CHRIST CHURCH C of E VC JUNIOR SCHOOL, DOWNEND

                                MINUTES OF FULL GOVERNING BODY MEETING
                                      HELD ON 17th May 2010 at 6.30 PM

 No.                                         Item                                                  Action
         Alex Wilkinson        Headteacher
         Bill Robbins         Foundation Governor and Chair
         Rev Paul Peterson    Foundation Governor (ex-officio)
         Janet Faire          Community Governor
         Andrew Pound         Parent Governor
         Martin Baker         Parent Governor
         Claire Barker        Parent Governor
         Steve Bentley        Parent Governor
         Kirsty Evans         Staff Governor
         Lucy Pickering       Staff Governor
         Sadie Pike           Staff Governor

         Frances McMillan (Clerk)

         All Governors present signed the attendance register.
         One outstanding parent Governor photograph to be taken this week in HT    to   put    Governor
         school.                                                             photographs    on   school

         The Chair led the Governors in a prayer to begin the meeting.

58/10/1 There were no declarations of interest in Agenda items by those present.
58/10/2 Apologies were received and accepted from Brian Jefferies and David              Clerk to forward Associate
        Powell. Steve Woods has accepted the post of Associate Governor but was          Governor paperwork to LA
        unable to be present, his apology was also accepted.                             and Diocese.
58/10/3 The Clerk confirmed that the inability of the LA to nominate a LA Governor
        meant that both current Governor vacancies can be Community Governor
        roles. The Chair updated the Governors on his communications with the
        Fishponds and Downend Rotary Club with 2 members of the Rotary having
        been approached and given the Governor information booklet. The Chair
        also clarified that as a Governing Body we are looking for candidates with
        expertise and experience of a strategic nature in the fields of HR, IT,
        Budgeting and Property Maintenance to strengthen our skills base.
58/10/4 Looking ahead to the next academic year, the Chair asked the Governors to        Governors to submit
        consider the vacant role of Vice-Chair and informed the FGB that from            nominations for Vice-chair
        September 2010 to July 2011 he would be taking on the acting                     by next meeting.
        Chairmanship of two schools becoming Federated. While he would
        continue to devote his best efforts to CCJ there would be occasions              Clerk to confirm Chairs
        requiring a Deputy to share the workload. It was also mentioned as to            current term of office.
        whether the Chair had been elected for a 1 or 2 year term of office, the clerk
        will confirm this. The Chair requested that Vice-Chair nominations be
        proposed at the next FGB meeting in July.
59/10   MINUTES:
        The Minutes of meeting on 18th March 2010 (previously circulated) were
        approved by all Governors present and signed by the Chair.
        80/09 Restoration of Drinking Fountain: HT confirmed he had sent a letter
        detailing the Governors offer after the last FGB but has had no further
        communication from the Historical Society. Should they be in touch again
        the HT will inform the Governors.

        41/10/5 Costings for Bulk Text Messaging System: The HT confirmed that
        the trial system was continuing to be very well received but did not as yet
        have full costings as the free trial period was still on-going (3 mths). He was
        however able to give an estimate of £800-£1,000 for a year’s subscription to HT and MB to ensure
        the service. This was questioned by the Governors in terms of affordability budgetary provision for Text
        and what budgetary provision had been made for these potential costs. HT Messaging system in place.
        was sure the costs had been accounted for but would follow up with the
        Chair of the S&F committee before the budget was submitted.

        43/10 CCJ Teacher survey: The HT presented the Governors with a brief
        report he had prepared based on his recent discussions with staff about the
        Work-Life balance issues they faced at CCJ (Appendix A). This opened a
        lengthy discussion on the various aspects of teacher workload and
        workplace stress and possible steps to combat this, including: buddy
        teachers, budget provision for teaching assistants, link Governors, role of
        Governors. The HT suggested that the staff Governors and the WB&S              HT,       WS&B,        Staff
        committee look closely at the LA guidance documents on workplace stress        Governors to work on
        and produce their own condensed version for use by CCJ staff, to be            ‘Guide for Staff – Managing
        launched in the Autumn, possibly utilising external support during an Inset    Workload     and    Avoiding
        day. This was agreed by the Governors as a positive step forward.              Stress’

        50/10/4 Boundary wall: The wall has been made safe where required and
        now only needs a final drawing to be submitted by the HT to the preferred
        contractor of where and what has to be done. The work will be carried out
        during the next end of term holiday or the 1st week of the summer break. As
        the FGB has already approved the expenditure any further issues
        concerning the boundary wall can be dealt with by the H&S and S&F

        MB apologised for the lateness of the budget documents (Appendix B)
        coming out to Governors and hoped they had been able to give some time
        over the weekend to look through the figures. He explained that any
        contingency surplus to be carried over could not be more than 8%, as
        advised by the LA Finance Officer; the Governors then debated the various
        challenges to the budget in the coming months and discussed what action
        could be taken presently to alleviate future hardship. MB noted that had we
        a completed Strategic Financial Plan such discussions would be much
        more straightforward. The Governors felt that curriculum support in terms of   HT and MB to update
        training sessions and packs for staff was under resourced and wished to        Budget as requested by
        increase budget provision in that area. The HT and Chair of S&F would          Governors.
        make these changes this week.
        The FGB thus agreed in principle to accept the budget proposal for
        forwarding to the LA if the changes noted above were incorporated. The         Chair to sign budget
        Chair noted his availability to come into school later this week to sign the   document when completed.
        document when changes had been made. The Statement of Best Value
        and Statement of Internal Control (Appendix C and D) were reviewed by the
        FGB and agreed. These were then signed by the Chair/HT and Chair of
        S&F where appropriate to be forwarded to the LA with the completed
        HT felt the inspection was a very positive exercise and thanked the various
        staff and Governor members for the sterling work they’d done in preparing
        for the audit (Appendix E and F). Some matters remained outstanding: HT
        has downloaded all up to date documentation and risk assessments to
        update school records and the security of the premises has again been
        highlighted. Following on from the Ofsted focus on school security, from a
        safeguarding perspective, it seems that action will need to be taken in terms   HT and CB to attend
        of school access. The HT asked for support from the Governors at the            meeting with H&S officer on
        meeting planned for the 19th May with the H&S officer and Claire Barker         19th May re external school
        offered to be present. The Governors then discussed various possible            security.
        changes to the school entrance which may be asked for, concluding that
        most changes would be hugely costly and disruptive to the life of the school
        thus it is critical that there is Governor input to any decision making

        The Chair refreshed the Governors on the rationale behind the proposed
        changes to the CCJ Vision (Appendix G) the aim being to strengthen the
        obvious links with the Church, particularly from a parents’ perspective. The
        Foundation Governors used the Foundation document as a basis for their
        deliberations. The Chair also highlighted that changes would need to be
        made to the school prospectus/website if the amended Vision was adopted.
        After reflection, the Governors agreed the proposal by the Foundation
        Governors and the new CCJ Vision Statement was passed.

        The HT had been enthused by the new curriculum training he had received
        and hoped to inspire the Governors likewise. He began the presentation by
        reflecting on the situation regarding curriculum changes now that there has
        been a change of Government, a state of limbo would best describe the
        The HT shared with the Governors the focus of giving children a rounded
        learning experience based on: Experience-Content-Disposition and how the
        Content translated into delivering lessons which created an environment of
        Thinking, Engagement and Questioning rather than forcing a series of facts.
        It was highlighted that the 3 main strands of Literacy, Numeracy and ICT
        capability were priorities within the new framework (Appendix H)
        The HT and Governors then spent 10mins completing a lesson planning
        sheet using the aims of the curriculum of: Successful learners; Confident
        Individuals; Responsible citizens to guide them through the subject areas
        covered in a topic based lesson. This gave the Governors a real feel for the
        way teaching staff would deliver the new curriculum aims and an idea of the
        support they would require.

        Steve Bentley reported that Janet Faire has completed 2 evenings of New
        Governor Training and reminded all Governors to inform him of all training
        they undertake.
        The next Inset day on 25th June has a slot for Governor/Staff interaction .
        (9am-10.30am) and the Chair was keen to know which Governors would be
        available to ensure the session was a worthwhile use of the time. Four
        Governors indicated they would be available and all were asked to email
        the HT nearer the time to confirm.

        Minutes of Committees as set out below had been circulated and are
        attached as Appendices to these Minutes:
        Staffing & Finance - 30th April 2010 (Appendix I)
        Standards & Provisions – 29th April 2010 (Appendix J )
        Wellbeing & Stakeholders – 5th May 2010 (Appendix K)
        Health, Safety & Buildings – 4th May 2010 (Appendix L)
        Foundation Governors – 10th May 2010 (Appendix M)

        The Clerk asked for a change to the date of the next meeting due to family
        commitments. The Governors kindly agreed to this and the meeting is now
        scheduled for Monday 12th July at 6.30pm

        The meeting ended at 8.00 pm

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