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									                            Financial Support Statement
To Director of Immigration Bureau

Applicant's Nationality
Applicant's Name
Applicant's Date of Birth                     year      month         day      (male / female)

I have hereby become a payer for the above applicant for the admission to Niigata University
and this explains details of acceptance of payment for this expenses and guaranty those payments
as follows.

1. Please explain payer's relationship to the applicant and the reasons of accepting supportship.

2. Payer's income and wealth
Payer's occupation                                   Payer's annual income

Payer's saving amount                                Payer's estate

                     (amount of money) from my saving amount is available for applicant's study.

3. Details of payment for expenses
I,              hereby guarantee payment for aplicant's expenses during his/her study as follows and
submit a document describing clearly those actual payments, e.g. living costs etc., by a copy of
certificate of remittance--payer's proof of bank funds with required amount of payment--or
a copy of a bankbook with applicant's name for deposit describing actual remittance, actual
payment of expenses, etc.
1) Tuition Fees        ① admission fee                                                   yen

                     ② school fee        □by six months         □ a year                  yen

2) Living Expenses per month                                                              yen

3) Method of payment (remittance, cash, check into a bankbook of school etc. concretely.)
Tuition Fee

Living expenses

                                                                  year     month         date

Name                                                                        signature
Relationship with the applicant

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