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Please return your completed Application Form to (quoting the vacancy reference
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                                       NHS TAYSIDE – AGENDA FOR CHANGE
                                               JOB DESCRIPTION

   1. JOB IDENTIFICATION           Job Title                   Pharmacy Support Worker / Porter
                                   Reports to                  Specialist Pharmacy Technician
                                   Department(s)/Location      Pharmacy Distribution    &   Dispensing   Centre,
                                                               Ninewells Hospital
                                   Number of job holders

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    To assist with the provision of the pharmacy service by participating in:
     The accurate and safe assembly of medicines to be dispensed
     The accurate and safe receipt, storage, assembly, distribution and delivery of medicines
     To participate in providing ward stock management service to wards & department
     The production, monitoring and filing of documentation

                                                      Pharmacy Manager

                                                 Specialist Pharmacy Technician

                        Senior Pharmacy Technician
                                                                             Pharmacy Technician

                    Student                             Pharmacy Support
               Pharmacy Technician                        Worker/Porter

                                                                                     Line manager to all grades below
                                                                                     Denotes supervision

   The aim of the Pharmacy Department is to assure quality of patient care in the provision of treatment with
   medicines. To this end the objectives are:

 i) To provide pharmaceutical care to individual patients by meeting their particular needs whilst maximising efficiency
    in the use of resources
ii) To provide medicines through systems of quality control, which ensures safe, effective and economic use

   The pharmacy departments holds approximately 5000 lines and distributes an average 40,000 items per month and
   receives 4,400 lines per month from 350 suppliers and distributes to an average 4,300 lines per month to seven
   Stock Holding Units across Tayside.

   The pharmacy in Ninewells hospital dispenses approximately 225,000 lines per year

   As a member of the team, the post holder:

       Contributes to the provision of the pharmacy service by assisting with stock management through accurate
        receipt and storage of medicines.
       Assists with the dispensing of medicines in accordance with Standard Operating Procedures
       Assists with the supply and delivery of medicines to destinations across NHS Tayside, which may include
        wards, departments, other hospitals and GP practices.
       Participates in the safe disposal of redundant medicines and hazardous substances from
        wards/departments/laboratories within NHS Tayside.

For the purpose of this job description the term ‘Medicines’ includes all drugs, intravenous fluids, vaccines, chemicals,
medical gas cylinders, contraceptive aids, disinfectants and liquid nitrogen.

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Induction Standards & Code of Conduct

"Your performance must comply with the national “Mandatory Induction Standards for Healthcare Support Workers in
Scotland 2009” and with the Code of Conduct for Healthcare Support Workers."

    To ensure the provision of a high quality pharmaceutical service the post holder will:
   1.    Dispense individual in-patient, outpatient and discharge prescriptions which may include cytotoxics,
         extemporaneous items, named patient medicines and controlled drugs following standard operating
   2.    Assist in the accurate, timely, safe and secure receipt, storage, distribution and delivery of medicines to
         locations including wards, departments, external hospitals, GP practices etc.
   3.    Assist with stock management including re-stocking shelves, stock rotation, stock balancing, expiry date
         checks and maintaining clean and tidy storage areas.
   4.    Retrieve, input and print data from the pharmacy computer system.
   5.    Assist with ward stock management services by maintaining stock levels by ordering medicines according to a
         ward stock list or a hand-held device which transfers stock orders through electronic transfer purchasing
   6.    To participate in various rotation including answering the telephone and reception duties.
   7.    To participate with the ordering of stationery and sundries.
   8.    To deal with queries from patients, staff and visitors and answer the telephone in a courteous manner referring
         to other staff when appropriate.
   9.    To carry out clerical duties including sorting and distributing mail and filing and retrieving patients’ medical
   10.   Record incoming and outgoing workload.
   11.   Assemble medicines for distribution to locations including wards, departments, external hospitals, GP
         practices etc.
   12.   Assist in maintaining a safe, secure, clean and tidy department whilst complying with health and safety
   13.   Carry out environmental monitoring including recording refrigerator, freezer and room temperatures.
   14.   Undertake the production, filing and archiving of requisitions and documentation.
   15.   Assist with the accurate and safe disposal of redundant medicines and hazardous chemicals as appropriate
         including co-ordinating waste management contractors.
   16.   Assist with the orientation and training of all staff working in the department including: pre-registration
         pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and other Assistant Technical Officers / Pharmacy Support Workers.
   17.   Participate in Performance Development Review and Continuous Personal Development.
   18.   Follow good practice guidelines while complying with and adhering to NHS Tayside and departmental policies
         and procedures at all times.
   19.   Order and receive medical gas cylinders from nominated suppliers.
   20.   Attend appropriate educational and training events as required.

   Ward Stock Management Duties include:

   1. To visit designated wards and departments and liaise with nursing staff and clinical ward pharmacists in
      relation to stock management and quality control of medicines This will involve checking stock levels and
      expiry dates against a set stock list and re-order medicines to replenish stock where necessary
   2. Input data from ward stock list or hand-held devices via the pharmacy computer system to produce a picking
      ticket. Selecting and assembling medicine orders from the onward delivery to various destinations across
   3. Returning medicines for credit from wards and departments, if no longer required.
   4. Checking orders assembled by student pharmacy technicians and other Assistant Technical
      Officers/Pharmacy Support Workers.

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   Other duties

   The post holder will be expected to participate in the provision of the pharmacy portering service Monday – Friday
   and at weekends, cover sickness absence and annual leave to ensure service delivery is maintained. These
   requests can often be at short notice.

   The post holder will work 37.5 hours per week The pharmacy department potential opening hours will be from
   07.00am – 19.00pm Monday to Friday, 9.00am – 14.00pm Saturday and 10.00am – 13.30pm Sunday.

   Local arrangements and rotations will be discussed and agreed as required for service needs. The post holder will
   be flexible regarding hours of work and will participate in weekend and public holiday working.

   Health and safety
      All staff must take reasonable care of their own health and safety and that of other persons who may be
       affected by their actions.
      All staff must comply with NHS Tayside and Departmental Policies and Procedures at all times and use
       approved working methods and any personal protection provided.
      Staff must not in any way interfere with or misuse anything provided for their own safety or protection of others.
      Staff must report any hazard or unsafe working practice to the appropriate line manager and be aware of
       emergency procedures.

   The post holder is required to communicate effectively and professionally, providing and receiving routine
   information to and from wards, departments, pharmacy and other healthcare staff regarding the supply of
   medicines. .
   Within the pharmacy service
      Maintain effective communication with all pharmacy staff
      To communicate effectively with Area Pharmacy Procurement Office staff to resolve any problems arising
       during the receipt process.
   Out with the pharmacy service
      Patients, relatives and carers for routine information and directions.
      Nursing staff and healthcare staff from other departments for enquiries.
      Porters, transport personnel, supervisors and managers of support services regarding the transfer and
       transportation of medicines across Tayside.
      Visitors to the department for routine information and directions.

   The post holder must:
    Be capable of understanding and working within Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
    Posses the ability to learn and adapt
    Educated to S/NVQ Pharmacy Services level 2 or equivalent accredited qualification to meet the regulation
      requirement of the General Pharmaceutical Council.
      Be willing to work towards S/NVQ Pharmacy Services level 2 or equivalent accredited qualification as above.
    The post holder must be familiar with drug names, strengths, formulations and storage requirements or be
      prepared to undertake training provided by the department to provide this knowledge.
   It is also desirable that the post holder possesses:
    Basic information technology skills
    Manual handling skills

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                                       ESSENTIAL ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

    The post holder will be required to use the following equipment and systems on a daily/weekly basis
    Equipment & Machinery
     Trolleys
     Fax machine
     Photocopier
     Computer
     Telephone
     Electronic data collection & transfer equipment
     Kick stools
     Refrigerators and freezers
     Thermometers
     Printers & labellers
     Panic buttons
     Pallet trucks/pallet lifters
     Stanley knives
     Personal protective equipment
     Pharmacy computer system
     Forklift truck
     Portable stairway
     Flammable store safety systems

     NHS Tayside Health and Safety, Communication and information security and any other relevant policies
     Departmental policies and standard operating procedures
     Electronic Discharge Documentation
     Performance Development Review
     Paging system
     NHS e-mail and intranet systems


All records created in the course of the business of NHS Tayside are corporate records and are public records under
the terms of the Public Records (Scotland) Act 1937. This includes email messages and other electronic records. It
is your responsibility to ensure that you keep appropriate records of your work in NHS Tayside and manage those
records in keeping with the NHS Tayside Records Management Policy and with any guidance produced by NHS
Tayside specific to your employment.

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    The post holder must carry out duties in accordance with NHS Tayside Manual Handling guidelines, contained
    within the Health and Safety Policy.
    Moderate physical effort is required for long periods e.g. standing to check orders, dispense prescriptions, walking
    during assembling of orders and storing medicines. Pushing trolleys within the department, lifting, bending and
    stretching. Frequent interruptions to the task in hand which disrupts concentration.

    Frequent exposure to hazardous products.

    The post holder must possess or be prepared to acquire:
    General keyboard skills
    Manual Handling Skills
    Forklift training
    The post holder must
    Ensure that medicines are handled appropriately and stored and supplied accurately
    Manoeuvre loaded trolleys
    Complete work within agreed timescales in order to meet transport schedules
    Carry out a range of manual handling activities on a daily basis, working within the recommended maximum
       load guidelines

    Whilst covering portering duties, continuous moderate physical effort is required for long periods while
    pushing/pulling loaded trolleys to and from wards/departments within Ninewells Hospital covering a large area.
    This process can be carried out repetitively throughout the working day.

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The post holder:

      Deals with routine enquiries, refers to line manager when appropriate
      Follows standard operating procedures
      Uses knowledge of work schedules, medicines and medicines storage to prioritise tasks
      Participates in formal appraisal of performance annually, with 3 monthly informal reviews with line manager


      To be consistently accurate in the identification, selection and storage of medicines and their various
       presentations and formulations.
      Responding to urgent/emergency requests for medicines for patients in an accurate and timely manner.
      To work within time constraints for the supply of medicines with frequent interruptions to work patterns.
      Meeting the priorities and demands of working in a busy department through effective teamwork with flexibility
       to respond to the needs of the service.
      To work unsupervised, within the confines of SOP’s whilst travelling to/from sites and carrying out a ward
       stock management service.


   This job description will be reviewed in partnership according to the needs of the service

   The job description will need to be signed off using the attached sheet by each post holder to whom the job
   description applies.

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General Conditions of Service

POST REF NO:                           D/LR/31/12

Conditions of Service           The terms and conditions of service for this post are those
                                determined by the NHS Staff Council.
Remuneration                    The current salary scale for the post is £14,508 to £17,253
                                (pro rata for part-time staff).         Placing on the scale on
                                appointment is normally at the minimum but may be higher
                                subject to verification of previous relevant service.

                                Salary is paid monthly by Bank Credit Transfer.
Hours of Duty                   The hours of the post are 37.5 hours per week.

                                   In accordance with Agenda for Change, phased protection
                                   arrangements apply to employees transferring from one post to
                                   another within their own NHS organisation and within other NHS
                                   organisations in the UK, and to full-time and part-time employees,
                                   provided the employee is moving to a post with the same full-time
                                   hours under the old pay system during the protection period.

                                Start and finish times will be determined by the needs of the
Superannuation                  Membership of the NHS Superannuation Scheme is not
                                compulsory but is open to all staff between the ages of 16 and
                                70 (65 in some instances).

                                The contributions paid are a percentage of superannuable pay,
                                which is essentially basic pay excluding, for example, overtime
                                or travelling expenses.

                                Contribution rates with effect from 01.04.12 are as follows:

                                 Annual Pensionable Pay (Full-time equivalent)            Contribution
                                 Up to £15,000                                            5%
                                 £15,001 to £21,175                                       5%
                                 £21,176 to £26,557                                       6.5%
                                 £26,558 to £48,982                                       8.0%
                                 £48,983 to £69,931                                       8.9%
                                 £69,932 to £110,273                                      9.9%
                                 £110,274 to any higher amount                            10.9%

                                Contributions are subject to tax relief and reduced National
                                Insurance contributions. NHS Tayside also makes a substantial
                                contribution towards scheme benefits – currently around 14% of
                                basic pay.
Annual Leave                    On appointment = 27 days (pro rata for part-time Staff) or 5.4
                                weeks per year.

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                                After 5 years aggregated service = 29 days (pro rata for part-
                                time staff) or 5.8 weeks per year

                                After 10 years aggregated service = 33 days (pro rata for part-
                                time staff) or 6.6 weeks per year

                                Public Holidays = 8 days (pro rata for part-time staff) or 1.6
                                weeks per year
References                      All offers of appointment are subject to receipt of
                                satisfactory references
Occupational Health             All offers of appointment to new entrants to the National
Clearance                       Health Service are subject to a medical examination.
                                Medical examinations are arranged and undertaken by the
                                Occupational Health and Safety Advisory Service (OHSAS).
Rehabilitation of               All current or spent criminal convictions, cautions, warnings or
Offenders Act 1974              any case pending must be disclosed prior to commencing in
(Exclusions and                 employment as detailed on the application form.
Exceptions) (Scotland)
Order 2003                      Please note that having a conviction will not automatically debar
                                you from obtaining employment with NHS Tayside. Careful
                                consideration will be given to the relevance of the offence to the
                                particular post in question. However, if you are appointed, and it
                                is found that you did not reveal a previous conviction your
                                employment may be terminated.
Disclosure Scotland             This post is subject to a Standard check by Disclosure Scotland
                                as it involves access to children and/or vulnerable adults. This
                                will contain details of any convictions on record whether spent or

Immigration, Asylum and         It is a criminal offence for an employer to employ anyone who
Nationality Act 2006            does not have permission to live or work in the UK.

                                Shortlisted applicants will be asked to produce specific original
                                documentation at interview e.g. Passport, or full birth certificate
                                together with an official document giving the applicants
                                permanent National Insurance Number and name issued by a
                                Government Agency or a previous employer, as well as
                                photocopies of these documents.

Professional Registration/ New entrants to NHS Tayside will be required to achieve the
Induction Standards & Code mandatory Induction Standards for Healthcare Support Workers
of Conduct                 (HCSWs) in Scotland and comply with the Code of Conduct for
                           HCSWs throughout your employment.
Smoking Policy             Smoking is prohibited within NHS premises and grounds.
Applications               Completed forms should be returned to:
                  quoting the job reference in the
                           subject line
                           or Workforce Services, Level 9, Ninewells Hospital, Dundee DD1
                           By closing date of Friday 15th June 2012

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