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									                             Anchorage Fire Department

For Immediate Release:                      Jennifer Klugh, Public Affairs/Education
September 7, 2006                           (907) 267-4956/(907)317-9929

                      Anchorage Fire Department Memorial for
                        Fifth Anniversary of September 11th

      On Monday, 9/11/06 at 9:30 am, members of the Anchorage Fire Department will
remember those who lost their lives on in the attacks on September 11, 2001. They will be
joined by Fire Chief Craig Goodrich, Police Chief Walt Monegan, Municipal Manager Denis
LeBlanc, and Mayor Mark Begich.
      The memorial service will include one minute of silence to recognize the sacrifices
incurred by all uniformed service members on 9/11. In addition to the 343 firefighters lost by
FDNY, NYPD lost 23 officers, The Port Authority of New York lost 37 police officers, and 39
Paramedics and EMTs also gave their lives.
      The ceremony will take place at the Alaska Fallen Firefighters Memorial at the Regional
Fire Training Center at 1140 Airport Heights Road. The Anchorage Firefighters Local 1264
Honor Guard will also be presenting.


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