Committee Job Description List by S9FwS08m



Articulation Dinner: Plan and present a formal dinner, usually in October, for middle school & junior high
school principals and faculty.
Bake Sale: Coordinate delivery and sale of baked goods to student body on the first Wednesday of each
Booster Club Liaison: Report Booster Club activities to MG and MG activities to Booster Club.
Campus Ministry: Family Liturgies: Coordinate with the Campus Ministry office the Father/Son
Communion Breakfast and the Mothers’ Lenten Day of Recollection.
Campus Ministry: Student Retreats: Coordinate refreshments for KAIROS retreats.
Chorus Liaison: Report on Chorus activities to MG. Coordinate refreshments and dinners for Chorus
events and Fine Arts Festival on the day that Chorus performs.
Dance Chaperones: Organize chaperones for all dances and provide refreshments, set-up, service and
clean-up for Homecoming Dance, Winter Formal and Spring Fling.
Drama Liaison: Report on Drama activities to MG. Coordinate refreshments and dinners for Drama
Productions, Theatre Awards Night and Fine Arts Festival.
Drumline Liaison: Report on Drumline activities to MG. Work with Drumline Director and coordinate
Drumline parents in providing meals and transportation for Drumline during football season and other
performances as needed. Assist Drama & Chorus Liaisons with the Fine Arts Festival on the day that
Drumline performs.
Faculty Lunch: Organize the procurement or preparation of a monthly lunch for faculty and staff.
Helping Hands: Initiate MG prayer chain via email as needed. Coordinate volunteers as needed for meal
support on a limited basis (twice a week for two to four weeks maximum). Information will be forwarded by
School Administration, Counseling Department, or other means.
Homecoming: Coordinate Homecoming (except dance) activities with Student Activities Director.
Hospitality: Academic/Graduation Events: Coordinate refreshments for the New Parents Meeting,
Baccalaureate Mass Reception, and Faculty-Staff Graduation Luncheon.
Hospitality: Monthly Board Meetings: Coordinate refreshments for monthly Mothers Guild meetings.
Hospitality: School Events: Coordinate refreshments for Back-to-School Day, Open House, Freshman
Registration and Junior Class Ring Ceremony (in conjunction with Director of Student Activities).
Knightwear: Work closely with Business Manager to procure and maintain inventory of Knightwear.
Coordinate sales at MG meetings and specific school events.
Publicity/Historian: Photograph and publicize Mothers' Guild events as necessary. Maintain a scrapbook
or display board of photographs, programs, and clippings of events and display at Open House, Freshman
Registration and the Spring Luncheon.
Sports Banquets: Coordinate three dinners during the school year (Fall, Winter, Spring) for athletes and
their families.
Supplies: Keep Mothers' Guild closet stocked and orderly and assist Committee Chairs with MG supplies as
Window Display: Work closely with Knightwear Committee and the Booster Club to artfully display
products in the school's display window. The display is to be changed six (6) times per school year: School
Start, Fall. Christmas, Winter, Spring, and Summer.
Yard Sale: With a committee, plan, coordinate and execute the yearly Yard Sale held in the spring.

                                                                                                      July 2011

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