Key by ELe90QyK



1. Turn down the volume for the opening of this or your ears will hate you. Song
features samples from a tape-recording I made of Saturday Morning
cartoons/commercials when I was 8.
2. In 1999 I thought I was smart for making this.
3. ^^
4. "Relationships". I kept this around because I wanted to re-record it. I still do, as it's
kinda catchy.
5. ^^ "Living Half". This had a vocal part that I skillfully excised.
6. ^^. "The Tones." There's also a rad version of this where I included sampled
dialogue from a record of narrated Superman stories. If I can find that version, I will post
7. "In Hospital". I recall doing many versions of this in the early 2000's. This mixdown
file is the only evidence of this tune I have, and it's a primitive one (the end part, mostly
-- I remember making really complex versions of the end part).


8. "Theme to Wendy's Lighter"
9. "Wendy and Jason and Jesse Behind Safeway." This was kind of a real song.
There is a fake-trumpet part and a moog noodle that I only had midi tracks for, so
they're missing, but it's still kind of jiggy as is. It even has lyrics.
10. "Wendy and Jason and Jesse Behind Thrifty".
11. "Theme to Wendy's Goldfish"
12. "Wendy and Jesse Totally Shoplift"
13. "Wendy is Puzzled by What Jesse Says"
14. "Wendy Makes Flyers for Jesse's Band"
15. ^^ different version.
16. "Wendy Sneaks to Jesse's Bedroom Window and Sees He's Totally With
17. "Wendy Spray-paints the Roses Black"


18. This was me improv-singing while testing out a compressor I'd gotten from ebay.
Pitch shifted for hilarity.

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