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									Backyard Mission                                                            FEBRUARY 2009
Newsletter…do the Word.                                                     ***************************************************

                                                                              Families Served - 667
Mission Statement:
1. Get people warm and dry by providing free home repairs,          In a time when the economy is struggling to right
using volunteer labor and buying materials with donated             itself, we thank God for His blessing and provision.
money. Demonstrating the love of Christ!                            We are starting 2009 with a solid financial base and
                                                                    have not had to turn anyone down because of
2. Give Christians the opportunity to put their faith into action   funding. We are busy with heaters and water
by loving and serving their neighbors.
                                                                    heaters this winter. Thank you, to all who hear and
3. Help other churches start a Backyard Mission program in          heed God’s call to “love your neighbor”.
their community.
    ____________________________________________                    I can testify in my personal life, I have never run out
                                                                    of money because I helped someone else. I can
                                                                    certainly get in a bind when I overspend on myself,
     2008 Backyard Mission                                          but not because I helped someone else. God’s
                                                                    principle of “Blessed to be a Blessing” is solid.
        Service Report                                              “Blessed to be Selfish” doesn’t really work in His

Total Projects to date:                               667
Total Projects in 2008:                                87

Labor Source:
LUMC -                                       9
Other volunteer groups -                   22
Family -                                   24
Paid Professionals -                       28
APS -                                      7

Volunteer Groups: Lakeridge UMC, Second
Baptist, Foundry UMC – Houston, TX, First
Christian – Gainesville, TX, The Springs – youth,
St. Lukes UMC, Oakwood Methodist, First Baptist,
Betenbough Co., Bethel Temple, Westminster                          ** A big thanks to Alamo Remodeling for providing a
Presbyterian, Southside COC, St. Matthews UMC                                      dump truck for us!! **

Repairs:                                                              CONSIDER A GIFT TO BACKYARD MISSION IN HONOR OR
Roofs replaced -                           13                                   MEMORY OF SOMEONE SPECIAL.
Roof repaired -                             8
                                                                    Board Members:
Ext. paint/siding -                        18
                                                                    Jim Taylor                      Mary Kay McCauley
Windows/Doors -                            33                       Sheri Haynes                    Laren Craig
Heaters -                                  14                       Glenn West                      Lindy Fruge’
Water heaters -                             8
                                                                    LAURIE FOSTER, DIRECTOR / FOUNDER
Plumbing repairs -                          8                       4701 - 82nd St                      (806) 794-4015
Other repairs -                            29                       Lubbock, TX 79424
We had some groups buy their own supplies this
                                                                                             2008 Grants
year, which helped our budget.                                              Lubbock Area Foundation – unrestricted funds and
                                                                    Chester & Ada Ruth Green Endowment, South Plains Association of
Thank You Ken Ellis with Dale Bolles for doing                        Governments, East Texas Foundation – LeGrand & Cassandra
all our heater and water heater work!

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