When Finished: by pw9Hlop


									      When Finished:
Get book box and read silently.
Do math papers in Friday Folder.
Work on Reading Folder.
Show your work to your teacher.
Complete the assignment below.
How to use:

  1.   Modify directions as needed for your class.
  2.   Print both pages and laminate.
  3.   Cut out arrows.
  4.   Magnetize the back of sign and arrows.
  5.   Post sign on board for students to reference whenever they finish an assignment. Line
       up the blank arrow next to the direction you want them to follow. If you want students to
       do two things, use the first and then arrows.

         First                          Then

Tip: Create directions that will fit all situations: sometimes students need to do something silent
(such as while others are still testing); sometimes it’s okay for them to work on other things as
long as they remain fairly quiet; and at other times they can move around.

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