old can learn & play in a
  New arrangements for the policing of                                                      friendly atmosphere with highly qualified staff.
Boxted and Langham have been made          a board game group. If you’d rather              Mobile: 07930 963638 (9-12.30) during term-time
by the Essex Police. The two villages      play Mah Jong, Scrabble, Backgam-                Email:

are the responsibility of the “North       mon etc rather than endure yet an-               MATHER & CO           SOLICITORS        LANGHAM
Neighbourhood Policing Team” work-         other episode of “Casualty” on a Satur-          Low cost, high quality conveyancing. Also Wills,
                                                                                            Probates and Powers of Attorney + Family and
ing from Copford Police Station under      day night, you are just the ones they’re         general legal services.         Tel: 01206 322763
Sergeant Mike Lee.                         looking for to join the group. Do get in
                                                                                            LENNIE NEWPORT Window Cleaning Services
  Instead of “Community Police Offi-       touch with Ian or Pauline on 271813.                Windows and surrounds thoroughly cleaned
                                                                                                          A reliable service
cers”, there are now “Neighbourhood                                                                                        Tel: 01206 322762
Specialist Officers”, of whom the one                 TRASH & TREASURE
                                                                                            A PAGE                     Fine Furniture & Joinery
allocated to oversee Boxted and
Langham (among several villages, in-
                                                        TABLE TOP SALE                       Pine cabinets, furniture repairs, doors & windows
                                                                                                                               Tel: 01206 323382
cluding Dedham) is PC Vicky Sanders.
She is assisted by Police Community
                                                     Boxted Village Hall                    HANDYMAN LES House/Garden maintenance
                                                                                                     DIY jobs Pruning Fence work
Support Officer (PCSO) Sue Donaldson,                       Saturday                                       All jobs considered
                                                                                            Mobile: 07940 928269            Tel: 01206 231363
who is also concerned with a number
                                                           28 March                         CARTER UPHOLSTERY          Modern & traditional
of other villages.
  PC Sanders may be contacted on:                           2—4 pm                                                                 furniture
                                                                                            Armoury Farm West Bergholt
                Telephone                          Like to hire a table?                    Colchester                    Tel: 01206 240858
       0300 333 4444 Ext 10142                Contact Ros Freeland on 273113
                  Mobile                                                                    ROSE BROWN MRSS               Shiatsu Practitioner

             07966 197310                                    In aid of                      Shiatsu is a complementary therapy providing
                                                                                            hands-on help for aches, pains, injuries, breathing/
                   Email                                                                    digestive problems, posture and general well-being.
                                              PROBLEMS WITH THE ROADS?                    Tel: 01206 271181          There is now a fast, reliable and con-         CAROL                             Fabric Alterations
  PCSO Donaldson’s Mobile number is:       venient way of reporting faults, such            Alterations & repairs to clothes and soft furnishings
                                                                                                      If it needs machining “Call me”.
              07966 197314.                as potholes, obstructions, blocked               Moor Road Langham                 Tel: 01206 272569
  More information may be found on:        drains or missing signs, in the local
                                                                                            CLEANSHINE              Window Cleaning Service          roads. Just go online to the Essex CC:              Also high standard House Cleaning Service
          FOOTPATH WALKS                                                   Call any time for a free quotation
                                                                                            Mobile: 07912 991906              Tel: 01206 272054
  Boxted’s February walk was shorter       and click on “Report a highway fault”.
                                                                                            CALOR GAS at Boxted Gas
than planned because of the wretch-                                                                       Collected or delivered
edly cold weather but those who                  From the Parish Registers                        62 Straight Road (Anglia Landscapes)
                                                                                            Mobile: 07850 690332             Tel: 01206 272215
braved it declared themselves better                      Burial
for the undoubtedly fresh air. Why not             Barbara Laura Blake                      AB              Decorating & Plastering Services
                                                                                               Painting & Decorating, Plastering, Skimming,
join the monthly Boxted or Langham                    In memoriam                            Rendering, Dry Lining, Coving and Small Repairs.
walks (or both)? They are on the first              Carolyn Williams                          Trust us to get it right first time. Fully qualified.
                                                                                            Mobile: 07825 910361                 Tel: 01206 271870
(Boxted) or second (Langham) Sunday
of the month. The Boxted walks start            LANGHAM HERITAGE GROUP                      BB SOLUTIONS            Garden Taming Service
                                                                                               Grass cutting Hedge trimming Weeding
at the King George Playing Field or          A group is being formed to study and                General Garden Maintenance & Valeting
Church Lane; the Langham ones al-                      many-
                                           record the many-faceted heritage of              Mobile: 07762 142287         Tel: 01206 271813
ways start at the Community Centre         Langham. The group will divide into              FILLPOTS                    Nursery & Tea Room
car park. They’re all very companion-      sub-
                                           sub-groups which will each investigate            Shrubs Perennials Bedding plants Floristry
                                                                                             Planted containers Hanging Baskets Composts
able and the walking moderate.             a particular aspect of the village, the                       Tea room open daily 10—4
    LANGHAM COMMUNITY SHOP                 results being periodically presented to          52 Straight Road Boxted         Tel: 01206 273834

             HEATING OIL                   the public. In this way, people can do
                                                                                                            NEED TO TALK TO SOMEONE?
  The next delivery of heating oil under   their own research at a time and place
the group ordering scheme will be in       that suit them. It is not necessary to
                                                                                            Available 24 hours a day to provide confidential support for
the week beginning 9 March. If you         be a resident in Langham to join the             people who are experiencing feelings of distress or despair,
want to have a delivery then, please       group; the important thing is to have a          including those which may lead to suicide

add your name, address and quantity        real interest in the subject.                            12 Vineyard Street Colchester
needed to the list at the Community         If you would like more details, please                     Open 10am to 8pm daily
Shop by 4 March at the latest.  .          contact Laura Smerdon on 230327.                                 01206 561234

 Published by the Langham w. Boxted PCC          Please mention the Newsletter when replying to an advertisement                              Page 3
                                                                                                                                                    Period Building Specialists
                 EXTERIOR CARE                                                      ANGLIA SKIP HIRE
         Colchester’s Premier Roofing Specialist
                                                                                      01206 272673                                                                    BARNARD
      New Roofs & Repairs ♦ Leadwork ♦ Gutters & Fascias                                                                                                            CONSTRUCTION
        Chimney Work & Pointing ♦ Flat Roofs a Speciality
Free estimates                               20 years+ experience   Same                      4—6—8                     Bagged                                          LTD.
         For Quality, Reliability & Service call                    Day                        YARD                   Aggregate
                                                                                                                                               Tel. 01206 272909          Mob. 07789 680124
  01206 272 453 or Mobile 0797 001 6234                             Service                    SKIPS                   Supplied                   1 Cage Lane, Boxted, Colchester CO4 5RE

                    JANE BURTON                                     1a Challenge Way
                                                                    Hythe Hill
                                                                                                                                            T.P. Brundell                       Upholsterer
                   Traditional Flooring                                                                                                        Antique & Modern Re-upholstery
   CARPET       WOOD      STONE     SLATE     MARBLE                                                               Computer Store
                AMTICO      VINYL      RUGS                         CO1 2LY      01206 795493                                                      Loose Covers & Curtains
           Designed to your personal requirements                   • Free pickup & delivery • Full PC upgrade service • Laptops & PCs
Welmans          Lamberts Lane       Great Tey     CO6 1AP
                                                                                                                                                       Free Estimates
                                                                          • Wide range of peripherals • Helpful jargon free advice
                    Tel: 01787 222770                                                                              36 Silcott Street Brightlingsea             Tel: 305635

                                                                                     JIM BROW                                               BRIAN           GARDEN MAINTENANCE
                                                                                    Oil Boiler & Aga                                        SAGE                       PAINTING
  R E M O V A L S                &     S T O R A G E
                 Tel. 01206 322255                                                   Maintenance                                              Hedge & Grass Cutting Pruning Pressure Washing
   The Old Maltings      Lower Stratford St Mary    CO7 6JS                                                                                          Painting Exterior & Interior Odd Jobs
                                                                    Tel: 01206-272012                   Mobile: 07885-504036
                                                                                                       Mobile: 07513 150526                   Tel: 01206 273292

                 BLOSSOM HOUSE                                             Architectural Services                                                          Penrose & Partners
                                                                                     Homa Design Ltd                                                  Veterinary Surgeons
                  KINDERGARTEN                                                                                                                9.00 to 6.30 Weekdays, Wed evening & Sat morning
                    Children’s Nursery                                                 Langham                                                        All consultations by appointment
                                                                         New buildings, extensions, conversions                                          24 hour emergency service
                     (2-5 years old)                                       Planning & Building Regulations                                     70 Brinkley Lane Highwoods Tel: 842608
         STRATFORD ST MARY                                                        Tel: 01206 272247                                           & “Peelers End” Stratford St Mary Tel: 323414
                       01206 323093

                                                                               Master That Computer !!                                                     BEECHWOOD
                     BABY BARNS                                         Learn on your PC in your own home or office

                      ARDLEIGH                                      New users — Basic skills, e.mail, Internet, online shopping,                 LUXURY CATTERY
                                                                                  ticket & holiday reservations etc                               MOOR ROAD LANGHAM
    Baby Care from 3 months to 2 years                              Current users — Spreadsheets, word processing,
                                                                                      website design & general assistance.                  Julie                      Tel: 01206 272937
              01206 231195                                                                                                                  Riches                  Mobile: 07792 061856
                                                                          Call Ian on 01206 271813 or 07762 142287

                    Michael J Byles                                                                                                                           John Burrell
                     Plumbing & Heating                             Tree Work & Hedging                                                            Joiner and Cabinet Maker
  Oil Boiler Installations        Servicing & Maintenance                Fully qualified + insured               Free Estimates             Specialising in Bedrooms, Studies and Kitchens
                         Oftec Registered
   General Plumbing & Heating work also undertaken
                                                                                     Firewood available                                                  Design and Installation
                                                                                Seasoned + split            Free delivery                   Individually designed to perfectly fit your space
Telephone 01206 822225               Mobile 07717 012433
                 E –mail: michaeljbyles
                                                                    Call G Ely               Mobile: 07860 833634                           01206 525049                       07734 700507

   ALAN WHITERED LANDSCAPE SERVICES                                     FISHER JO ES GREE WOOD LLP                                              TIN-BINS                   SKIP HIRE
    All Aspects of Quality Landscaping Undertaken                                                                                                     STRAIGHT ROAD BOXTED
                                                                                S    O   L    I    C    I    T   O     R    S
 Paving/Paths            Block Paving        Drives/Patios                                                                                                   2-4-6-8- yard skips
 Brickwork/Walls         Fencing             Timber Features
 Turfing/Planting        Hedge Cutting       Maintenance                            Wills and Probate                                              Fully licensed and qualified in
                                                                                                                                                  Waste Management & Recycling
Telephone: 01206 272528                Mobile: 07804 668233                •   Wills                                                              Tel. Colchester 272751
                                                                           •   Inheritance tax planning
                                                                           •   Lasting powers of attorney
                        M T Sara                                           •   Town centre office and office on                             FUTURE ELECTRICAL LTD                             272494
  PAINTER & DECORATOR                                                          Colchester Business Park
                  and small odd jobs                                                                                                        YOUR LOCAL ELECTRICIANS                   07798 865377

            Phone Col. 272223                                                                                                               FREE QUOTATIONS     PHONE POINTS & DIGITAL TV SYSTEMS
                                                                         Call 01206 578282/835300 or visit
           Mobile 07748 190992                                                                                           FAMILY BUSINESS          QUALIFIED & REGISTERED

                            HYP OTHERAPY
                        Caring & confidential help with stress,
                                                                    H                                                                              Hunnaball Funeral Service
                                                                                                                                              York House 41 Mersea Road Colchester
                        relaxation, phobias, confidence, sleep,
                        smoking and other problems. Please
                       contact HUGH on 01206 323089
                                                                    Dance aerobic classes, combining pilates, yoga, kick boxing and dance
                                                                    to fresh music and moves.
                                                                    Classes at Highwoods and St John’s, Colchester.
                                                                    Contact Debbie on E:
                                                                                                                                             Caring personal service from a family business
                                                                                                                                              Immediate attention anytime, please contact:
PRACTITIO ER              or Email: hughhyp                                                                                       TREVOR, MELANIE or SAUL HUNNABALL
                        Why not take a look at Hugh’s Website:                         T: 07968 203645
Stratford St Mary                     or refer to Class Locator on                               Tel: COLCHESTER 760049

          A.H. BLAND                                                                MRS CHRIS ELLIOTT                                                Home Computer Tuition
                                                                                             APPROVED                                               Personalised tuition in your own home
 Landscaping & Treework Service                                                     DRIVING INSTRUCTOR                                              on your own machine at your own time
                                                                                                                                                         Total beginners or just plain “stuck”
         Tel: 01206 869559 (24 hours)                                           School Road Langham                                            E-mail—Internet—Word Processing—Photography—Scanning
                                                                            Friendly, reliable 1 to 1 tuition                                               Home & small business accounts
                 or 272426                                              10% DISCOUNT WITH THIS NEWSLETTER                                              You name it and I’ll tell you if I can’t help
                                                                                                                                            Phone Adrian Arnold on 01206 273474 anytime
           Mobile Tel: 07771 626548                                 01206 273132                            07973 570022                                 E-mail:

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