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									                        New England Banner Users Conference

                                     October 6, 2008

                    Hosted by University System of New Hampshire

Thank you for attending the 2009 NEBUG Conference. The Organizing Committee values your
opinions and feedback. Please take a moment to complete this evaluation form. We will use your
comments to help improve our program and format to ensure that future conferences you’re your
expectations. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Please rank each of these areas from 1 to 5 with values interpreted as follows;

                1      Strongly Disagree
                2      Disagree
                3      Undecided
                4      Agree
                5      Strongly Agree

Name of Track you participated in?

 No. Description                                                                        Selection

  1   Overall, I was satisfied with this conference.

      Directions to parking, conference site, registration and the session locations
      were useful.
      Which Track did you participate in?
      (Write in track name – Admissions, Advancement, Finance, Financial Aid,
      Human Resources, Student Financial Services, Student Records/Registrar, or

  4   Overall, I was satisfied with the track I attended.

  5   The breakfast items served were ample and of sufficient variety.

      The rooms for the meetings were of sufficient size to support the attendees and
  6   provided the appropriate tools such as boards, overhead etc for the session I

  7   Lunch was available on time, had good variety and was sufficient.

      The track presentations (if applicable) and the breakout sessions for new
      Banner Clients were very beneficial and worthwhile.

  9   The afternoon session was valuable.

 10   The conference length was good – not too long – not too short.
General comments:
No.   Question/Comment
11    Do you find the format of the sessions useful?
      If yes, what do you find most useful, if no, what would you find more useful?

12    General comments:

Thank you for taking the time to respond. Once you have filled it out, please email it as an
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