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       Department of General Services
              3401 CSM Drive
        San Mateo, California 94402
 Telephone (650) 574-6508 FAX (650) 574-6574

                 Bid # 86556

                May 23, 2007
                                                             Skyline Gymnasium Backboard # 86556

                                      Table of Contents

      Section I.         Introduction

      Section II.        History of Skyline College

      Section III.       College Contacts, Dates and Timeframes

      Section IV.        Bid Instructions and Requirements

      Section V.         System Specifications

      Section VI.        Pricing Proposal

      Appendix I         Business Information & Signatory Page
      Appendix II        References
      Appendix III       Non-Collusion Affidavit

  I. Introduction & District Information
    The San Mateo County Community College District (SMCCCD) on behalf of Skyline College
    seeks qualified proposals for the purchase, installation and removal of the existing backboards
    in the Skyline Gymnasium

    Approximately 40,000 people throughout San Mateo County attend one of the three Colleges
    of the San Mateo County Community College District. Although the boundaries of the San
    Mateo County Community College District are the same as those of the County, the District
    Board of Trustees is independent of County government. County voters elect the five-member
    Board of Trustees every four years, and that board governs one of the largest and most
    innovative two-year college systems in California.

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                                                               Skyline Gymnasium Backboard # 86556

 II. History of Skyline College

    Skyline College is a public, two-year, comprehensive community college in San Bruno, operat-
   ing as part of the San Mateo County Community College District. Working in conjunction with
   local high schools, Skyline enrolls almost 9,000 students per semester, mostly from San Mateo
   County and San Francisco County. Skyline, founded thirty-five years ago, is a fully-accredited
   institution with a history of success in preparing young people for local jobs or for successful
   transfer to four-year universities. Skyline offers 42 associate degree programs and 39 certificate
   programs. Students choose Skyline College primarily because of location, low cost, availability
   of programs, flexible scheduling, innovative projects, and a practical approach to learning.

   The Skyline gymnasium offers a comprehensive listing of physical education courses for both
   men and women throughout the year that include:

       Combative/self defense,
       Dance and dance production,
       Fitness classes that include conditioning/women's fitness/weight training/cardiovascular
        walking-jogging/adaptive corrective exercise
       Individual sports such as badminton
       And team sports volleyball/ basketball and wrestling.

Athletically Skyline competes in the Coast Conference and fields teams in men's basketball, men's
and women's badminton, wrestling and women's volleyball

III. College Contacts, Dates and Timeframes (The District reserves the right to change
       or alter the times and activities):

                                  SMCCCD & SKYLINE Contacts
IV. Bid         General Services              Skyline
                3401 CSM Dr.                  3300 College Dr.
                San Mateo, CA 94402           San Bruno, CA. 94066
                (650) 358-6742                (650) 738-7055
                Contact: Bob Domenici         Contact: Scott Adams

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                                                                 Skyline Gymnasium Backboard # 86556

                                          Dates and Timeframes

               Release of request for Bid           May 23, 2007
               Vendor Site Visit Skyline College
                                                    May 25, 2007 at 10:00 a.m.
               Deadline for Contractors
                                                    June 4, 2007 at 2:00 p.m.
               submission of proposals
               Skyline screens proposals            June 5, 2007
               Contractor award notification        June 6, 2007
Instructions and Requirements

All Contractors interested in submitting a response to this Bid must submit an email notification
to indicating their intent to respond.

1.   General

Contractors must comply with the provisions of these Instructions for Completion/Submission of
the Bid (“Bid Instructions and Requirements”). The failure of a contractor to comply with the Bid
Instructions will result in rejection of the Contractor’s Bid for non-responsiveness.

2.   Definitions

The District, the Colleges and the Contractor are those named as such in the contract documents and
are referred to as if each were of the singular number and masculine gender.

3. Contractor Qualifications

Only Proposals submitted by Contractors with the relevant experience, qualifications and capacity
to meet the needs of SMCCCD will be accepted.

4.   Submission of Bid

 a. Submission of Executed “Hard Copy”. Contractors interested in this opportunity should submit
three copies of the contractor’s Proposal, in a sealed envelope to the Department of General
Services, San Mateo County Community College District located at 3401 CSM Drive, San Mateo, CA

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                                                               Skyline Gymnasium Backboard # 86556

94402 by 2:00 pm on June 4, 2007. Please indicate “RFP 86556 Enclosed” on the lower left corner of
the envelope.
b. Bid Contents. Bid Proposals consist of the following items, all of which must be submitted
concurrently and executed as required by these Bid Instructions or by the form of document:

                Bid Proposal on company letterhead
                Company Information and Signatory Page (Appendix A)
                Required reference information on company letterhead (Appendix B)
                Non-Collusion Affidavit (Appendix C)
                The following RFP sections which require a signature and/or checkbox selection: IV-
                 “Liability and Insurance”, IV-22 “Vendor Scholarship Fund” and IV-24 “Piggyback

c. Digital Submittals. Digital submittals shall be forwarded to after 2 pm on
June 4, 2007. Do not submit your digital copy prior to this date and time.

d. Contractor’s Review of District Web Site. Any addendums, clarifications, Bid updates/revisions,
or replies to specific questions will be posted on the District web site
(; all such matters shall be deemed incorporated into all
Contractors’ Bid Proposals. Prior to submission of a Bid Proposal, all Contractors MUST review
materials on this web site. Contractors are responsible for incorporating these changes or
addendums into their respective Bid Proposals. Those web postings should be treated like all
requirements set forth in this Bid.

e. Copies of this RFP can be obtained by visiting the SMCCCD Purchasing Department’s Website at . Click on Bid Announcements.

5.   Modifications to Submitted Bid

A Contractor submitting a Proposal may modify its submitted Proposal in writing, to be received by
the District’s Department of General Services at or prior to the latest time/date for submission of
Proposals. Modifications to the submitted Bid, which are not in writing, will not be accepted and
will not be deemed modifications to the submitted Proposal.

6.   Signature

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                                                                 Skyline Gymnasium Backboard # 86556

A responsible officer or employee of the Contractor must sign the proposal. An unsigned, but
executed Proposal will be rejected for non-responsiveness.

7.   Non-Collusion Affidavit

Each Contractor shall submit with its response a duly completed and executed form of Non-
Collusion Affidavit. The required form of Non-Collusion Affidavit is included as Exhibit I in this
Bid. The failure of a Contractor to submit the completed and executed form of Non-Collusion
Affidavit with its Proposal will result in rejection of the Proposal for non-responsiveness.

8.   Evidence of Responsibility

Upon the request of the District, a Contractor whose Proposal is under consideration shall promptly
submit to the District satisfactory evidence showing the Contractor’s financial resources,
organization, and plant facilities available for the performance of the contract. The failure of such a
Contractor to submit requested materials in a timely manner will result in rejection of the
Contractor’s Proposal for non-responsiveness.

9.   District Modifications to Proposal

The District reserves the right to modify this Bid or any portion hereof by written addendum issued
to all Contractors who have previously obtained this Bid from the District. All addendums issued
by the District pursuant to the foregoing shall be deemed incorporated into the Proposals.

10. Contractor Inquiries

Contractors may request clarifications or make other inquiries concerning this Bid or the
requirements hereof. Questions regarding this RFP should be submitted via email to If Contractors contact individual colleges for questions, they must cc intent is to create a fair and open RFP with all Contractors having
access to equal information.

11. Evaluation of RFP Proposals & Award
The District’s decision will be based on the evaluation of several factors including but not limited to
the following:

        Scope of the merchandise and services provided including removal of existing backboards,
         materials, delivery and installation of backboards.
        Pricing structure for all proposed materials including delivery and installation of backboards.

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                                                                Skyline Gymnasium Backboard # 86556

The District reserves the right to reject any or all proposals, to waive any irregularity or informality
in a proposal or in the proposal process. Award of the contract(s) by the Board will be based upon a
comprehensive review and analysis of the proposal(s), which best meet the needs of the college
communities. The District will be the sole judge of the suitability of the proposal and the Contractor
shall abide by its decision.

Bidders may not withdraw a Bid for a period of one hundred and twenty (120) days after the date
set for the opening of Bid. The San Mateo County Community College District is an equal
opportunity, affirmative action employer. The District reserves the right to award the contract to
multiple Contractors if this is the best option for the District. Proposals shall be submitted on
company letterhead and signed by the appropriate company officials.

12. Contract Terms & Conditions

The contractor agrees to deliver, install and insure the backboards are fully operational by Thursday
August 16, 2007. By submission of a proposal, Contractor agrees to abide by the terms and
conditions of the proposal and contract documents. Any exceptions by the Contractor shall be
clearly noted in the proposal response and alternate language shall be proposed therein. Any and all
agreements, forms, etc. that the Contractor would require the District to sign and approve in the
event of the award of contract must be included with the proposal response. The District reserves
the right to cancel the contract resulting from this agreement with sixty (60) days written
13. References

The Contractor shall include with its proposal response a minimum of three (3) customer references
from educational or comparable institutions for which it has provided backboards for a minimum
period of three (3) years. The references shall include the following, minimum information: firm
name, contact name, complete address, email address and telephone number, type of service
provided, and length of contract.

14. Independent Contractor Status

Contractor hereby agrees that the District has hired the respondent as an independent contractor
and not as an agent or employee of the District. Further, Contractor agrees that it has and retains
the right to exercise control and supervision of the work and full control over the employment,
direction, compensation and discharge of all persons assisting in the work.

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                                                               Skyline Gymnasium Backboard # 86556

15. Contractor Financial

The Contractor takes sole responsibility for wages, including withholding of income taxes, social
security taxes and preparation and filing of IRS Form 1099 for each individual furnished to the
District under this contract, workers' compensation premiums, compliance with OSHA and all
employment-related regulations relating to its employees. In addition, the Contractor will be
responsible for its own acts and those of its subordinates, employees and agents during the term of
this contract. Contractor agrees that as an independent contractor it is solely responsible for all
federal, state and local taxes. Finally, the Contractor agrees that its officers and employees do not
become employees of the District, nor are they entitled to any District employee benefits because of
the execution of this contract.

16. Subcontractors

If the Contractor proposes sub-contracting any portion of the services proposed, the Contactor shall
include references from comparable institutions for which the subcontractor has successfully
provided backboard installation. Contractor may not subcontract its obligations under this
Contract without District's prior written consent. Contractor shall indicate the name and location of
the place of business of each subcontractor who will perform services to the Contractor. Contractor
shall ensure that the backboard installation provided by subcontractor meet with the high standards
anticipated herein, and shall provide verifiable evidence of subcontractor’s qualifications for
proposed services. Contractor shall remain liable for the full performance of the provisions of the
Contract, notwithstanding any such subcontract.

        a. Contractor agrees that before any subcontractor begins work on the premises it will
           provide District with a Certificate of Insurance verifying that the insurance required is
           in full force and effect.

        b. Contractor agrees that it will secure and provide to District prior to the subcontractor
           beginning work on the premises, a statement evidencing said subcontractor's contract to
           comply with all terms of the Contract and a copy of the Contractor’s contract with the
           subcontractor, which contract shall contain a provision incorporating by reference the
           terms and conditions of the Contract.

17. Conflict of Interest

No officer, member or employee of the District and no member of its governing bodies shall have
any pecuniary interest, direct or indirect, in this contract or the proceeds thereof. No Contractor or
member of Contractor’s family shall serve on a District board, committee, or hold any such position

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                                                               Skyline Gymnasium Backboard # 86556

which either by rule, practice or action nominates, recommends, supervises Contractor’s operation
or authorizes funding to Contractor.

18. Legal Entity

Should a change be contemplated in the name or nature of the Contractor’s legal entity, the
Contractor shall first notify the District in order that proper steps are taken to have the change
reflected in all legal documents. In such case, it shall be incumbent on the Contractor to continue
operation until relieved by a subsequent Contractor chosen by the District (not to exceed ninety (90)
days). The foregoing provisions are in addition to and not in limitation of any other rights or
remedies available to the District.

19. Liability and Insurance

The Contractor shall provide a certificate of insurance evidencing $1,000,000 in errors and omissions
insurance coverage.

Contractor shall be responsible for all damages to persons or properties that occur as a result of
Contractor’s or Contractor’s employees fault or negligence in connection with the performance of
this Agreement.

Contractor shall procure and maintain during the life of this Agreement, Comprehensive General
Liability insurance which provides for injuries including accidental death, per any one occurrence in
an amount not less than $2,000,000 per occurrence and $4,000,000 annual aggregate; property
damage insurance in an amount not less than $2,000,000 per occurrence; and business automobile
liability insurance in an amount not less than $2,000,000 including coverage for owned, non-owned
and hired vehicles.

Contractor shall have in effect, during the entire life of this Agreement, Workers' Compensation and
Employer Liability Insurance providing full statutory coverage. In signing this Agreement,
Contractor makes the following certification, required by Section 1861 of the California Labor Code
(select one):

       I am aware of the provisions of Section 3700 of the California Labor Code, which require
every employer to be insured against liability for Workers' Compensation or to undertake
self-insurance in accordance with the provisions of the Code, and I will comply with such
provisions before commencing the performance of the work of the Agreement.
       I have no employees and, therefore, will not submit a Certificate of Workers'

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                                                                     Skyline Gymnasium Backboard # 86556

 Contractor’s Signature
Certificates of Insurance for coverage required herein shall be filed with District's Executive Vice
Chancellor prior to the commencement of work. The certificates shall provide that if the policy or
policies be canceled by the insurance company or Contractor during the term of this Agreement,
thirty (30) days written notice prior to the effective date of such cancellation will be given to
District's Executive Vice Chancellor. The certificates shall also show the information that the San
Mateo County Community College District is named on Contractor’s Comprehensive General
Liability and Property Damage policies as co-insured or added thereon by endorsement as a named
insured or additional insured.

The Contractor’s insurance carrier must be approved by the District and carry an “A” rating.

20. Proof of Insurance

Proof of insurance shall be delivered to the Department of General Services prior to the contract
beginning date. Certificates of insurance shall state in particular those insured, extent of insurance,
location and operation to which insurance applies, expiration date, and cancellation and reduction
notice. Certificates of insurance shall clearly state that the District and its officers, agents,
employees and servants are named as an additional insured under the policy described and that
such insurance afforded thereby to the District, its officers, agents, employees and servants shall be
primary insurance to the full limits of liability of the policy, and that if the District, or its officers and
employees have other insurance or self-insurance against a loss covered by such a policy, such other
insurance shall be excess insurance only. Contractor shall provide District with the endorsement to
the policy that names District as additional insured.

Certificates and insurance policies shall include the following clause:

“This policy shall not be canceled or reduced in required limits of liability or an amount of insurance until
notice has been mailed to the District. Date of cancellation or reduction may not be less than thirty (30) days
after date of mailing notice."

21. Indemnification

The Contractor, at its expense, shall indemnify the District from and defend or settle any claim or
action brought against the District to the extent that it is based on a claim that any services furnished
hereunder infringed any patented or unpatented invention, copyright, trademark, service mark,
trade secret, process, article, appliance manufactured or used or other legally protected proprietary
right. The Contractor shall pay all costs, fees (including attorneys' fees) and damages which may be
incurred by the District for any such claim or action or settlement thereof.

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                                                                  Skyline Gymnasium Backboard # 86556

22. Taxes

The Contractor assumes complete liability for all taxes applicable to the operations, income and
transactions of the Contractor. The District shall not be liable and will not make reimbursement to
the Contractor for any tax imposed either directly or indirectly upon the Contractor by any
authority by reason of the contract or otherwise.

The Contractor recognizes and understands that the contract may create possessor interest subject to
property taxation and that the Contractor may be subject to the payment of property tax levied on
such interests.

23. Confidentiality

The District defines confidential information as all information disclosed to Contractor that relates
to the District's past, present and future activities, as well as activities under this agreement.
Contractor will hold all such information in trust and confidence. Upon cancellation or expiration
of this Contract, Contractor will return to the District all written or descriptive materials that contain
any such confidential information.

24. Public Record

Government Code Sections 6250 et. seq., the Public Records Act defines public record as any writing
containing information relating to the conduct of the public’s business. This applies to proposals
submitted pursuant to this Bid.

The Public Records Act provides that public records shall be disclosed upon written request, and
that any citizen has a right to inspect any public record, unless the document is exempted from the
disclosure requirements. SMCCCD cannot represent or guarantee that any information submitted
in response to the RFP will be confidential. If the County of San Mateo receives a request for any
document submitted in response to this RFP, it will not assert any privileges that may exist on
behalf of the person or business submitting the proposal. Rather, SMCCCD will notify the party
whose proposal is being sought. In the event that a party who has submitted a proposal wishes to
prevent disclosure, it is the sole responsibility of that party to assert any applicable privileges or
reasons why the document should not be produced, and to obtain a court order prohibiting

25. Contractor Scholarship Fund

The District requests that Contractors help support our community college students in their
academic pursuits by considering student scholarships as part of this proposal. The willingness to
take a part in our students’ lives is important to a student focused district. Please check below if
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                                                                Skyline Gymnasium Backboard # 86556

you are interested in participating in our Contractor Scholarship Fund, which is handled through
the San Mateo Community College Foundation (SMCCF). Contractors are welcome to participate in
the award presentations that occur annually at the end of the spring semester.

Check one of the following:
                           Count my firm in. We can use the tax write off.
                           Thank you for your offer, but we will not participate.
26. Licensing

The Contractor shall comply with all federal, state and local regulations relating to delivery and
installation of bleachers.

27. Fair Labor Standards

The Contractor shall comply with all federal, state and local regulations governing or relating to
conditions of employment for its employees, including but not limited to, the Fair Labor Standards
Act, the Employee-Right-to-Know Program, Americans with Disabilities Act, and the Employee
Injury and Illness Prevention Program. As required of all District employees, employees of the
Contractor(s), prior to being assigned to work under this contract, shall be fingerprinted and tested
free from tuberculosis. The Contractor’s employees shall at all times abide by the District’s Rules
and Regulations while on the District’s premises.

28. Fidelity Bond

The Contractor shall obtain and keep in effect, a ten thousand dollar ($10,000) blanket fidelity bond
covering each employee during the term of the contract.

29. Liquidated Damages

The Contractor shall insure that the backboards are delivered, installed and fully operational by
August 16, 2007. If the backboards are not fully operational by this time, it is understood that the
District will suffer damage. It is agreed that Contractor shall pay to District as fixed and liquidated
damages, and not as a penalty, the sum of eight-hundred dollars ($300.00) day for each calendar day
of delay until the backboards are fully operational as specified herein. Contractor and his surety
shall be liable for the amount thereof.

The Contractor shall not be charged liquidated damages because of any delays due to unforeseeable
causes beyond the control and without the fault or negligence of Contractor including, but not
restricted to: acts of God or of public enemy; acts of Government; acts of District or anyone
employed by him, or acts of another Contractor in performance of a contract with the District; fires;

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                                                                  Skyline Gymnasium Backboard # 86556

floods; epidemics; quarantine restrictions; strikes; freight embargoes; or, unusually severe weather.
Contractor shall within three (3) days of the beginning of any such delay (unless the District grants a
further period of time prior to date of final settlement of the contract) notify the District in writing of
causes of delay; thereupon the District shall ascertain the facts and extent of delay and grant
extension of time and implementation of services when, in its judgment, the findings of fact justify
such an extension. In case of a continuing cause of delay, only one claim is necessary.

30. Promotion

In no instance will the District/College name be used by the Contractor in connection with any
advertising or promotion without the specific written permission of the District.

31. Piggyback Clause

The District intends that other public agencies (city, special district, public authority, public agency,
school district or other political subdivision of the state of California) shall have the option to
participate in any agreement created because of this RFP for providing backboards. The San Mateo
County Community College District shall incur no financial responsibility in connection with a
purchase order from another public entity. Contractor’s agreement or failure to agree to the
"piggyback" agreement will not be a factor in the award. This piggyback will remain available for
one year from the date the Bid award.

            c. Check one of the following:
                  i. □ Agree to extend all prices, terms, and conditions of my proposal to any other
                     public agency located in the state of California with no exceptions.
                 ii. □ Agree to extend all prices, terms, and conditions of my proposal to any other
                     public agency located in the state of California with the following exceptions
                     noted, as attached.
                iii. □ The Contractor does not agree to extend pricing, terms and conditions in our Bid
                     to any other agency.

32.    Invoicing
       A.       Contractor shall submit an invoice directly to:
                      San Mateo CCCD
                      Attn: Accounts Payable
                      3401 CSM Dr.
                      San Mateo, CA 94402
       B.      Information on the invoice shall include:
                       Purchase Order Number

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                                                                  Skyline Gymnasium Backboard # 86556

                    Invoice number
                    Invoice date
                    Payment due date
                    Total invoice amount
       C.     Payment
                   The District shall issue a check for the total amount of the invoice within thirty
                   (30) working days of the date of receipt of the invoice. Terms are net 30 or 2%,
                   net 10.

V.     System Specifications

Gymnasium Backboard Replacement
1) The following specifications detail requirements to purchase and install ceiling suspended
   forward-fold backboards in the gymnasium at Skyline College in San Bruno, California. Please
   refer to the Skyline College Facility Description below for an understanding of existing
   configurations and to the Scope section for the project summary.

Skyline Facility Description

The gymnasium current has one main basketball court and two side practice basketball courts.
Skyline College wants to purchase six new backboards for the gymnasium to replace the existing
outdated and worn backboards. Four of the new backboards for the practice courts will include a
complete support system from the ceiling structure and two of the backboards for the main court
will be mounted on the existing support structure modified as required to meet NCAA

Skyline College is seeking price quotes for removal of the existing wall mounted backboards and
installation of four new backboards for two side practice courts and two backboards for the main
court to replace the existing backboards. The installation is to include new winches and standard
key controls.


The existing backboards will be removed at the time the new backboards are delivered. The
contractor shall fabricate, deliver, install, and anchor the new backboards to the structure provided
at the ceiling, or in the case of the main court, the contractor shall modify the existing structure. The
contractor shall provide the location for power outlets (to be provided by other) for the wrenches
and shall make all final electrical connections. The contractor shall test all aspects of the operation of
the backboards to the satisfaction of the District.

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                                                                Skyline Gymnasium Backboard # 86556

Index of Numbered Sections

1.0   General Requirements
2.0   Submittals
3.0   Required Items Listing
4.0   Execution
5.0   Optional Equipment Listing

      1.0 General Requirements: Backboards:

      1.   Skyline College’s goal is to replace the existing backboards with new ceiling mounted
           forward-folding glass backboards

      2.   Each Contractor response must include: Descriptive literature listing bid equipment
           features and technical specifications, a description of technical support and spare parts
           capabilities, company history and detailed explanations of any exceptions taken to these
           Skyline specifications using paragraph number referencing.

      3.   Equipment bid must be the most current production model and operational features as

      4.   Each Contractor/manufacturer must warrant supplied equipment to be free of defects in
           material and workmanship for a minimum period of 1 year from the date of acceptance
           by Skyline College. Extended warranty option pricing requests are listed in Section 5.0.

      5.   During the equipment warranty period, notification and shipment of manufacturer
           developed equipment modifications that will improve the performance or reliability of
           delivered equipment must be provided to Skyline within 30 days of its initial release to
           any end user.

      6.   RFP responses must include an itemized listing of components, diagrams, specifications,
           site preparation, installation, adjustment of and furnished operational and maintenance
           manuals for the proposed backboards.

      7.   Required items are listed in Section 3.0. Optional Items are listed in Section 5.0.“Optional
           Items” that may be ordered must be delivered with the Section 3.0 “Required Items” and
           integrated with the supplied equipment to provide a fully functional system.

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                                                                  Skyline Gymnasium Backboard # 86556

       8.     DELIVERY AND STORAGE OF MATERIALS: Your bid price must include FOB delivery
              to the Skyline College loading dock, 3300 College Drive San Bruno, CA. Delivery is
              requested within 90 days of the purchase order date. The equipment must be supplied as
              complete and factory tested. The District expressly reserves the rights under law,
              including but not limited to inspect the deliverables at delivery before accepting them,
              and to reject defective or non-conforming deliverables. The contractor shall use all means
              necessary to protect the work and materials before, during and after installation and to
              protect the work and materials of all other surroundings. The contractor shall store and
              protect materials and equipment in accordance with the manufacturer’s

       9.     The Contractor is required to be profitable and have a minimum of five (3) years offering
              backboard systems. Upon request from Skyline, the Contractor will make available
              information to support the company’s status.

       10.    Each bidder is urged to attend a site visit to the Skyline College Gymnasium located at
              3300 College Dr. San Bruno, CA. 94066 building 3 on Friday May 25, 2007 at 10:00 am.

       11.    Technical questions about equipment and installation to be bid should be directed to
              Scott Adams at with bidding procedure questions.


1.1         GENERAL


     1. Drawings and general provisions of the Contract, including General and Supplementary
          Conditions and Division 01 Specification Sections, apply to this Section.

b.           SUMMARY

     1.This Section includes the following gymnasium equipment:

             a)Basketball equipment.

     2.Related Sections include the following:

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                                                                 Skyline Gymnasium Backboard # 86556

          a)Division 16 Sections for electrical service for motor operators, controls, and other powered
               devices for motorized gymnasium equipment.


     1.FIBA: International Basketball Federation (Federation Internationale de Basketball Amateur).

     2.NAGWS: The National Association for Girls and Women in Sport.

     3.NCAA: The National Collegiate Athletic Association.


     1. Seismic Performance: Provide basketball backboards capable of withstanding the effects
           ofearthquake motions determined according to ASCE 7, "Minimum Design Loads for
           Buildings and Other Structures": Section 9, "Earthquake Loads." And CA Title 24

e.        SUBMITTALS

     1.Product Data: For each type of product indicated.

          a)If applicable, include assembly, disassembly, and storage instructions for removable
          b)Motors: Show nameplate data, ratings, characteristics, and mounting arrangements.

     2.Shop Drawings: For gymnasium equipment. Include plans, elevations, sections, details,
          attachments to other work, and the following:

          a)Method of field assembly for equipment, connections, installation details, mountings,
              floor inserts, attachments to other work, and operational clearances.

     3.Structural analysis data signed and sealed by the qualified professional engineer responsible for
           their preparation including loads, point reactions, and locations for attachment of
           gymnasium equipment to structure.

     4.Coordination Drawings: Drawn to scale, and coordinating game lines.

     5.Samples for Verification: For the following products:

          a)Basketball Net: Full size.

     6.Product Certificates: For each type of gymnasium equipment, signed by product manufacturer.

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                                                                   Skyline Gymnasium Backboard # 86556

     7.Qualification Data: For installer and professional engineer.

     8.Operation and Maintenance Data: For gymnasium equipment to include in emergency,
          operation, and maintenance manuals.

     9.Warranty: Special warranty specified in this Section.


     1.Installer Qualifications: An employer of workers trained and approved by manufacturer.

     2.Source Limitations: Obtain each type of gymnasium equipment through one source from a
          single manufacturer.

     3.Electrical Components, Devices, and Accessories: Listed and labeled as defined in NFPA 70,
           Article 100, by a testing agency acceptable to authorities having jurisdiction, and marked for
           intended use.


     1.Environmental Limitations: Do not install gymnasium equipment until spaces are enclosed and
          weatherproof, wet work in spaces is complete and dry, and ambient temperature and
          humidity conditions are maintained at the levels indicated for Project when occupied for its
          intended use.

     2.Field Measurements: Verify position and elevation of floor inserts and layout for gymnasium


     1.Coordinate layout and installation of overhead-supported gymnasium equipment and
          suspension system components with other construction including light fixtures, HVAC
          equipment, fire-suppression-system components, and partition assemblies.

i.        WARRANTY

     1.Special Warranty: Manufacturer's standard form in which manufacturer agrees to repair or
          replace components of gymnasium equipment that fail in materials or workmanship within
          specified warranty period.

          a)Failures include, but are not limited to, the following:

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                                                                Skyline Gymnasium Backboard # 86556

               1)Basketball backboard failures including glass breakage.
               2)Faulty operation of motor and winch assembly.

          b)Warranty Period: 10 years from date of Substantial Completion.

1.2     PRODUCTS

a.        MATERIALS

     1.Aluminum: Alloy and temper recommended by manufacturer for type of use and finish

          a)Extruded Bars, Profiles, and Tubes: ASTM B 221 (ASTM B 221M).
          b)Cast Aluminum: ASTM B 179.
          c)Flat Sheet: ASTM B 209 (ASTM B 209M).

     2.Steel: Comply with the following:

          a)Steel Plates, Shapes, and Bars: ASTM A 36/A 36M.
          b)Steel Tubing: ASTM A 500 or ASTM A 513, cold formed.
          c)Steel Sheet: ASTM A 1011/A 1011M.

     3.Support Cable: Manufacturer's standard galvanized steel aircraft cable. Provide fittings
          complying with cable manufacturer's written instructions for size, number, and method of

     4.Support Chain and Fittings: Grade 80 hardened alloy steel chain rated for overhead lifting,
          ASTM A 391/A 391M, with commercial-quality, hot-dip galvanized steel connectors and

     5.Castings and Hangers:    Malleable iron, ASTM A 47/A 47M, grade required for structural

     6.Medium-Density Fiberboard:          ANSI A208.2, made with adhesive containing no urea

     7.Anchors, Fasteners, Fittings and Hardware: Manufacturer's standard corrosion-resistant or
          noncorrodible units.

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                                                                 Skyline Gymnasium Backboard # 86556


     1.Basis-of-Design Product: Subject to compliance with requirements, provide Porter Athletic
          Equipment Model 950 or equivelant ceiling suspended forward-fold front-braced structure,
          22 feet to 28 feet for the four (4) side courts and other equipment numbers used through this
          specification are by Porter Athletic Equipment or a comparable product by one of the

          a)Draper Inc.
          b)Jaypro Sports, LLC.

     2.General: Provide equipment complying with requirements in NCAA's "NCAA Basketball Rule

     3.Protruding fasteners or exposed bolt heads on front face of backboards are not permitted.

     4.Overhead-Supported Backboard:

          a)Folding Type: Provide manufacturer's standard assembly for forward-folding, front-
               braced backboard, with hardware and fittings to permit folding.

          b)Framing: Steel pipe, tubing, and shapes. Design framing to minimize vibration during

               1)Center-Mast Frame: Welded and bolted or clamped with side sway bracing.
               2)Dual-Mast Frame: Welded and bolted or clamped with cross bracing.
               3)Finish: Manufacturer's standard powder-coat finish.

     5.Backboard Safety Device: Designed to limit free fall if support cable, support chain, pulleys,
          fittings, winch, or related components fail; with mechanical automatic reset; 6000-lb (2722-
          kg)] load capacity; one per folding backboard.

          a)Retractor Device: Manufacturer's standard device designed to retract both support and
               safety cables, chains, and straps away from play of the basketball when backboard is
               in playing position; one per folding backboard.

     6.Backboard Electric Operator: Provide operating machine of size and capacity recommended by
          manufacturer for equipment specified, with electric motor and factory-prewired motor
          controls, starter, gear-reduction unit, and remote controls. Coordinate wiring requirements
          and electrical characteristics with building electrical system.

          a)Operator Type:    Cable drum with grooved drum and cable tension device to
              automatically take up cable slack and retain cable in grooves.

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                                                              Skyline Gymnasium Backboard # 86556

       b)Operator Mounting: Wall-mounting board.
       c)Motor Characteristics: Sufficient to start, accelerate, reverse, and operate connected loads
            at designated speeds within installed environment and with indicated operating
            sequence, and without exceeding nameplate rating or considering service factor.
            Comply with NEMA MG 1, and the following:
       d)Voltage: NEMA standard voltage selected to operate on nominal circuit voltage to which
            motor is connected 120V.
       e)Horsepower: 3/4 hp.
       f)Enclosure: Manufacturer's standard.
       g)Duty: Continuous duty at ambient temperature of 105 deg F (40 deg C) and at altitude of
            3300 feet (1005 m) above sea level.
       h)Service Factor: 1.15 for open dripproof motors; 1.0 for totally enclosed motors.
       i)Phase: One.
       j)Remote-Control Station(s):     NEMA ICS 6, Type 1 enclosure for recessed or flush
            mounting, momentary-contact, three-position switch-operated control with up, down,
            and off functions.

            1)Group Key Switch Control Stations: One switch per each backboard. #791 key
                 control switch
            2)Keys: Provide one set of dual keys per station.
            3)Switches, Ganged: Single faceplate with multiple switch cut-outs for two switches
                 operating four backboards.
            4)Control Station Enclosure: Provide prime-painted metal enclosure with key access
                 with two sets of keys per enclosure.

       k)Limit Switches: Adjustable switches, interlocked with motor controls and set to
            automatically stop basketball equipment at fully retracted and fully lowered positions.

  7.Basketball Backboard:

       a)#208 by Porter Athletic Equipment or equivelent Provide six: two for main court and four
            for side courts

       b)Shape and Size:

            1)Rectangular, 72 by 42 inches (1800 by 1050 mm) width by height.

       c)Backboard Material: With predrilled holes or preset inserts for mounting goals, and as

            1)Glass: Not less than 1/2-inch- (13-mm-) thick, transparent tempered glass. Provide
                 glass with impact-absorbing resilient rubber or PVC gasket around perimeter in

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                                                             Skyline Gymnasium Backboard # 86556

                  a fully welded, brushed-natural-finish, extruded-aluminum rame, with steel
                  subframe,   reinforcement,  and      bracing, including center-strut frame
                  reinforcement, and with mounting slots for mounting backboard frame to
                  backboard support framing.

                  Direct Mount: Designed for mounting backboard frame to center mast of
                       backboard framing to maximize relief of stresses on backboard frame and
                  Rim-Restraining Device: Complying with NCAA and NFHS rules and designed
                       to ensure that basket remains attached if glass backboard breaks.

       d)Target Area and Border Markings: Permanently etched in white color, marked in pattern
            and stripe width according to referenced rules.
       e)Finish: Manufacturer's standard factory-applied, white background.
       f)Perimeter LED light system # 208 by Porter Athletic Equipment ( main court only)

  8.Goal Mounting Assembly: Compatible with goal, backboard, and support framing; with hole
       pattern that is manufacturer's standard for goal attachment.

       a)Glass Backboard Goal Mounting Assembly: Goal support framing and reinforcement
            designed to transmit load from goal to backboard frame and to minimize stresses on
            glass backboard.

  9.Basketball Goals: Complete with flanges, braces, attachment plate, and evenly spaced loops
       welded around underside of ring.

       a)Basket Ring Competition Goal: #252-500 ( @ side courts) and #254-500 (@main court) with
            mounting hardware by Porter Athletic Equipment or equivelant.
       b)Finish: Powder-coat finish.

  10.Basketball Nets: 12-loop-mesh net, between 15 and 18 inches (400 to 450 mm) long, sized to fit
       rim diameter, and as follows:

       a)Competition Cord: Antiwhip, made from white nylon cord not less than 120- or more
           than 144-gm thread.

  11.Backboard Safety Pads:     Designed for backboard thickness indicated and extending
       continuously along bottom and up sides of backboard and over goal mounting and
       backboard supports as required by referenced rules.

       a)#326 padding kit by Porter Athletic Equipment or equivalent

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                                                                 Skyline Gymnasium Backboard # 86556

1.3      EXECUTION


     1.Examine substrates, areas, and conditions, with Installer present, for compliance with
          requirements for play court layout, alignment of mounting substrates, installation
          tolerances, operational clearances, accurate locations of connections to building electrical
          system, and other conditions affecting performance.

          a)Verify critical dimensions.
          b)Examine supporting structure.
          c)Proceed with installation only after unsatisfactory conditions have been corrected.


     1.General: Comply with manufacturer's written installation instructions and competition rules
          indicated for each type of gymnasium equipment. Complete equipment field assembly,
          where required.

     2.Unless otherwise indicated, install gymnasium equipment after other finishing operations,
          including painting, have been completed.

     3.Permanently Placed Gymnasium Equipment and Components: Rigid, level, plumb, square,
          and true; anchored securely to supporting structure; positioned at locations and elevations
          indicated on Shop Drawings; in proper relation to adjacent construction; and aligned with
          court layout.

          a)Operating Gymnasium Equipment: Verify clearances for movable components of
              gymnasium equipment throughout entire range of operation and for access to
              operating components.

     4.Anchoring to In-Place Construction: Use anchors and fasteners where necessary for securing
          built-in and permanently placed gymnasium equipment to structural support and for
          properly transferring load to in-place construction.

     5.Connections: Connect automatic operators to building electrical system.

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                                                                 Skyline Gymnasium Backboard # 86556


     1.Addition of shims or bracketing as necessary to locate the backboard in front of the plane of the
         shot clock will be necessary. Once this is accomplished the entire support structure must be
         moved back to coordinate the backboard location with the court.

d.        ADJUSTING

     1.Adjust movable components of gymnasium equipment to operate safely, smoothly, easily, and
          quietly, free from binding, warp, distortion, nonalignment, misplacement, disruption, or
          malfunction, throughout entire operational range. Lubricate hardware and moving parts.

e.        CLEANING

     1.After completing gymnasium equipment installation, inspect components. Remove spots, dirt,
          and debris and touch up damaged shop-applied finishes according to manufacturer's
          written instructions.

     2.Replace gymnasium equipment and finishes that cannot be cleaned and repaired, in a manner
          approved by Architect, before time of Substantial Completion.


     1.Engage a factory-authorized service representative to train Owner's maintenance personnel to
          adjust, operate, and maintain gymnasium equipment.

5.0 Listing of Optional Items

1. Contractor suggested system options including Warranty Extensions and Multi-year Support
     Agreements. Provide a listing with unit costs.

2.Spare parts kit, if available, to accommodate first response repairs by qualified personnel.

VI. Pricing Proposal

  Contractor must submit the bid in the chart below. If there is additional information that
must be conveyed in the bid, it should be placed on the Contractor’s letterhead.

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                                                               Skyline Gymnasium Backboard # 86556

Removal and Disposal of Existing Backboards                           $

New Backboard Materials                                               $
Hourly Rate                                                           $
Backboard Installation                                                $

       Optional Items to be Quoted

Cost for warranty extensions and multi-year support agreements        $

Spare parts kit (if applicable)                                       $

                                             Appendix I
                                  Company Information & Signatory Page

       Company Name: ________________________________________________

       Business Address: _______________________________________________

       Telephone: _____________________         Fax: ________________________

       Email: ______________________Web Site:________________________

       Type of Firm:       Corporation: _____ Proprietorship: _____
                    Partnership: ______ Joint Venture: ______
                     Other (please describe): ___________________________

       Business License Number: _____________________________________

       Number of years in business under firm name: _____________________

       Full names of firm’s owners (> 10% ownership), officers and managing employees:

       Has the firm changed its name within the past 3 years?
                           YES                 NO
       If yes, provide former name(s): ______________________________________________________

       Have there been any recent (within the last three years) changes in control/ownership of the

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                                                                Skyline Gymnasium Backboard # 86556

                           YES                  NO
      If yes, explain.

      Have officers or principals of the firm ever had their business license suspended or revoked
      for any reason?
                            YES                NO
      If yes, please explain.

      Name and title of person completing responsible for submission of this Bid and the responses
      to this questionnaire:
                                                           Date: _____________________________

      Name & Title: ______________________                   Phone: ____________________________

      Signature: _________________________                   Email: ____________________________

                                           Appendix II
                                          Reference Chart

    Please provide a minimum listing of 3 clients (use College stations if available) who have
   used your services in the past year. In this listing, please provide the following information:
   a.   Name of the Client (Station) # 1:
   b. Web Address
   c. Contact name with phone, address, fax, and email.
   d. Dates of business.

   a. Name of the Client (Station) # 2:
   b. Web Address
   c. Contact name with phone, address, fax, and email.
   d. Dates of business.

   a. Name of the Client (Station) # 3:
   b. Web Address
   c. Contact name with phone, address, fax, and email.
   d. Dates of business.

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                                                              Skyline Gymnasium Backboard # 86556

                                      Appendix III
                                NON-COLLUSION AFFIDAVIT

COUNTY OF ______________________

       I, __________________________________, being first duly sworn, deposes and says that I am
                          (Typed or Printed Name)
the ________________________ of _____________________________________, the party submitting
            (Title)                               (Contractor’s Name)
the foregoing Bid Proposal (“the Contractor”). In connection with the foregoing Bid Proposal, the
undersigned declares, states and certifies that:

      1. The Bid Proposal is not made in the interest of, or on behalf of, any undisclosed person,
partnership, company, association, organization or corporation.

      2. The Bid Proposal is genuine and not collusive or sham.

      3. The Contractor has not directly or indirectly induced or solicited any other Contractor to
put in a false or sham RFI, and has not directly or indirectly colluded, conspired, connived, or

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                                                                Skyline Gymnasium Backboard # 86556

agreed with any other Contractor or anyone else to put in sham RFI, or to refrain from submitting
this Bid.

      4. The Contractor has not in any manner, directly or indirectly, sought by agreement,
communication, or conference with anyone to fix the Bid price, or that of any other Contractor, or to
fix any overhead, profit or cost element of the Bid price or that of any other Contractor, or to secure
any advantage against the public body awarding the contract or of anyone interested in the
proposed contract.

      5. All statements contained in the Bid Proposal and related documents are true.

      6. The Contractor has not, directly or indirectly, submitted the Bid price or any breakdown
thereof, or the contents thereof, or divulged information or data relative thereto, or paid, and will
not pay, any fee to any person, corporation, partnership, company, association, organization, Bid
depository, or to any member or agent thereof to effectuate a collusive or sham Bid.
        Executed this ____ day of ___________, 20__ at _________________________________.
                                                              (City, County and State)
        I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California that the foregoing
is true and correct.

By: _________________________________                  Title: ________________________________

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