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					                      ELDERBERRY PATCH
               Prince William Senior Center at Manassas
                    9320 Mosby St., Manassas, VA 20110
            A Program of the Prince William Area Agency on Aging
                              703-792-6405 main
                           NOVEMBER 2009

             Saturday, November 7th
                          9 a.m. – 2 p.m.
       Prince William Senior Center at Manassas
               9320 Mosby St, Manassas
     (off Grant Ave., across from the Adult Detention Center or
      off Rte. 28, turn on West Courthouse between the Social
       Security office and the Habitat for Humanity Restore.)

      Beautiful handmade crafts, holiday decorations,
      homemade baked goods, and our annual raffle.
             Also, our annual RUMMAGE SALE!
       (Accepting donations through November 6th)

                           Sponsored by:
Friends of the Prince William Senior Center @ Manassas
      For further information call 703-792-6405

Lifetime Fitness I - M*, W, F*         10:00 a.m.
                                                       CENTER HORSESHOE TOURNAMENT
                                                              During the Bazaar & Rummage Sale
Stand Tall, Don’t Fall - Tu, Th 9:10 & 10:00 a.m.                Saturday, November 7, 2009
                                                                    10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Chair Exercise - Wed                   12:30 p.m.
                                                       If you are interested in playing in the tournament,
Gentle Yoga – Tu                       11:00 a.m.      there is a sign up sheet on the main bulletin board.
                                                          NOVEMBER 3, 2009
Tai Chi – M*                             9:10 a.m.       GENERAL ELECTION
Tai Chi for Health – Wed                 2:00 p.m.    Don’t forget to vote at the General Election on
                                                      November 3, 2009.
* These classes have nominal charges. In addition
to these exercise classes, the following dance        For more information, visit the Registrar of
classes are offered:                                  Voters’ website at or call
                                                      their office at 703-792-6470.
Line Dancing - M, Tu, Th                10:00 a.m.

Dance Movement - Wed                     3:00 p.m.
                                                                  SOCIAL SECURITY
Tap Dance - F                            3:00 p.m.                   OUTREACH
                                                             Friday, November 6th at 12:30 p.m.
There are times when classes must be rescheduled
or cancelled due to room availability. Also, our      Claims representative Julio Alvarado will have
dancers often are in the community performing.        outreach hours at the senior center in Manassas on
Please check with those instructors if you’re         November 6th. If you are approaching retirement,
unsure of a schedule change.                          presently receiving benefits, and or would like
                                                      to apply for benefits, this is a great opportunity to
                                                      get hands-on experience and information using the
                                                      Social Security OnLine website.
         Most Wednesdays           ♫♪♫                Mr. Alvarado is bi-lingual in English and Spanish.
          Following Lunch

If you have been joining the Wednesday lunch               FRIENDS OF THE SENIOR CENTER
crowd, you already know that music has become
                                                                          Peg Bassette
part of the cleanup. Linda (our cook) has decided
                                                                         Sharon Bauer
to spice things up by conducting a quick version of
                                                                         Luis Cifuentes
“Name That Tune.” It’s all in fun, but Linda will
                                                                           Kat Cooke
be awarding prizes to those that jump in first!
                                                                           Sue Gillon
                                                                          Carol Nolan
                                                                         Len Postman
             BLUEBIRD TRIPS                                              Anna Ryman
                                                                          Helen Tang
 All of our upcoming BLUEBIRD TOURS are
                                                                       Doris Tchakirides
  posted on the lobby bulletin board, and are
                                                                        Lowell Thomas
  available for pick up at the reception desk.
                                                                       Charlotte Walker
                Check them out!
                                                                        John Rodriquez
ACOUSTIC GUITARIST TO PERFORM                                        WAIST AWAY!
              Late Opening Today                             Wednesday November 18th ONLY
            Center Opens at 11:00 a.m.                            9:30 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.
                                                      Waist Away! welcomes new members who are
            Friday, November 13, 2009
                                                      interested in making healthy eating choices and
            Entertainment @ 4:00 p.m.
                                                      maintaining a healthy weight.
                Dinner @ 5:00 p.m.
Mark Bedell, acoustic guitarist, will be our
featured performer tonight. Mark has been playing               HEALTH SCREENING
the acoustic guitar for over 22 years and will play
                                                                  Blood Pressure / Glucose
instrumental selections from the ragtime era to the
present.                                                           Thursday, November 5th
                                                                   10:30 a.m. – 12:00 noon
Sign up in the office for this performance on
Friday, November 13th at 4:00 p.m. Sit back and
relax while Mark entertains us and then enjoy a
Chicken Cordon Bleu dinner at 5:00 p.m.
                                                            BLOOD PRESSURE BASICS
                                                              Tuesday, November 3rd, 11:00 a.m.
                                                               Presenter – Ronit Goncalves, RN
       Friday, November 20th, 11:00 a.m.              Come for a discussion of what your blood pressure
 Guest Speaker - Vicki Graham, Director, ACTS         numbers mean and tips for maintaining your blood
                    Helpline                          pressure at a healthy level. At the conclusion there
                                                      will be a fun game of Blood Pressure Bingo!

Come join Vicki Graham for a lively discussion on
using the holidays to enhance relationships with
family and friends. The holidays can be a stressful
time for some as family gets together, however,
                                                           HEALTHY HOLIDAY EATING
                                                             (for those with Diabetes and others)
with a positive outlook and tips from Ms. Graham
                                                            Wednesday, November 18th, 11:00 a.m.
you'll be ready to enjoy the holidays.
                                                       Special Guest – Kathy Reily, Dietician, Certified
                                                                      Diabetes Educator
                                                                Prince William Health System
    Wednesday, November 18th at 11:00 a.m.            We are pleased to have Kathy Reily join us to
                                                      discuss Healthy Holiday Eating for those who have
Whether you’ve had a stroke or have a family
                                                      diabetes or those determined to enjoy the festive
member or friend who has had a stroke, come join
                                                      season healthily.
others in similar situations. You will find stroke
survivors who have taken control of their lives and
                                                      Since food is an important part of holidays, Ms.
continue to enjoy the things that mean the most to
                                                      Reily will share strategies for healthy eating and
them. One of our Senior Center members, Sam
                                                      recipe makeover ideas.
Aylesworth, a stroke survivor himself, is
facilitating the Stroke Support Group.
                                                 FRIENDS OF THE SENIOR CENTER
                                                          FOOD DRIVE

         Thursday, November 19th                The Friends of the Senior Center are embarking on
                                                a holiday food drive to help other seniors in our
                 2 seatings                     community that are in need. The Friends will
                                                sponsor a collection box in the front lobby, and are
         11:30 a.m. and 12:45 p.m.
                                                collecting non-perishable foods and small personal
                                                care items.
       $1.00 holds your reservation
                                                Keep in mind, please, that many of the seniors in
The staff at Verizon cordially invites          the community are living alone or with one other
everyone to join them as they host our          person.     Therefore, we are asking that you
annual Thanksgiving Dinner. This event is       consider size when donating items. Please donate
                                                small, non-perishable items such as small cans of
always a great day – wonderful food,
                                                vegetables and soups, individual serving sizes of
companionship, and entertainment, fill the      small canned meat and fish, smaller boxes of rice,
day as one of the biggest events of the year    instant potatoes, cereals, puddings, jello, and
takes place.                                    individual or small cans or boxes of juice
                                                concentrate, teas, coffees and hot chocolate.
Due to popular demand for this event, we
                                                Your donations will go far toward making the
hold two seatings. We hope that this will
                                                holiday season much happier for those in need!
alleviate much of the “hurry up and wait”       The Friends of the Senior Center will make up the
that has happened in years past, and make       baskets, with referrals coming from our social
the day more enjoyable for all.                 workers at the Agency on Aging. The Friends will
                                                add a grocery gift certificate to each basket to help
Be sure to stop in the office to make your      the individual have a well balanced meal, complete
                                                with fresh produce and meats!
reservation for a delicious dinner and
receive your timed ticket.                      Please…NO glass containers and watch for
                                                expired dates.
**Please note that ALL regularly scheduled
 activities will be cancelled on this date.**   The food collection will take place throughout
                                                November and December.

                                                          Thank you all for contributing!

                                                        FRESH EVERGREEN
     BRAIN FITNESS!                                       CENTERPIECE
                                                          Monday, November 30th
                                                               12:30 p.m.
         A new memory-enhancing class
             Another class coming                     Join us in welcoming back Gillian Quintana and
            Monday, November 16th                     members from the Country Side Garden Club, as
               9:30 – 12:00 noon                      they help us prepare for the season with our
              Marianne Nigreville                     traditional Fresh Evergreens Centerpiece class.
                     $20.00                           Wouldn’t you like to create your very own
                                                      everlasting arrangement that, with just a little bit of
  Basic computer skills are necessary to enroll!      care, will last throughout the holiday season?

                                                      An assortment of fresh evergreens – pine, cedar,
            A.A.R.P. MEETING                          boxwood, magnolia and holly, will be provided,
                                                      along with the floral foam needed. As in the past,
                                                      we’ll also have fresh flowers available for you to
     Thursday, November 12th at 1:30 p.m.             add to your centerpiece. Enrollees will need to
The AARP meeting will be held on Thursday,            bring a container for their creation, or the
November 12th at 1:30 p.m.                            bottom of a 2 – liter soda bottle, scissors or
                                                      garden shears, and any small decorations you
                                                      may want to add to personalize your

                                                      Throughout the past years, participants have used
                                                      special dishes of their own, added candles,
                                                      figurines, and anything that adds just “that special
    SAVE THIS DECEMBER DATE:                          unique touch”.
               December 7, 2009
        Sign-up begins November 23rd!                 Please sign up early, as class size is limited to 10
  Supervisor Wally Covington’s Annual Holiday         people.

                                                                                  MOVIE DAYS
 CELEBRATE NOVEMBER BIRTHDAYS                                                   Mondays at 11:00 a.m.
        Friday, November 20th
              12:30 p.m.
                                                         November 9th – How Green Was My Valley
Please join us for our monthly birthday celebration
following lunch on the second Friday of every
                                                              November 23rd – Dr. Dolittle
month. If you have a birthday in the current
month, be sure to stop by the office and put your
name in for the birthday drawing. The Friends of
the Senior Center contribute a gift certificate for
one lucky winner every month, but you must                        CANCELLATIONS
register prior to the birthday celebration.                        IN NOVEMBER:
The winner at the October Birthday celebration:                        SOLITAIRES
Cecil Shortridge - he will be going to American
Buffet.                                                        THE COMPUTER CLASS
              LEGAL SERVICE                                    OPERATION

                                                        Join the Friends of the Senior Center in writing
                                                        letters to welcome home sailors, airmen, soldiers
                                                        and marines upon their return to BWI. Write a
       Monday, November 23rd at 11:00 a.m.              note, thanking them for their service – notes will
                                                        be delivered to this volunteer organization that is a
Ron Settle from Northern Virginia Legal Services        part of the Veteran’s Outreach Center, and
takes appointments at the senior center on the 4th      included in the “goodie bags” they receive upon
Monday of each month. Please call the office at         arrival. Just drop the notecards off in the specially
(703) 792-6405 to place your name on the                marked bag at the reception desk. These notes of
schedule.                                               appreciation and welcome will become part of
                                                        operation Welcome Home Goodie Bags.
You will be required to fill out a form with basic
information, so allow time for that.                    This is a great project to take on for Veteran’s
                                                        Day, coming up on November 11th.

                           ON AGING
                                                                   PINECONE WREATHS

      Tuesday, November 24th @ 10:00 a.m.

The meeting will take place at the Prince William
Senior Center at Manassas.

                                                                   Monday, November 23, 2009
     INCLEMENT                                                             9:00 a.m.
                                                                            $ 3.00
       POLICY                                           We will welcome back Karen Belle on Monday,
                                                        November 23rd to lead us in making a lasting
When       PRINCE       WILLIAM       COUNTY            holiday decoration – a Pinecone Wreath! Please
SCHOOLS are closed due to snow, ice, and bad            sign up at the reception desk if you are interested
weather, the senior center is CLOSED. When the          in making a wreath for yourself or as a gift. Karen
COUNTY schools are delayed in opening, we are           was with us last year, and the results were
OPEN. Listen to your local radio and TV stations        beautiful. You’ll need your own glue gun, wire
for closings.                                           cutters, and a few hours to form and create this
                                                        lasting decoration.    Bring along any special
If you have a scheduled class, it will be cancelled     decorations you may want to add- such as acorns,
if the schools are closed, but not cancelled if there   pinecones, and nuts – to make your wreath truly
is just a delay! No meals are served in either the      one of a kind.
congregate nutrition program at the senior center,
or on our Meals on Wheels routes when the senior         The nominal fee will cover the costs of supplies.
center is closed due to inclement weather.                   This class is limited to 6 people only.

         CONGREGATE                                                     MEDICARE
      NUTRITION PROGRAM                                          PRESCRIPTION DRUG FRAUD

Below is the suggested contribution table. The
table is on a sliding scale according to your
                                                         Medicare began offering prescription drug coverage
monthly income. The minimum suggested
                                                         January 1, 2006, when the Medicare program expanded
donation is $1.50.                                       to include outpatient prescription drug coverage. This
Everyone is given the opportunity to make this           relatively new benefit is known as the Medicare
                                                         Prescription Drug Plan, or Medicare “Part D”. The
donation anonymously. You can make your
                                                         Annual Election Period, otherwise known as the AEP is
donation in cash or check payable to Prince              a time during which Medicare beneficiaries can enroll
William County. Your guests are always welcome           in or disenroll from a prescription drug plan, switch to a
(please sign them in when you do), and for those         different plan, and change between original Medicare
under the age of 60, there is a charge of $5.75. If      Advantage Plan with prescription drug coverage. This
you have any questions, see Sue Gilbert.                 Annual Election Period runs from November 15 –
                                                         December 31, 2009
 Note: Please let us know if you will be having          As Prescription Drug Plans are the newest area of
 lunch at the senior center by 10:30 a.m. that           Medicare, the rules and guidelines are less familiar to
                      day.                               beneficiaries and caregivers.         Unlike Original
        You can call and let us know at                  Medicare, drug coverage through Medicare Part D is
     (703) 792-6405 or drop by the center.               offered by private health plans. Companies began
                                                         marketing Part D plans in October 2005. As with any
     Monthly Income:          Suggested Donation:        new program, this creates an opportunity for dishonest
       Under $300                     $1.50              individuals to take advantage of Medicare beneficiaries.
       $301 - $400                    $2.25              Remember to document health appointments and re-
       $401 - $500                    $3.00              check them to your Medicare Summary Notice. Also
       $501 - $600                    $3.75              count the number of pills in your prescription container
       $601 - $700                    $4.50              before you leave the pharmacy. Other fraud schemes to
       $701 - $800                    $5.00              look out for include:
       Over - $800                    $5.75
                                                             •    Billing for non-covered patients
                                                             •    Billing for drugs not prescribed
The suggested contribution table is helpful to               •    Billing for amounts beyond the quantity
use for our lunch program. Refer to the noon                      prescribed
lunch menu on our September calendar, on the                 •    Billing for brand name drugs but dispensing
main bullentin board.                                             generic drugs instead
                                                             •    Billing for excess of physician’s prescription
                                                             •    Prescription forged by a provider or supplier
                                                             •    Prescription written and signed by physician
    RECENT HOSPITALIZATION?                                       who has not treated or seen recipient
    A CHANGE IN YOUR HEALTH?                                 •    Additional equipment/supplies added to a valid
When a senior participant has been hospitalized or
has had a significant change in health status, the       When considering potential fraud related to
                                                         Prescription Drug Plans, it’s important to note that
senior center manager will request the participant
                                                         CMS has very specific marketing restrictions. If you
submit a written statement from their physician
                                                         have questions about potential Medicare or Medicaid
stating the ability to return to the senior center and   fraud, waste or error, please call the SMP Program at
resume activities.                                       1-800-938-8885.
This is a policy which we follow. To avoid delay         For additional information about Medicare Plans and
when you want to return, please get your                 Medicare Prescription Part D, contact your local
physician’s statement prior to coming back!              Virginia Insurance Counseling Assistance Program
                                                         (VICAP) at 703-792-4156.
                                                                 NOVEMBER 2009
         Monday                         Tuesday                          Wednesday                         Thursday                              Friday
2                         3                                4                                  5                                  6

 9:10   Tai Chi            9:10 Stand Tall, Don’t Fall     10:00   Fitness I                   9:10   Stand Tall, Don’t Fall     11:00 Reminiscing
 9:00   Piano             10:00 Stand Tall, Don’t Fall     10:00   Table Tennis - cancelled   10:00   Stand Tall, Don’t Fall     12:30 Social Security
10:00   Crafts            10:00 Knitting/Crocheting        10:30   Painting Class             10:00   Line Dancing - cancelled    1:00 NARFE Meeting
10:00   Fitness I         10:00 Line Dancing               12:30   Chair Exercise             10:30   Blood Pressure/Glucose
10:00   Line Dancing      11:00 Blood Pressure              2:00   Tai Chi for Health         12:30   Bible Study                ALL CLASSES HAVE BEEN
 1:00   Bridge                  Basics                      3:00   Dance Movement             12:30   Wii                          CANCELLED DUE TO
 1:00   Straight Poker    12:30 Bingo                                                         12:30   Mahjong                      SETTING UP FOR THE
                           1:30 Poker                                                                                                   BAZAAR

                                                                                                                                  LUNCH WILL BE SERVED
                                                                                                                                    IN THE CARD ROOM

     Salisbury Steak              Manicotti Cheese                    Pork Chopette                       Beef Stew                      Chicken & Noodles
9                         10                               11                                 12                                 13

 9:10   Tai Chi            9:10 Stand Tall, Don’t Fall                  SENIOR                 9:10   Stand Tall, Don’t Fall     12:30 Ceramics
 9:00   Piano             10:00 Stand Tall, Don’t Fall                  CENTER                10:00   Stand Tall, Don’t Fall      1:00 Poker
10:00   Crafts            10:00 Knitting/Crocheting                     CLOSED                10:00   Line Dancing                3:00 Tap Dancing
10:00   Fitness I         10:00 Line Dancing                                                  12:30   Bible Study                 4:00 Acoustic Guitarist
10:00   Line Dancing      12:30 Friends of the                                                12:30   Wii                              Entertainment
11:00   Movie Day             Senior Center Meeting                                           12:30   Mahjong                     5:00 Dinner
 1:00   Bridge            12:30 Bingo                                                          1:30   AARP Meeting
 1:00   Straight Poker     1:30 Poker
                                                                                                                                      LATE OPENING TODAY

                                                                                                                                 Center will open at 11:00 a.m.
                                                                    VETERANS DAY

     Sausage Gravy                 Cabbage Rolls                                                         BBQ Pork                      Chicken Cordon Bleu
16                        17                               18                                 19                                 20

 9:10   Tai Chi            9:10   Stand Tall, Don’t Fall    9:30   Waist Away                                                    10:00 Fitness I
 9:00   Piano             10:00   Stand Tall, Don’t Fall   10:00   Fitness I                  Annual Thanksgiving Dinner         10:00 Ceramics
 9:30   MindFit           10:00   Knitting/Crocheting      10:00   Table Tennis                                                  10:00 Table Tennis
10:00   Crafts            10:00   Line Dancing             10:30   Painting Class                                                11:00 Reminiscing
                                                                                              11:30 Thanksgiving Dinner
10:00   Fitness I         12:30   Bingo                    11:00   Stroke Support Group                                          11:00 The Turkeys You Know
                                                                                                 (By Reservation ONLY)
10:00   Line Dancing       1:30   Poker                    11:00   Healthy Holiday Eating                                              and Learned To Love
 1:00   Bridge                                             12:30   Chair Exercise                                                12:30 Birthday Party
 1:00   Straight Poker                                      2:00   Tai Chi for Health         12:45 Thanksgiving Dinner          12:30 Ceramics
                                                            3:00   Dance Movement                 (By Reservation ONLY)           1:00 Poker
                                                                                                                                  3:00 Tap Dancing
                                                                                              All classes are cancelled today
                                                                                              for the Thanksgiving Dinner
        Chipped Beef              Chicken Pot Pie                   Swedish Meatballs                                                        Fish Fillet
23                        24                               25                                 26                                 27

 9:00   Pinecone Wreath    9:10 Stand Tall, Don’t Fall                                                    SENIOR                             SENIOR
 9:10   Tai Chi           10:00 Stand Tall, Don’t Fall                                                    CENTER                             CENTER
 9:00   Piano             10:00 Knitting/Crocheting                Senior Center Closed                   CLOSED                             CLOSED
10:00   Crafts            10:00 Line Dancing
10:00   Fitness I         10:00 COA Meeting –
10:00   Line Dancing       Manassas Senior Center                          Staff
11:00   Legal Service     12:30 Bingo                                   In-Service
11:00   Movie Day          1:30 Poker                                      Day
 1:00   Bridge
 1:00   Straight Poker
                                                                                                                   THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY

         Crab Cake              Vegetable Lasagna

 9:10 Tai Chi                        Reminder
 9:00 Piano
                                                                Annual Holiday Bazaar and                                             SENIOR CENTER
10:00 Crafts                   Daylight Savings Time                                                    Reminder
                                                                     Rummage Sale
10:00 Fitness I                Begins November 1st                                                    General Election                    HOURS
10:00 Line Dancing                                                                                     November 3rd
                                                                 Saturday, November 7th
12:30 Evergreen                                                                                                                           Monday – Friday
                                                                  9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
      Centerpiece                                                                                                                       9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
 1:00 Bridge
 1:00 Straight Poker

         Meat Loaf

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