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									                     ATLAS EXPLORER SCOUT UNIT
                     TRIP INFORMATION & PERMISSION
Please read this form very carefully – it contains information about camp. ****KEEP THIS TOP SECTION****

 Camp                       Aladdin, Christmas Panto            Venue        William Aston Hall, Glyndwr University.
                          Join the rest of Wrexham District Scouts to watch the Xmas panto, Aladdin, at William Aston Hall. It is a big family
 Details*                 show starring Tim Vincent, Hayley Clark and John Clark
 Deposit/Full fee**       £7                                                                Required by
                                                                                                                 29 September

 Balance**                N/A                                                   Balance required by              N/A
**Cash or cheque made payable to “Wrexham District Scout Council”
* Please post to Russell Wyn-Thomas, 128 Cefn Road, Wrexham, LL13 9NR.

 GETTING THERE                              Meet                                                      Pick up
 Where                         William Aston Hall, Glyndwr Uni                            William Aston Hall, Glyndwr Uni

 Time                          Show Starts 2:30pm (Time TBC)                                              TBC
                                                th                                                          th
 Date                              Sunday 12 December                                          Sunday 12 December

 Transport     
                No thanks, just meet & pick up as above
                Yes, please meet as above and help transport Explorer Scouts & kit to venue*
                Yes, please pick up from venue and help transport Explorer Scouts & kit back to pick up*
               *if you can’t do this, please contact Russell on 07713 712804 as soon as possible. We probably won’t
               require EVERY parent to help with transport and will share it out as fairly as possible when we meet up

 HOME CONTACT         ALL communication between us and the parents/carers during the camp is to be via the
 home contact. If you need to know anything, or need to get urgent information to us, please contact:
 Name                     Ursula Wyn-Thomas

 Telephone                01978 290308

By signing below, you declare that you understand and accept the following:
    1) If you wish to contact your child during the camp please do so via the home contact who will get in touch with us.
        Please ask your child not to phone home during the camp, without first asking the permission of a Leader. 2) We can
        accept no responsibility for personal equipment, clothing and effects, and the Scout Association does not provide
        automatic insurance cover for such items.

***********Please complete and return this section************ You NEED the section above – keep it!                         
 EMERGENCY CONTACT Please give details of who we should be contacted during camp
 Name                                                         Relationship to Explorer Scout
 Telephone       Day:                                Evening:                            Mobile:

   Name of Explorer Scout                                                                       Camp        Aladdin, Xmas Panto
 I have read and understood the above information and give permission for my child to go on the above activity. I have
 previously filled in a Health Information Form and no details have changed since then (if you are unsure of what you put on the
 form, please request to see it)

 Signed (Parent/Carer)                                                 Date

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