Virtual Reality and Medicine

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					Virtual Reality and Medicine

          Alyssa Hyem
       November 2, 2000
          MIS 340-402
     Dr. Denise Nitterhouse
           Virtual Reality
    Is computer-generated environment with
    and within which people can interact.
   From text-oriented on-line forums and
    multiplayer games to complex simulations
    that combine audio; video, animation, or
    three-dimensional graphics; and scent.
    Virtual Reality Hardware
   Head piece              Graphics engine
   Head tracker            Work station
   Data glove or wand      Back-up computer
           Virtual Reality
   Virtual reality is an emerging technology
    that is forever changing the way
    medicine is done, from the surgeon to
    the psychologist virtual reality has
    formed a new way of healthcare.
    Virtual Reality in Surgery
   Virtual reality has become the new way to
    teach surgeons new procedures as well as
    finessing old ones.
Positives to VR in surgical
 Can determine level of competence
  before operating on a patient
 Trainee can return to the same
  procedure several times
 Can duplicate the operative field and
  thereby enhance training
 Reduce the need for expensive animal
  training models
Negatives to VR in surgical
 Having a machine judge competence
  and not a mentor may cause problems
 New technology means new education
 High cost of hardware and software
Virtual Reality Patches Brain
   Doctors patch
    aneurysms by
    catheters to the site
    of an aneurysm and
    injecting a swirl of
    soft platinum wire
    into the bubble-like
    protrusion at the
    weak spot of the
Virtual Reality Patches Brain
                    This is made difficult
                     by the unique
                     turbulence and
                     pulsating flow of
                     blood in the arteries,
                     which feeds blood to
                     the brain
Virtual Reality Patches Brain
 UCLA computer scientists have
  developed a computer simulation
  system that can create highly accurate
  simulation and images of blood flow
  and correctly map its dynamics
 This system is used to conduct a virtual
  reality tour of the inside of the
  aneurysm to be treated
Virtual Reality Patches Brain
   A virtual reality based system enables
    radiologists and neurosurgeons to better plan
    as well as determine when it is appropriate to
    perform this endovascular procedure as
    opposed to neurosurgery
Virtual Reality and Psychology
    Virtual Reality has become the technology
     that is effective for assessing cognitive
     abilities and for rehabilitating people with
     cognitive impairments
Benefits of VR in Psychology
 Flexibility and control in creating a
  useful test scenario
 Takes distraction to a new level
 Enables patients to become more verbal
  and animated because they can see and
  almost feel an environment
 Eliminates a degree of bias, or lack of
     Detriments of VR in
 Can cause simulation sickness, or
  motion sickness
 Expensive to create a virtual-reality
 Chronic suffering patients are very
  tricky to treat
     Virtual Reality Helping
   The Georgia
    Institute of
    College of
    Computing, found
    that Vietnam War
    veterans suffering
    form chronic
    posttraumatic stress
    disorder could be
     Virtual Reality Helping
   To help veterans therapists try to get the
    patient to tell his story over and over again,
    in a attempt to reprocess the memory of an
    event. Virtual reality brings out both verbal
    and animated communication where most
    patients have difficulty talking.
     Virtual Reality Helping

   As a result of virtual reality more and more
    veterans are upgrading their conditions from
    severe to moderate
Virtual Reality and Medicine
   Technology is changing everyday so to
    keep up with the many advances in
    virtual reality and medicine here is a
    good web site.

    VR and Medicine
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